Your Top 5 Feature Requests for Vuze 4.0

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Since launching Vuze 4.0 on Wednesday, we’ve been glued to your comments and feedback, and wanted to give you a read-out on our short-term plans.  There have been thousands of feedback comments left over the last few days, so it’s unlikely we’ll be able to respond to each and every one of you.  However, there have been a few consistent requests we want to address.

Your Top 5 Wishlist:

1)  Advanced View:  Many of you upgrading from older versions of Vuze have asked where you can find the familiar Advanced view of your downloading items.

The simple answer:  select My Library and click the View toggle in the top right corner of your Vuze app.

2)  Search Button:  Some of you have asked how you can execute a search on Vuze 4.0, given that the magnifying glass icon next to the search box isn’t clickable.

In designing the search box, we decided to adopt a client-based search box model (similar to the search box in browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer).   Simply type your query in the search box and press “Enter” on your keyboard.  We’ll work to clarify this interaction over the next few days.

3)  Deleting from My Library:  There’s been some concern that deleting items in My Library also deletes the file from your computers.

When managing inherently large video files, we believe the default behavior for deleting items from Vuze should be to delete the file from your computer too (in order to avoid clutter and storage issues on your computer).  That said, you can keep the file on your computer while deleting the torrent by right-clicking on any item in My Library, and selecting “Remove and delete torrent file.”   We’ll improve the messaging soon to clear up this confusion.

4)  Sidebar:  Some of you have requested the ability to minimize the footprint of your Sidebar on the left side of the Vuze app.

We agree this would be a great feature.  We’ll add it in the very near future.

5)  The Frog:  Some of you miss the dear old spotted blue azureus frog.

While we all have fond memories of the old frog, she’s gotten a full make-over and *loves* her new look.  She has no plans to revert to her old style.

Finally, it has been extremely gratifying to see the enthusiasm with which many of you have received the release.  Keep the feedback coming!


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Guest Contributor

  • Sciukka

    Yep…!!! good release…!! :) but i love the old frog… this icon is too big!! …

  • Raya

    Why is the Vuze icon silly big. It’s about 20% bigger than the standard icon on the Mac doc and looks silly and ugly. If you’re going to put an ugly graphic like the new one at least make it the right size!

  • David

    I personaly like the new icon, it is alittle bigger than the standard dock icon, alittle bigger than my adobe icons, but not a big deal to me, the reason for vuse is to download torrents not worry about the dock icon size, and i like the new layout, very clean and itunes-ish. good job vuse!

  • Jane

    I love the new frog! She’s smokin’ hot.

    Overall, great job with this release.

  • Chris

    @Sciukka and @Raya – I think you may have discovered a small scaling issue with the icon. We’re working on a quick fix. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • nurit

    Time to make Vuze faster !
    The new vuze is easier and nicer to use.
    However, with rumors about clients that stream torrents, it’s time we get there.

  • marat

    Vuze is perhaps the most efficient and fastest client, and is loaded with customizability. But FINDING particular commands is a laborious task–much like a car dashboard that has many tools/options that are not easy to find or access. I could not find any keyboard shortcuts, e.g. for “Update Tracker.” This is a command that I frequently require–an essential one, and yet I must go through a laborious process to get to it, a cumbersome task each time that should be simplified. Its a problem with layout, accessibility and…logic. Some of the more essential commands could be incorporated directly on the task bar, e.g. under tools. Overall, though, an impressive client and a big improvement over the behemoth of the former release. Thanks to all.

  • Lawliet

    Perhaps there could be an option to customise what the delete button does? I am too used to the behaviour of the button under the classic interface that I accidentally deleted two rather huge files.

  • Sonny

    Vuze 4 rocks!!!! Loooooove the new interface… search… and new Frog is beautiful.. it truly symbolizes the move.. Azureus is NOW Vuze!!

  • gadas

    Where I can find seeded files? :/

  • Ronald

    Add Friends only seeding because friends boost isnt working very well right now.

    and fix the following bug many people are having me included:
    Failed to publish online status: No password handlers returned a password


  • WolvenSpectre

    The white silouette of the Frog is actually so unattractive I personaly find it hard to look at, especially compared to the last couple of versions of the frog. I say this as a friend that is trying to save her from making a fool of herself going dressed up like that. What kind of friend would I be if I just let her do that.

  • anon

    old frog was much better… :-(

  • Stefano (Italy)

    I would like to have multiple selection before downloading a torrent that has multiple objects inside it.For example: when a torrent contains 200 files and you want only 30 of these you have to select every single file (option+click). It would be extremely useful to select the first, the last and anything in between (Capital letter+click)

  • Tommy

    the new version’s view is much more neat and innovative than before, i never thought a java-based can become this. Thanks for the release..

    p.s. i will sincerely consider the switch even utorrent is out or transmision get DHT implemented. lol!

