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Let’s say the Vuze team just happened to be thinking about a top secret project to help you watch downloaded videos on your TV and your mobile devices.  Which device integrations would you want us to elegantly support within Vuze?  We’re strong believers in an open world, and would like to support multiple devices (hypothetically, of course).  Which devices would you like us to prioritize?

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Guest Contributor

  • JDRay

    If integration with Apple TV really means integration with Front Row, which runs on any MacOS hardware, then yes, Apple TV would be best. Vuze on my iPhone would be great as well. Beyond that, I’d consider buying a Vuze STB.

  • dejan

    hello, can some editing, for example, to find a filem, and that this filem may look a certain snippet of content filem, this would be ideal, because many people do not know the titles of good filem, so you can see the contents or which is an interesting filem.

  • john

    I would like to donate to Vuze. Can I send a check or moneyorder.

  • Seif

    i like the new vuze…

  • sudipto kanji

    go on

  • Anon

    Just wanted to say I love what you guys have done with the company. Keep up the good work.

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  • nicola

    I can not open the windows, and isilent italian vuze (film). gives me error and says try again later but it will not open ever

  • rick

    I was introduced to the use of downloadding torrents by a friend who was stationed with me over seas and now I find myslef searching for all of my oldies but goodies: James Cagney movies, Sidney Poitier movies etc. I absolutely love it, but I feel that I am not using Vuse’s full capabilities. How can I get a better connection or is it because I am using an overseas ISP? Still, I am glad I have Vuse! Can you tell me where to find entire seasons of episodes of TV shows so I dont have to download each episode separately? Thanks

  • SB

    Version 3 was great, 4 is a mess. Back to basics please!

  • Nad

    Thanks alot for asking,looks all fine at the moment!

  • the hatchet

    no QUESTION!
    because everything is just fine bei vuze
    keep goin’like this

    vuze rocks!!

  • Dave Cox

    You guys are amazing. Thank you Thank you.

    I’m new to vuze but am learning to navigate. not easy for a 53yr old, but interestingly entertaining.
    Thanks again.

  • Skot

    Just wanna say I love Vuze. I actually plan on donating some money your program is the best I’ve used…ever. Thank you me and my daughter use it everyday.

  • Scricci58

    Because not there and’ a version in italian of Vuze?Our english is very bad and we has very difficulty in the translation.

  • Shion963

    integrate a file converter from .mkv to .avi since more and more videos are in the former format. The .mkv format is largely unsupported by dvd players worldwide and takes up more space than .avi files.

  • free99boy

    Bring it on!

  • Luigi

    how can i watch or see my vuse content on my ps3

  • Ron Colby

    I like Vuze particularly as I live out of the states and I like to watch English TV programs, movies and music. I am a bit aged therefore computer un-profficient and this constitutes my first foray in to downloading content from the net. My singular and most grievious complaint is that ever since I downloaded Azurius Vuze my Skype no longer functions dependably or well and I can’t see to fix that problem – maybe you have a suggestion, I would deeply appreciate clearing this up it has been a horrible problem.

  • ernie shmitz

    iPhone. I don’t have one but those with it would purchase said “top secret” project.

  • fc


  • Alex Jalea

    can you find a way that one single file can be shared within multiple torrents? what I mean for example: Let’s say I have a home made movie. It’s so funny that everybody want’s it. I have allready uploaded it in a torrent with some other of my greatly appreciated works but people don’t keep torrents on for that long. what if they keep trak of the file anywhere on the pc. every time vuze finds it it will say “i have the signature of the file. all torrents be advised :) ” {of course vuse will ask me if i want to keep the file traked for shareing – so i will know and assist if needed in finding that shared folder where i have other great works.} a single file signature not part of but included in a torrent that can be accesed by many on the network from my pc.

    I am new to this but i don’t think that what i have described above exists. I if does, please let me know.

    Thank you
    Alex JALEA

  • adroy

    Though Vuze newer look is extraordinarily rich.. it still manages to maintain the basic functionality of Azureus… nice work!

  • chris

    hi could you please explain all the questions above as I am 57 years old and my kids put me onto this website so if you would advise me in what way is the best way to download I will be more than happy to follow your instructions, provided you will help me to do so,do you promise to help me as I have just started to learn all about this computer that I have just bought
    many thanks

  • Mr. Randall Royer

    I’m very happy using the vuze at the moment it’s a great
    tool for downloading music & movies thank you for allowing the use of it.

