Net Neutrality – Weekly Content Round-Up

This week marks the deadline for ISPs to get compliant with new net neutrality guidelines. Based on current news headlines it’s proving to be more complex than just a simple flip of the switch. Net […]


Bandwidth Throttling – Weekly Content Round-Up

Unfortunately, most of us have experienced some form of bandwidth throttling at one time or another. Our download (and upload) speeds will slow to sloth-like speed and leave you disgruntled, to put it mildly. Even […]


Net Neutrality – Weekly Content Round-Up

The debate surrounding net neutrality continues and just because there’s been a minor win for Internet users it doesn’t mean that all is good and well in the world of free web access. Current news […]


Net Neutrality – Vuze Weekly Content Round-Up

As U.S. Congress gears up for a new vote in February regarding net neutrality the media is heating up its coverage and buzz about next month’s possible outcomes. In a nutshell, net neutrality is about […]


A Great Day for the Internet

It was a great day for the Internet, today.  Just hours ago, the FCC ruled that Comcast violated federal policy by interfering with certain Internet traffic.  In doing so, it took an important step toward […]