Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

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We’ve been making the case for years now that Vuze users are avid entertainment fans and early adopters of hot new technologies.  Recently, we decided to prove it, once and for all.  We set out to gather some data comparing you to the average Internet user.

Let me introduce you to yourselves.

In short, you’re:

  • Heavy movie fans
  • Avid online video buffs (at the expense of “live” TV)
  • Trailblazing tech consumers
  • Ultra connected online influencers
  • Uniquely attracted to science fiction and animation content.

When it comes to entertainment and tech consumption, there’s no doubt that you’re the fairest of them all.  In fact, you may just be Hollywood’s best customers.

As valued customers, you’ve made it clear on how you want your online entertainment catered to your needs:

  • Screen shifting:  More flexibility to watch your content on any screen you want (PC, Mobile, TV)
  • Time Shifting:  More ability to download and watch your content whenever you desire
  • Higher resolution:  More HD, and less grainy, stuttering, pixelated videos
  • Content:  More science fiction and animation.

Your feedback has empowered us to speak on your behalf.  Stay tuned…

For more detail on our findings, download the full summary.

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Guest Contributor

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  • Abiy

    its been 6 month i m using vuze. its introduced by my frnd. frm then i m totaly fascinated by vuze. it d/l in full speed, hav amazing stuffs for entertainment, knowledge etc.
    NO wonder why vuze is on top…..

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  • Alberto

    Love Vuse

  • mike jones

    vuze is cool!!!!!

  • Gary Arsenault

    I have an eight core two terabyte 26inc 1080p system and am a Vuze addict. I’m 57 and disabled. I’m amazed at how well Vuze caters to Those that require and basicly demand Top quality entertainment and information. Please keep it up. Oh, by the way High Def is now the only acceptable way to enjoy videos so keep increasing the tech. I watch my downloads thru my router to my 65″ tv via my PS3. Thanks for the beta. You need to make it a standard!