  • Darrin

    For some reason, I can’t see anything on the HD Network. Downloads from other sources work fine, but the Vuze HD Network page is always blank. I have just done a new install of Vuze to fix a connection issue and that problem was solved. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  • Frank O’Shea

    Please people,there are a few users who are bent on disrupting our use of this great service. We see their petty comments on screen on a regular basis. OK, we know it’s just their lack of maturity and their selfishnes that pushes them to make their purile and irrellevant comments. These are selfish people who try and carry out an imature battle of “words” at the cost of a majority. They are a mean, inconsiderate and selfish group. It is clear that they care little about the real users and contributers to this worthwhile site.

  • Chris

    Hi folks just a quick mention about the fact that I can’t play any of my video files on ANY of my media players when I have Vuze on. This only started happening recently after one of your new updates.
    A year or so ago a similar situation occured when one of your updates affected my audio playback but luckily that was fixed by a following update a few weeks later. Please could you look into this matter cheers C.T.

  • Austin James

    I think you should do it for the television. Not everyone has the kind of software on their phone to support the video. And I don’t think anyone has a T.V. from the 1970’s anymore, or has a VCR anymore, not unless they’re old people that don’t understand the new world technology.

  • robert

    i would like to see playback on the ps3 but other wise everything is just fine with the program

  • Larry

    iPod touch

  • daniel davis

    vuze rocks, but can i reproduce the hd files that i download from the hd section in another media player or do i have to download an extension or a codec or something? i had downloaded some files and i only can watch like two or three in another media player.

  • Ivan Duran Martinez

    I’d like a Vuze 64bit for osx version.

  • Jimmy wood

    well done guys iv been using the network 4 2 months and it is so easy to use and with so much content to download and and great speed so well done.

  • Roger Maudel

    Vuze TV set-top box…Yeahhh!!! This is what I really want: to be able to watch on TV what is on my Mac, with the ease of Apple products, WITHOUT the limitations…and wireless would be the TOP !!!

  • megapager

    Pls dont recompress video, it loose quality to match.

  • Watson

    I need help downloading songs to my Blackberry



  • nickthefish

    iPhone, iTV

  • CB Glover

    I have been very happy with your site and quality downloads
    I will continue to use your site/software as long as available.

  • CB Glover

    keep up the great work. Thanks.

  • Bahman

    I have downloaded a movie, and only could view it while on Vuze. How can I copy this movie to a CD and show it to my mother on TV?

    Thank you in advance,

  • Carl

    Great question

  • Ferhan Arman

    Vuze is an amazing program. Thankyou

    I have a palmTX (Palm OS 5)and I enjoy to watch a movie that download from VUZE. If I’ll be download directly from vuze it will be wonderfull.

    Have a nice day

  • tazman121

    ithink this is the best ever p2p d/load ,upload programe i have the honour of useing .its the best 1 on the net,its far better then lime,donkey,frostwire and some others out there .this 1 (touch wood) is the only 1 that i have had NO vrius from but the odd backdoor.i can use it when i want and i pick what time i use it.its brill i can also pick what speed to d/l or u/l from or to. best of all i can see what the files look like b4 i d/load it.this is very helpfull to most of us. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THIS BRILL PROGRAME keep it going guys

  • andres

    beautyfull, you’re the best.

  • Andy Hall

    I’ll leave a comment when I can get this app to run on my machine without crashing my browser,and disconnecting me from my ISP.
    This is my third reload after two unistalls.
    first impressions it’s overly verbose and very pretty but at this stage looks to be all tit’s and arse and no usable substance.

  • princess cofia

    i like vuze very much and t easy t understand wthvuze about torents.etc!becuse im only 14 =p

  • Kace

    I’ve found a couple of options for watching Vuze content on my PS3, but it’s very limited because of codec issues, and integration issues. I love Vuze, I think it’s the best invention since TiVo came out. If I could stream it, or download it onto both my PS3, and iPhone I would insist everyone I know install it on their systems.

  • Daniel Ooi


  • matt

    Vuze is best torrent site on the net E.Z

  • gavadriel

    I like this new option and hope that world free will be a reality

  • Ivan Karpan

    Wow, that would be totally awesome: to have video downloaded from RSS feeds I’m subscribed to, automatically converted for iPhone and added to the iTunes Library. Totally cool. :)

  • atilla947

    I always like active screen device

  • J. Leigh Koritke


    I just got a popup about donating. I am happy to do so, but want to be sure that this is actually Vuze and not phishing. Can you confirm? Thanks, Leigh

  • Ithan

    Why are not there any Symbian devices?