  • Manoj

    I want skins for vuze……

  • Boki

    Another minor addition you could add to 4.0 would be the icons optimized for Leopard’s 512 pixels size. Thanks for a great app!

  • Cain

    “Hooks” for Nero and/or I tunes?

  • RTee

    Nice transformation…although I do like the old frog design better as well. I find the Vuze HD Network a bit confusing because it feels like a browser. Please include a tabs similar to Firefox so I can view different content at the same time. Also add a forward and back button as well as a content bar, i.e. icons that take me directly the blog, news, content, etc. I also noticed that then navigating to the different windows/content it pauses because its loading but there is no progress bar. There should be an indicator that something is happenning and not just a long pause, it makes me think that Vuze has locked up. Thanks!

  • MeAgain

    I can’t tell much about Vuze 4, because I did not install it yet. However I am pretty sure about my wishlist:

    – Old frog looks cool, new frog is … well it’s actually not there! It’s missing, isn’t it? I see a blue square-icon and a shape of a frog inside, like a stencil. Does this have a certain meaning behind it?
    If you’re asking me, then it is too minimalistic. Maybe you could add the old icon to the library, then we could switch?

    – Skins for Vuze or a theme-switcher to revert to the dark design would be nice. Overall white designs may be fancy and smart on prints, but rather not on displays. If you don’t want to turn down your brightness/contrast, because you want nearly representative colours, then overall white designs are just blinding. I don’t understand why it is so common to have white backgrounds all over the internet. -_-

    – I’d probably miss the searchbutton.

  • Shark

    The new Vuze little bit “new” to me! :D
    I mean, I used to manage my files using that Advanced Window, to see all Torrent’s info and trackers details, but no more the same feel! :(

    But, although I think the old Vuze (2.xx) is better, it’s time to change. From time to time we have to change sth! Whether it’s the Torrent Client or ourselves!

    I agree with the Sidebar idea

  • some guy

    i agree with all 5 but number 6 is that i belong to a torent site and i want to make it so only that site can uplode from me i find it relly hard to make that happen as things are can you help

  • Drew

    Perhaps I’m an edge case, but I use Azureus remotely through VNC on our house file server. This is great, and works nicely with the classic UI, but all of the Vuze features are pretty much worthless. It’d be really nice if there was a way to run the actual downloading and storage on a remote machine, with clients connecting to display media through the Vuze client. Azsmrc does this with the older UI, but it’s pretty buggy and doesn’t work on OS X.

    Either way, thanks for keeping the classic UI in so I can still use all of the advanced functionality.

  • Markus Schaber

    Will the update be available via auto-update? I’m really looking forward…

  • Cypher

    I would like to see on feature added that is when a torrent is finished and has been viewed I would like to see it in a category called seeds or something so that I can find it easier or a better way to sort those files in the library. Other then that I love the new Vuse keep up the great work.

  • Paniku

    Love the new look ^^ its really awesome.
    and the frog is wow fits better in my dock!!!

    and the people that say its slow just don’t know to download torrents that are seaded well .. .. .

    goodjob ^^

  • x102020

    I’m very happy with the new vuze! again, my top request is to have the ‘advanced’ section, as I’m not always about the media content, but the torrent aspect.

    also, it’d be great to see a plugin that can integrate the feed subscriptions with TVersity! Or have the option to export the subscriptions into an rss feed (at least) so they can be imported into TVersity.

    If I had any say into the future of vuze, i could see vuze transitioning into an IPTV source, that is, if the Media Server functionality was improved.

  • Mantovic

    Hey guys!

    I would just like to say that the only true flaw I see on this version has to do with the search results when you try to find files to download.

    I always seems to be a short space vertically on the file list to correctly display the total file name. Is there a “view” or “display” option to use to correct this?

    If there is some clarification on this I would be much appreciated. :)

    Thanks guys and keep up with the good work! ;)

  • Mantovic


    *It always seems to be a short space (vertically speaking) for the file list to correctly display the total file name. Looks half cut off! Is there a “view” or “display” option to use to correct this?»

    Is this understandable? Sorry guys!

  • Slava

    Strange, the search shows up as black screen. And if I click some other menu and click back on the search result button, nothing happens.
    And clicking around sign in makes entire window greyed out and nothing is clickable anymore, have to restart it.
    This is sad. And I was so proud of the frog before…

  • hobocrush

    Option to change the: Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme, Theme.

    Option to customise the toolbar in VUZE!

