Awesome Android Keyboards For Better, Faster Typing

A search for Android keyboards on Google Play may result in an infinite scroll of app results (not kidding, there are TONS). This is a good thing for Android users because there are lots of […]


Why We Love Android (And You Should Too!)

How we love thee, Android. Let us count the ways. But seriously, the Android platform is pretty fantastic. It’s versatile, flexible and full of nifty tricks that many users aren’t even aware of. We’re sharing […]


New Client Update Available! Vuze 5.2 Is Here!

Just in time for the holidays, Vuze is thrilled to announce the release of Vuze 5.2. This update to the torrent client software includes user interface improvements, core client enhancements and minor bug fixes. What […]


Vuze 5.1 Software Release Now Available

The Vuze development team is proud to announce the immediate release of Vuze 5.1. Updates to the torrent client software include new functionality, and many small changes and bug fixes.   What Are The New Features […]


Vuze 5.0 Arrives

Vuze 5.0 arrives! We’ve been working on giving greater attention to the core functionality of Vuze – finding, adding, and downloading torrents. With this in mind, we’ve made this functionality more apparent, which you’ll notice […]


More Control of Your Bandwidth

All of us at Vuze love speed, but sometimes you need to throttle it back a little, so with this release 4.9 we give you even more control of your bandwidth. We’ve added functionality to […]