  • Dan

    I have downloaded lots of movies and then play them on AppleTV, but 1st I have to convert them to AppleTV format. The converting takes almost 24 hrs. So yes it would be great to be able to get them in AppleTV format.

  • bpdir

    What’s a Vuze TV set-up box?

  • jennife

    xbox 360, it keep saying there’s something wrong with it when i click and submit

  • .gouki

    hell yea, vuze for iPhone/iTouch

  • Chazodude

    how cool this would be!

    xbox 360, phones and ipod touch is what i am going for.

  • Frozenthunder

    I would like to vote for XBox 360 and PSP but when I click on send it says that there is a problem with Google Docs.

  • Jeremy

    I had Vuze for awhile. My computer crashed and I had to wipe the entire C. I was having problems w/vuze wright before it happened, mainly the embedded player. So once I got my cp up and running again i chose utorrent. I’m switching back because of some of the features that I miss. Vuze seems to slow down my internet some but i’ll deal. One thing I like about utorrent was that the torrents I downloaded were manageable. I could take some of the torrent and uncheck it, and that part would’nt download. Does Vuze have that option? I’d like it. Maybe it’s a plugin. If someone knows what i’m talkin about please let me know how I can get Vuze to give me those options. Thanx everyone.

  • Alon

    I can’t wait !

  • dan

    defo ipod/iphone……….dont really care about any of the others

  • Sébastien Nzuzi

    Vuze is really fantastic! it’s one of the fastest download programmes i’ve ever used.Thanks guys for allowing us to use it.

    Sébastien, Port-Gentil, Gabon

  • myc


    PLEASE PLEASE look into the Western Digital HD Media Player.
    Very cheap, very flexible, alternative firmware adds network support.
    Best standalone media player I’ve ever owned.

  • Sem

    Thanks to the great guys for doin’ the great jobs… keep it up! I love using vuze for my downloading activities…

  • muzical

    Vuze is one of the best download programs that I’ve come across so far :)
    Thank you …………..

  • jj

    would love to have vuze camptible with playstation2 or t.v. sooooooooooooooomany options,lets do this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiki Strange

    I’d personally like to see a program to convert video files into .avi, as well as a dvd burning feature. I hate having to use 3 different programs before I can successfully watch my show.

  • philip young

    cool th ask you

  • Aeon Style

    An app for the iphone/ipod touch please !!! If the apple appstore doesn’t want of u’r app, go to cydia ! Some iphon’s users make donation to app who are note allow in the appstore ! Jailbreak is king ;) Live pwn tool

  • Lee

    Some support for nokia s60 phones would be nice.

  • sheryl

    Vuze amazed me much.they gave excellent service to the peo-

    ple.esp.downloading songs movies etc.which i can really

    appreciate too. i can watch the movies now which i failed

    or missed to watch before same as musics i can listened

    it again.

    thanks a lot.keep it up.

  • Niels

    Wouldn’t it be nice to implement a automatic converter for mobile phones, so you can show clips to your friends? Connect your phone to your pc trough bt or usb, install it with vuze, and with one click you put your clips on your phone.

  • precious

    vuze is great, I love it

  • Zend

    Me gusta participar de sus encuestas, pero por favor envien preguntas en español. Gracias
    I like to participate in their surveys, but please send questions in Spanish. Thanks

  • Zend

    I like to participate in their surveys, but please send questions in Spanish. Thanks
    Me gusta participar en sus encuestas, pero, por favor enviar sus preguntas en español. Gracias

  • Jeff

    You can already watch the things u download on vuze on your xbox 360. just make sure ur xbox is in ur network and put the videos in ur public file and ur xbox can find em

  • Eliahu Labenski

    Please,I live in Brazil,but adress to me in eglish

  • Jarle Tonning

    It the phone had possibilities for connections to the TV in the car it would be ok. Then the children could watch movies during long rides and be calmed down! Also nice for the other pasengers.

  • dcaprio

    vuze,, my first and last torrent client.

  • yousry gomal

    Vuze is really fantastic very good the pest

  • Raheel Khan

    What a great tool it is!