  • thorne

    miss the dashboard and the black background.. wished you hadn’t changed that… feels like i’m at work… new look very official and too much info.. maybe you should re-hire the last design team they got the look right.. very sleek and cool!!!otherwise keep up the good work

  • Chris

    @hobocrush – just to be clear…are you saying you want the option to change the theme? ;)

  • ciuccio

    grazie di tutto a voi ke mi regalate sempre bei films… un saluto agli italiani che si fan sentire poco!!! by ciuccio

  • Mike

    Love everything about the new release. Except the new frog. The old blue frog was so classy. The new frog is to big and is poorly drawn. It looks like a 5 year old made it. When I first saw it I thought, seriously? The old frog represented the beautiful blue dart frog; one of the most beautiful and inspiring living creatures of the world. A creature much like Bit Torrent itself.

    Loose the new frog, it’s a huge step down, no joke guys.

  • zorro

    hello have you azerius and every comments in french .please.thank you

  • bhast2

    I love the new look and I have switched from Transmission to Vuze.

    One request maybe have the upload and download speed show in the dock icon and have the option to only have the icon in menubar or dock or both

    now that would be awesome

  • André

    Couple of suggestions:

    – Make the Sidebar have a preference setting to whether its permanently closed or opened. Its kinda annoying having to press F7 every time Azureus starts up. I am not sure what the sidebar’s use is anyway, but that may just be me. The classic advanced view is all you need and showing details takes space which I can’t afford to lose to a redundant sidebar.

    – When viewing the details for a torrent, please include a close button somewhere in the upper corners. I had to look around for a while to get back to advanced view. Personally, I think having to find the very small triangle to the left just to get back to advanced view is a bit obstructive.

    – Why not assign Command+1 (on Mac, is it Control+1 on PC?) to advanced view. Or any other Command+Number sequence. Currently the shortcuts start from Command+2 for “My Tracker”, it would be nice to have Advanced view somewhere in there. If the main menu included an “Advanced View” entry somewhere at least the Mac users could use System Preferences to set a Keyboard shortcut on system level for “Advanced View”.

  • superseeder

    I prefer the new frog! The spotted one looked a bit dated next to all the new more modern minimal looking icons of the recent releases of appz like the Adobe suite and the like. Well done!

  • hemeny

    could you please add a “seed friends only(until reset/ no friends)” right click option for the next update. a 5-10 kb boost isn’t much some people would prefer as much as they can get, i know im currently seeding something and id prefer to seed the people who say thanks to me first with all my capability

  • david

    j aime bien la nouvelle version de la touve plus claire

  • domcat

    I love the new look and I have switched from Transmission to Vuze.
    One request maybe have the upload and download speed show in the dock icon and have the option to only have the icon in menubar or dock or both
    now that would be awesome


  • AVH

    The new icon: a blue square where a drop of white paint must give the illusion of a frog……. Pse make the old blue frog alive!

  • prometeo

    Please!! Add streamlined flash plugin support on Linux!!! It simply doesn’t work…

  • Mr. Smithers

    If you guys want your old Azureus/Vuze skin back, here is a link to download it.

    Thank God for FileHippo. Now I don’t have to see that ugly, new layout these guys have.

  • dm

    something doesn’t work right with .xml.
    vuze isn’t working at all if ie7,firefox,opera r applied first!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave W

    is there a way to increase the number of recently used “Data Locations” in the drop-down menu in the OPEN TORRENT dialog? I save to many different directories, over and over again.

  • Tarcisoreis01

    I would like to add friends, my adress is :

  • SweepayhoflonelexWep

    qwnqjleccclrxtlxwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)

  • Eddie

    ummm i am pretty scared that this thing is going to mess up my computer i mean its already getting kind of slow

  • Michael

    I must say that I used to be a Bitlord user, until I saw Vuze/Azureus. It had lots of cool features and a cool black skin and… wait. They got rid of the cool black skin. Could you please give us a way to change it back like a change skin option.

  • Fuze

    @ bhast2

    +1. That would be cool.

  • shagraty

    PLEASE FIX click on search results and nothing happens ! thats more important than the FROG !

  • jules

    Possibility to change the Icons (or add skins/themes) so I can change the Start / Stop ‘power’ buttons to Play / Stop (or Pause) buttons.

  • neo Hart

    My vuze had 15 search template and all were working perfectly but when you changed the features and view most of search template have stop working.. vuze suppose to be a torrent search engines but you are stopping everything…
    I dont know whats going on.. can you please put everything back the way it was..??

    • Sarah

      Hello – Thank you for you sharing. Please visit for assistance with product related questions, or to request new or updated product features. Community members will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.