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We’re celebrating the launch of the 3.1 release and new “Friends” feature with a competition.

The competition
All you have to do is invite your friends in the real world to become your “Friends” on Vuze. Of course, only send invitations to people you know (or better said, please don’t spam strangers). The 50 people with the most “Friends” (invited and accepted) at 9:00am PST on Wednesday 2nd July will win one of our new limited edition t-shirts.

How it works
At the end of the competition we will look at the users with the most Friends. We will then contact the winners at their registered email address to let them know that they are a winner. We will then require an address to send you the t-shirt.
Hey presto, you get your t-shirt by mail.

What is “Friends”?
In case you haven’t already discovered “Friends”, it is a new feature that makes it really easy to share your favorite torrents with friends. All you have to do is to become “Friends” on Vuze and then you can share any torrent with them, without ever leaving the application.

So, find some great torrents, make some Friends, share away and maybe get a free t-shirt in to the bargain.

The Vuze Team

The Rules (we had to have some)

* Any registered user is eligible to take part.
* Any tie-breaks will be resolved by random selection by Vuze.
* A Friend will only be counted if they have accepted your invitation by 09:00am PST on Wednesday 2nd July.

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