  • Andrew

    I love VUZE, my wife and I have used it everyday for the last 3 years. I plan to donate to you as soon as possible. Please keep up the awesome work.

  • Typhon

    i think vuze should look into an integrated file converter so that people can download a clip or piece of music and put it into a format that suits them. also devices like the new DSI should be supported. seeing as its the first handheld where you can have a program installed on a memory card, and is constantly connected to the internet. vuze on the move any1…

  • ryan

    I use the Vuze HD network for hd vids, but I have to use Tversity to stream the mkv container to my PS3 & phone
    So if you are getting SONY & RIM on board with the mkv container that would be sweet!

  • term

    A Big YEAHHH for Vuze

  • mik mak

    Great HD DVD quality videos now available…wish there was more porno available tho lololololol.

    Luvvin those sexc Russian music videos!

  • lala75

    vuze mi piace molto anche perchè è semplice da usare e sicuro… complimenti

  • beemer6

    i like the new vuze…is great

  • allamo

    Merci pour tous les solutions que vous me facilitez.allamo

  • rcobb

    Vuze?it is number 1 bit Torrent client for me.thank you so much for sharing and being amazing.God Bless you all there…

  • Purephoenix

    You can’t honestly expect this to work.
    Give up before you make fools of yourselves and spend your attention in a direction much more needed.
    For example, stopping that damn sidebar from resizing itself to half the active window.

    You’d need to integrate 1 click simple transcoding into vuze and that’s simply not possible.
    I’ve been transcoding for over a decade and i can vouch, many files are simply “broken” they simly don’t transcode for use on iPhone / PS3 etc.

    Not to mention Vuze would have to license h264 software production rights to implement this, since that’s the codec in use by the PS3 digital media system.

    This idea is completely and utterly ill thought out.

  • Nervin

    I like using vuze software

  • Wildfire04j

    I wish VUZE had more catagories/File sections such as Music,Movies,Games,ETC. When you download music, it goes in the same section as your videos or whatever else you download!

  • Awangku Panjang

    Commendable tool!

  • Mithrin

    With regaurd to the question, My family watch TV programs using TV’s, PC’s, Laptop’s, PDA Mobile Phone all windows versions in DIVX or XVID.

  • wasim altaf

    Vuze is good at what it does , but my only concern as a mac user is the interface of vuze, there is room for a lot of interface change including the dock icon lets say it is too blue and the app takes little extra time to load than other apps on my mac and same goes for while Quitting it. but vuze is getting better day by day i hope it will be best in interface too

  • AnTRoN

    Azureus just appeared one day on my xbox360 as one of my video sources. I tried various types of files (avi.mkv) but no success. avi’s play fine via 360 when sourced from my docs but not from the azureus source, maybe still a work in progress? Anyways thanks for the effort I’ll continue to try it out. I love VUZE.

  • MARIA@


  • alessia

    non posso vivere senza …..vuze,grazie per tutto!

  • alessia

    w vuze 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nick

    yeah just started to use vuze and its great but why does it take so long some times to get certain films

  • Abbas BenTaleb

    vuze is a very rich shared content software, but thing most i like on it is its search templates, its heard to find but once u have them it economies u a lot of time, energy and Nerves, it looks u for what u want in all or major important torrent sites. really amazinng.. hope the project goes on and adds more and more features and comatibility especially for mac.
    well those enquiring on MKV filetype. i tell them it is the best filetype i ever seen after divx, it really has a very high compression/low size high quality. but thing most i like on it is that it allows u to navigate throught chapters like a dvd menu.. well i hope DVD makers collaborate with matroska to make MKV playable in all media readers. its really outstanding.
    thank u Vuze, i hope i was a programer to contribute in the project.

  • Chris

    For me Vuze is an excellent locator / downloader. Streamer it is far from nor will it be. However once the file is down I copy it to apple tv w/ an ftp program so I can view it w/ boxee. Most torrent files are avi format and while boxee plays them apple tv does not. I don’t think ipod / iphone can download an entire film and watch it w/ out taking the time to recharge. So to me it would still be easier to put a small sftp thing into vuze to communicate w/ apple tv as compared to doing something vuze has no capability of changing, ipod’s / iphone’s battery length.

    As far as downloading to ipod / iphone you could convert the file for play on small devices. But the time it would take to convert an avi to a tiny mov would flatten many of the ppc computers on the market today, even intel processors might choke a bit if the user is doing other things at the same time.

