Net Neutrality: Vuze Joins 24 Leading Companies

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Today, Vuze co-signed a letter to the FCC supporting an open Internet with a group of 24 internet CEOs and founders, including Amazon, Craigslist, Digg, eBay, Facebook, Flickr, Google, IAC, LinkedIn, Skype, Tivo, Twitter, YouTube, and Zynga.

Back in 2007-08, Vuze was an early advocate for the net neutrality movement when we took Comcast to task for unfairly discriminating against p2p traffic.  The FCC agreed with us, and vowed to prevent cable companies and ISPs from unfairly discriminating against internet traffic in the future.  Since then, we’ve continued to consistently encourage the FCC to actively guard net neutrality.

As a small start-up, this government advocacy takes up valuable time, resources, and executive bandwidth.  However, the Vuze team firmly believes that the net neutrality cause is well worth our efforts.  There is an inherent conflict of interest in network providers (cable companies / ISPs) providing content services while arguing that they should be allowed to prioritize some content types over others.  The Comcast debacle proved the danger of not remaining vigilant, and since then, other cable operators have gone down a similarly dangerous path.

At the end of the day, Vuze simply wants a level playing field.  This is why we continue to advocate net neutrality, and why we were pleased to sign today’s letter, reinforcing the idea that:

An open Internet fuels a competitive and efficient marketplace, where consumers make the ultimate choices about which products succeed and which fail. This allows businesses of all sizes, from the smallest startup to larger corporations, to compete, yielding maximum economic growth and opportunity.

Read more here, here, here, and here.


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Guest Contributor

  • Bill Hicks

    cox communications is also guilty of this and is now the largest ISP in the southwestern US please look into this if you can i will donate to the cause if you take this on

  • The Wine Zen

    I am of the same belief that net neutrality leads to innovation and growth. Please continue your good work.

  • Az

    Wh have the same threats in the UK but the latest was after a MP (member of parliment) had a meal with a nusic mogul he had the idea that if people were even thought to be using p2p their internet should be stopped.

  • Фразеолог

    На таких громких заголовках и подобной шумихе можно делать и не такие успехи :)

  • Консультант

    ha ))

  • Carbon

    “Добавил в закладки”

  • Раст

    мило ждем еще…

  • Mathéo

    c’est l’État qui fabrique la misère

  • SysAdmin

    Красота, особенно первая фотка

  • Ангел

    Очень интересно !

  • Kevin

    The internet is great because it is largely open and unregulated. If you introduce red-tape to that mix, even if it is for the sake of maintaining freedom, you risk destroying everything that makes the internet such a useful tool. At the hands of the FCC, TV and radio shows lose their freedom of expression (think Johnny Carson) and novel organizations have significant barriers to entry. For the sake of innovation, lets keep the hands of the FCC (and the telecommunication companies that influence it) out of the internet.