PINK Season 3 on the Vuze HD Network

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Here at Vuze, we are committed to supporting the work of indie producers who create compelling, original HD content.  One of the best examples of this is the PINK Series, which just debuted Season 3 on the Vuze HD Network (in 720P HD).

PINK stars Natalie Raitano as Natalie Cross, a talented but conflicted assassin who kills for the government. 

The series interweaves three periods of Natalie’s life: her childhood (focused on her father’s unusual parenting style), her college years, and her missions in the present day.  Clearly Natalie Raitano is the star, but one of the most interesting characters is Natalie’s father, played by Matthew Tompkins.

Tompkins has a gripping presence as a man with a heavy past trying to protect his daughter in the best way he knows how—by teaching her to kill and avoid being killed.

Independent web series are risky endeavors. Without the backing of major studios, their producers must find clever ways to do more with less.  Creator/Producer/Director Blake Calhoun succeeds in a making a television-quality production, but with an edge that’s rarely found on broadcast TV.  This is both a credit to the show’s creator and to Generate, the independent production studio that helped make PINK possible.

PINK has been a huge hit on Vuze, second only to Sanctuary as the most popular web series ever on Vuze (and Sanctuary was since picked up by the Sci-Fi Channel).  At the end of Season 2, PINK was one of the top 10 search terms on the entire Vuze service.  If you haven’t jumped in yet, I’d recommend downloading episodes 1-20 right away, as it’s best enjoyed straight through. Be sure also to subscribe, so you get each episode of Season 3 as it rolls out.

I hope you enjoy Pink as much as we do!

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  • Ben Big Dogg

    Hi folks i wish u guys knew where i was writtin in southern Sudan Juba city en im enjoyin this fabulous release of VUZE it massive en i wish you guys knew my joy at havin it coz when i fast tried to download it en it refused i nearly cried bt ol of asudden it worked out bt its what it is for sure so try it out u wont be disappointed. Ben in Juba