    Perhaps the easiest thing to do would be to have an extra piece of software to add onto other devices, a front row plugin w/ sftp for apple tv, an application for ipod / iphone & other set top boxes. Even better would be for a way for vuze to be able to manage it’s downloads for network storage devices and multiple copy / moves for example; once a file is down I copy it to my network file server and copy it to my apple tv and delete it off my internal hd. As it stands that can’t happen automatically because my movies get categorized Action, Animation, etc. Unless you could “Tag” the transfer while it’s on it’s way down for a destination once it’s completely down. That would be really handy.

  • eiei

    iPhone / iPod Touch : Jill Braker is need. Is it legal yet ?

    Wii : Good Install base. But you need to hack this one too.

    XBox 360 : it’s never been hack (to run un-sing code) before.

    Playstation 3 : it’s never been hack. and sony don’t like bittorrent.
    ps3 can install linux as alternative os. but it’s speed is poor.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Leeeeeeerrrroooooyyyy aah Jenkiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnns

  • Mathew

    Good job guys…i really enjoy using Vuze! It’s easy to use and has links to a lot of content. Keep up the good work!

  • Phils

    New to downloads but can’t believe how easy and good the program works. Thanks to all involved.

  • ozyy_P

    I live vuze ,but new Ican not download with vuze

  • Melford

    Amazing! Keep up the good work.

  • Aaron

    Hi, i’m a newbie to all this torrent file sharing thingymajig…just recently started using Vuse and wanted to know how to add ‘friends’ and possibly speed up my downloads? also not being familiar with all the various setting to optimise my mac, could somebody please give me some pointers as to how best to sort the settings? any help at all would be really appreciated, many thanks in advance! :-)) thanks

  • Anne

    Thanks very much. You guys are great. )

  • Twoyorkie

    Thanks for a very good “get it for nowt” programme. lets keep the forum and comments clear of the usual bad language and no brain idiots and enjoy the community ..

  • Derontay ******

    Although i know this “secret Project” might or might not
    be approved it is a very good idea and if this “secret Project” was approved (might or might not be or if they “were” working on this “secret Project”) it would take months, years even to complete (not saying it as a bad thing) but still this “secret Project” would be a great thing and it might help tons of people. Gooo Vuze.

  • Ahamed

    vuze really rocks… a lot better than before… i normally use uTorrent… but now I amusing onlu Vuze… :)

    Good work guys…

  • Kamjorn

    Vuze is great but I feel upgraded version 4 not quite statble and fast like the past one. Anyway if you could, i would prefer the mobile integration into your new project. Thanks for a good job.

  • Dan

    Is the Vuze Set-top Box (Under $100) available now? I am getting ready to purchase D-Link DSM-750 Wireless N HD Media Center Extender. Have you done any research on the model?

  • Jack

    How about including TiVos among the specified devices?

  • thug108

    get a ps3 to stream and then use ps3 media streamer it streams everything including MKV’s

  • mallymu

    keep up the good work

  • coocooforcocoapuffs

    not sure u guys need to do anything but work on performance and interface here. personally, if i need to get any torrent download to another media format or device i can do that with existing programs now. not sure why u want to go there? it’s like a TV station or a cable network offering to sell you the TV to receive programming – makes little sense to me!

  • Artemio

    Vuze always crashes, and has to restart download, and blocks all other applications from accesing the net. why is that?

  • red

    everything i download will only re seed up to half way then just stops, can anybody help as my ratio is dropping fast. thanks

  • amar felix

    mille excuses,mais je ne comprend pas un mot d’anglais e ttous les messages sont incomprehensifs pour moi,please ecrivez moi en français,pour que je puisse répondre

  • jay

    Vuse is fantastic, love the new look, love it’s full featured simplicity! keep up the good work guys Vuse is sure to become the number one p2p/torrent client
    Sharing is Caring <3

  • jay

    oops VUZE* =P

  • Michele Ellington

    I wouldn’t be interested in a player for my TV, because I purchased an inexpensive desktop and put a good video card in it to feed video to the big TV. The computer has a lot of advantages over a specialized player.

  • Ynse Schaap

    For the first time in years Vuze does what its supposed to, d-load really really fast (problem was with ports open and closed) So no real need for Vuze tv although lazy as I am it would be nice to never get out of my reclining chair. Anywho My frogs love the idea (azureus aelitis)and have spontainiously multiplied themselves for the first time, Happy happy Joy joy

  • iqbal

    vuze rocks keep up the gppd work peeps ;)

  • Jeremy

    I would say either Xbox or PS3. I love that the PS3 works with my laptop so I’m able to move things from my laptop to my PS3 but to be able to stream it easily would be great. iPhone would be ok too I guess if you’re up for it but let’s go with the PS3.

  • john p

    vuze brilliant bring it on

  • fernando

    me van muy lentas las descargasb hace tres dia . me gustaria que fuesen mas rapidas. gracias

  • yoo4yoo

    good go on



  • eddie casey

    i want to know how can I begin downloading torrents again as Vuze seems to have suspended me for a reason I am not aware?

  • Cumhur Dursun

    I am proud of you. Proud of human race do create such ideas into life. Thank you. I appreciate

  • Andy Zielinski

    I like Vuze, but it is a work in progress, so I’d like to see how it proceeds to develop. I just hope that somewhere in the future all the various options could somehow be integrated, or at least compatible

  • BigTreez

    To: Aaron on September 11th, 2001

    Quoting… “Hi, i’m a newbie to all this torrent file sharing thingymajig…just recently started using Vuse and wanted to know how to add ‘friends’ and possibly speed up my downloads? also not being familiar with all the various setting to optimise my mac, could somebody please give me some pointers as to how best to sort the settings? any help at all would be really appreciated, many thanks in advance! :-)) thanks”

    Get a real Computer. A PC. I’m just sayin’!

  • FMac

    I have been looking for the vuze app for my iphone. Let’s make that happen!!!

  • Matt

    As of July 2007 almost 41 percent of all homes had a current generation console system in their home (360, ps3, wii)
    As that was almost two years ago I’d imagine that number is MUCH higher, especially with the price cuts of the systems. So I’d say the biggest help would be providing support for Xbox 360 and PS3 support. The 360 may or may not be easy, simply by adding media center support you would be adding support for the 360….

    Does the WII have multimedia ability? I didn’t think it did?

  • Derek

    I watch my vuze vids on VLC player on AVS4YOU video player all vuze’s downloades work on a Tv box wit USB connector (put movie on USB and connect it to TV) or you can try using a PS3 whic h has a USB connector and you can try other devices

  • harry

    I was using utorrent before I found vuse. What a change. I use vuse and tversity together in order to stream to my xbox360 and my ps3 it would be nice to have one program that does everything

  • med

    i like the new vuze…is great .thanks

  • Fab

    Hi,Has anyone used Azeuras/Vuze ultra download accelerator? i have paid for this program thinking you just press a button and off it goes but in fact you need to set up your ports and practically be a computer technician to make the thing work correctly.I just wanted to hear about your experiences with this program.Thanks Fab.

  • nabe

    thax for a good bittorrent network.

    I´ll be happy for getting tip for easy using vuze!


  • Regial

    Very afrodabla tech. Fun for all the family, allways my upload is greater than my download. Again thanks you very much.

  • Brad Horton

    You guys do an excellent job! :) I already see something about azerus show up on my ps3. I now have Vuze. Anyways, nothing shows up, but I see that it has a presence. I own a wii, ps3, and xbox360. I think you should make it work for ps3, and xbox360. Wii would be a plus, but I realize it could be difficult. Great work!

  • Jacob

    Vuze has all the content I’ve been searching for.
    It’s easy to use and has no viruses’

  • isabelk

    I love Vuze. Thank you so much.

    I would love to watch my downloads on my iPod Touch or my Apple TV. But I watch ‘em just fine on Front Row, no problems.

  • Jorge & Jocelyn

    Which Sandisk Sansa & Creative Zen device integrations are you or will you be elegantly supporting within Vuze?
    (We have one of each)

  • quadhirababil

    thax for a good bittorrent network.

    I´ll be happy for getting tip for easy using vuze!


  • thierry

    probleme i’m not speack english no comprened sorry

  • deniz

    unbeleavable good would be to watch HD videos of vuze on the playstation 3 because the playstation has got blu-ray that means great quality ! ! !

  • haze

    VUZE you always make my day!!! i love yahhhh
    You’re the best!!
    How about VUZE on ipod touch/ iphone! yeah lets make that to happen!

  • Kevin

    i have enjoyed using VUZE bless

  • Wallynetoo

    Commendable , simply commendable!!
    I love Vuze…. will donate as much as possible to keep this running…..
    Great job guys….

  • phil strawford

    thanks guys. keep up the good work.

  • josh182

    The coolest thing would be is a app on iphone where you can stream your downloaded vids to your ipod.

    ps.How can i donate

  • Frimer





  • Frimer

    and btw for some reason when i try to PLAY (not download) HD content the player stalls and nothing happens! look into it…

  • dcplastik

    Saludos desde España;

    Esta bien la historia esta, aunke yo ya uso Vuze komo servidor multimedia haciendo streaming a traves de la PS3. Uso macosx y de los servidores ke he enkontrado el ke mejor tira sin duda es Vuze :D Lastima ke la PS3 no lea los mkv directamente.

  • mordakayl

    haber si participamos mas desde españa muchas veces las descargas van demaciodo lentas o hay pocos usuarios
    haber si participamos mas personas

  • Andy

    Vuze is cool

  • dan

    im new to vuze and this is the best,thanks vuze team ,you rock

  • Gerald D. Johnson

    Hi Guys, I’m 61 and didn’t own my own computer until a few years ago. I never even thought anything like VUZE could exist.
    I think what you’ve done is great! I enjoy so much of the content available, not just movies,but music, audio books, and documentaries .

  • tom

    hey guys u r the most aming crew….dont change much…except to get better…we all thank u in maine….
    vuse is the best!!!!


    Hope we can get i-phone version asap.

  • Ahmed Mubarak

    Amazing Sharing Program …. But I need Something So Hard …. I need All Movies of Jackie Chan .. this is my only hope if you can please notify me on my Email and thanx for all members of the program

  • dersan2

    wonderfull , yes it’s just wonderfull , thank you vuse !!

  • Feedback Ahoy!

    This seems like exactly the place to ask questions about functionality with the existing program or to get advice on where to find torrents…
    On a less sardonic note, I really appreciate the Vuze team asking for input from the community on the direction we would like to see the product taken. This is definitely the absolute best way to ensure a great product that meets with the needs of it’s clients. Now if you could implement any of the above ideas without making Vuze an even bigger RAM pig, I’d assume I had walked into some form of fantasy world. Keep up the great work, guys.

  • amrit

    i am not able to search in vuze….there are no results…

  • kader

    VUZE its very good for me…………..

  • >>>MANOJ

    i wanna feel like stage6……..but its only for videos i hate this plz do some improvement in vuze client making friends n chating….i wanna upload fotos nd gmaes ,,How to do??? mail me =)



  • Jack De Feo

    The recent change to the VUZE home page leaves way to much blue blank space on my desktop screen with nothing more than an empty background that makes everything look squeezed to fit into such a tightly constricted space.
    WHY did you feel the need to mess with perfection and do such a thing?

  • davey dave

    use a format for downloads such as xvid or divx so i can quickly burn a cd or dvd and play on my divx certified dvd player onto my tv without having to re-encode your poxy mkv format. I suspect you use the mkv format so you can place adverts and such and try and tie us all in to your own player and set top box…But apart from that Vuze rocks and it´s MAC friendly which is nice. do I win a T-shirt?

  • candidtna man

    I have no real interest in this feature its still a great idea!

  • Dave

    iPod touch, blackberry and front row are my three top votes, but it would also be cool to get it integrated with the xbox 360 and the PSP.

    i’d be open to buying a vuze-branded STB, depending on what it brings to the table besides viewing media files. if it handles my torrenting AND lets me watch my media on my TV, then i’d be readily willing to pay $150 to $200 for it, and as much as $350 for it if it did all that and had a built in TB or two of storage.

  • Peter

    Thanx to all u wonderful people who created VUZE. We are older users of the computer & are self taught but u have made downloading movies & audio so very easy that even us “oldies” can understand & get the job done!!


    Think better with Apple TV, for me don´t working Vuze right now

    Seria de agradecer en español

    Felicitaciones a los padres de VUZE .

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  • Dien Nguyen

    Vuze is now a grat software which is far ahead of any other BT client out at the moment. Vuze features and layout is outstanding and there is not much that you could criticise. The only feature I would like to be added is banning peers for a certain amount of time. That would be an excellent addition to the already outstanding software that the Vuze team should be awarded for. Many grateful thanks to the entire Vuze team and I hope everyone will continue to develop Vuze to become the best and leading BT client available to the the public.

  • David

    A little cluncky at times, the computer overhead is way too much. Would be good if it can be made a litle bit lighter, more efficient. Maybe this is the best it can be with all the features it offers, but wanted to mention. Everyhting else is fine.

  • alex

    is hard to say something bad about you guys when the thing that you ar doing is so fine, thanks a lot for all the job that you are doing for us.i love you guys. i wish you all the best , to vuze team.

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  • Paolo

    I would like to have an App for iPhone/iPod touch to view in streaming Vuze movies, not only in WiFi mode, I mean not only in the same place where I have my Computer, but also anywhere in the world, like Slingbox (check it out at:

  • Rajesh Naik

    Hi, please make it lite, its very heavy(memory usage is very high). Auto shutdown(As in Utorrent)option should be included. Apart from that i just love vuze, i have been using this long time and will continue using it.. thank you

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    Yes,VUSE DESKTOP BOX sounds OK
    Regards KO

  • Pam

    Could someone tell me if there is a way to burn the movies that you download onto dvd. Thank you

  • Curt Hanson

    You are much better than Limewire.Thanks lots. Wish I could preview what I want to download, just to check the quality. But, am most happy with all that you provide. I did not check any of the survey boxes as I download and then burn to DVD so I can watch on a normal TV.

  • hendrik

    Maybe I’m missing something, but why is it not possible to download seperate files with vuze?

    Oh, and some iphone features would be fine.

  • ross reynolds

    i’m running leopard 10.5 and have donloaded a couple of movies but when i play them all i get is audio .

  • Liz

    The only one I could check would be the Wii, but the issue is that it’s not really HD capable. Sigh.

  • ron from holland

    i have 15 years a windows machine and now i have mine apple.
    AND VUZE WORKS with MAC thank you so mutch

  • JIim

    I received a letter from verizon by way of Disney. It said I downloaded a movie that I didn’t have a right to. It said to remove it and any others from my computer. How do I know what is ok and not ok to download so I don’t get into any trouble. There all a lot of movies, software and other materials that seem to illegal is that correct. Thanks Jim


    Hola tengo Vuze hies fantastico muibueno pero megustaria en españo pues lamita delascosas nolaentiendo como puedo consegirlo gracias

  • vinoth samikannu

    dear sir,

    Im using compaq presario CQ60 laptop, im downloading movies through torrent, i cant able to download with speed, already i have installed the speedup-PC-4, but there is no change, almost im in 2day downloading continue.

    my download status:
    down speed-5.4kB/s
    up speed- 0.3kB/s

    give me a good sugesstion for me

    thanking you

  • d.l. walker

    i am new to this…i have been able to watch movies on my laptop,
    however when i try to put them on a dvd disc, the audio is great, the picture however is like a laser light show…
    can anyone help me????
    PLEAS e-mail me…

    thank you
    thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sd

    HOw come my Vuze will only show trailers and not full movies in the searches i make?

  • sd

    How come my Vuze will only bring up trailers and not full movies for the searches i make?

  • SamuraiJaxx

    Integration with Boxee would be an added bonus!

  • Relaxed

    If you integrate with Apple TV – please, do full 5.1 audio. Most programs integrate with Apple TV at stereo which defeats the purpose of a true HD experience.

  • Diaox

    Don’t forget about us blackberry users!

  • colosusses

    Would like to organise videos that are streamed to PS3 in folders. Once you add 100 or more vids finding a specific one can be time consuming. Also a windows mobile version would be great.


  • Horse_Man

    There is no music video section. THAT SUCKS! Before having to update music videos would download very quickly. Now nothing downloads. I uninstalled VUZE then reinstalled VUZE. Now still NOTHING, NO DOWNLOADS. Looks like I will uninstall VUZE permantly.


  • Horse_Man

    Your selection of music videos STILL SUCKS. At least with the old way you had some good choices, approximently 200 videos out of 1243. Now there is NOTHING PERIOD NO MUSIC VIDEOS TO SPEAK OF. HOPE YOU CAN GET SOME SOON!!!!

  • Rob

    version 4.3 no good

  • Robert

    how do get the old version back help please

  • joe thomson

    can someone email hot to stream pictures to ps3 i can get movies but nothing else thanks