Vuze Remote and Faster Downloads

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Have you ever been out, and realized that you forgot to queue a Vuze download to watch when you get home?  With the new Vuze Remote, you can now securely control your Vuze client from any computer or smartphone with a web browser.  Pretty cool, eh?  Not to mention, very useful for those meetings or classes where your mind has already fast forwarded to Friday night entertainment…


Once you have the latest Vuze release,  simply go to from any browser, or download the Vuze Remote toolbar here.  After a one-time pairing of the Vuze client and your browser, you’ll be ready to find and control all your Vuze downloads remotely over the web.

Your remote instructions pass directly and securely between your Vuze client and a web page in your remote browser.  Props to the Transmission team, as we leveraged their original web UI in developing Vuze Remote (open source ftw!).

We’ll continue to expand the functionality of Vuze Remote going forward.  Stay tuned…

Faster Downloads

This release also includes a number of significant performance improvements resulting from our ongoing Olympic training to make Vuze downloads even faster.


You should notice significantly faster torrent start-up times and subsequent download speeds, as a result of:

  • Faster initiation of new torrents through “Allowed Fast” support (enabling new peers to quickly start downloading despite their lack of pieces to trade)
  • Connecting to more seeds and peers on launch of a new torrent (for Vista SP2+ and Windows 7), and through optimized support of LibTorrent peer exchange
  • Quickly switching to better performing peers through faster connection timeouts
  • Faster ramp-up of better performing peers.

Bottomline – you should experience significantly faster torrent start-up and download speeds.

Reigning in Mr. Slidey

Finally, remember Microsoft’s infamously reviled Clippy – the animated paperclip in Office 2000 and XP?  For a long period of time, Vuze has had a similarly reviled Slidey that popped up with error messages in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.  With this release, we’ve finally fought Mr. Slidey into a corner, and locked him in the closet.  You can find all your favorite error messages by clicking on the exclamation point in the bottom-right corner of the Vuze client.  Don’t care to be bothered?  Please feel free to ignore.  Sometimes, it’s the small steps forward that count.

Download Vuze and give it a try.  Tell us what you think!

Gilles and the Vuze Team

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  • Sikku

    Thats a great update…

  • Brexxie

    Awesome that will be handy!

  • Akumajou

    Why isn’t this update available from within Vuze?

  • DamnBillzFan

    Do you have to redownload your library after updating the program? I was just curious because I have like over a hundred torrents in my library and I don’t want to waste my time doing it all over again. Somebody please get back to me as soon as you can. I am really excited about this update because I spend a lot of time trying to be patient with the existing program. Thank you everybody. Peace out!!!

  • Nicole

    I have AT&T Uverse and I heard somewhere that the AT&T cable boxes can read that you have Vuze movie downloads and you can watch your movie downloads on your TV. Can anyone tell me how to do this???


    peut-on avoir une version écrite en français

  • Erdinc Akkaya

    vuze is perfect ….

  • matt

    this program is the best

  • ivo.linuc

    Why remote vuze is not available for Linux??? I hope that you will release a port Linux port in a reasonable time.

  • carol

    there is never anyone on line, how does this really work??

  • Armando

    Esta d poca medre deven de probarlo no se arrepentiran!

  • Armando

    I really like this new version thx

  • neronimo

    DamnBillzFan, I can confirm you won’t have to re-download your library after upgrading. All my torrents that were seeding before are still here.

  • Константин

    сменит свой клиент торрента …. отличная вещь !!!

  • jda

    Can i transfer or burn my downloads from my libary to dvd to keep or do i need to download and pay for another program other than vuze

    is there anyone out there that has done this

    thanks…this is a great site


    Does a french version exist?

  • Movie Mad

    Will faster downloads be available for Mac soon too?

    I like the organised layout of Vuze but the downloads are slow and interfere with work on the internet mainly the loading of pages 4 most websites. My internet speed is fairly high too!


  • dj farfig

    speaking of faster downloads, anyone have any secrets to setting preferences in vuze to maximize download speeds, any and all little tricks to speed up the thing, i’m in the jungles of asia with medium slow cmda wireless, thanks, much appreciated.

  • Hispania

    My Vuze detects the update I how do I fix it? Another thing: I have several torrents downloading normally to go any faster (my bandwidth is not great :-( ) so I must be careful to start one when the other end For when a solution on this issue established in the Vuze own?

  • Dulsara

    no talks to make VUZE the second best :)

  • ALF

    Still have the problem with buttons. Have to first select button with mouse and then press to execute it.

    Ubuntu 9.10 amd64

  • ALF

    Still have the problem with buttons. Have to first select button with mouse and then press to execute it.

    Ubuntu 9.10 amd64

  • jay

    salamat sa vuse pinoy po ako pero i love english movies

  • Xhac

    Ya era hora que hicieran esto. en emule hace ya mucho que se puede hacer.

  • Hispania

    y de mis preguntas que ¿ nadie me contesta ?

  • waler

    Ho scaricato con il vostro “SUPER VUZE”Codice Genesi 2010 ITALIAN DVDRip Proper XViD e Codice Genesi 2010 ITALIAN LD DVDRip Dolby ma non riesco ad aprire i file, Avete per favore qualche suggerimento?

  • nube25

    tnx for vuze!

  • andrea


  • Ayush

    Vuze Is Good Very Good Its Really happening
    Try It & I must say You Will be addicted To It
    Its Like the World is in your Hands Right Now

  • Rabbit65

    solo voi riuscite a superare voi stessi^^

    grandi BEST

  • Rabbit65


  • netbobby

    very glae to hear this keep it up please

  • Alternative to DVD converter

    the remote stuff is a nice new feature

  • mr. Jackson

    Just trying to get my computer to download the movies faster. I dont under stand why it takes 8 hours for 1 movie. Is there anything I am missing or can install?

  • B mc houll

    hi in reply to jda request i download to a memory stick then burn to a disc hope this helps good luck Barry

  • madasafish

    I see what it does and thats good but how do I download items from other web sites using the remote/
    Thats what i want, not to upload the stuff I downloaded?
    Is there a FAQ anywhere?

  • Araña

    muchos gracias sa vuze happy ang 2 anak ko dhil nai download ko s PSP nila ang lahat ng gusto nilang musics, video musics and movies. low speed of downloading but it result perfect. mi gusta mucho!

  • ctp

    to: jda
    Actually I’m using a trial version of Express Burn from NCH software to burn my library to DVD. For the format I use DVD Video but some DVD players are not compatible so you need to check if your DVD player is compatible. So far I’m happy with it.

  • natezombie

    does remote vuze only work with the iphone?

  • carrette patrick

    dejas client mais changeur vuze d’ordi commentaire retrouves telechargement mes anciens esque merci Peut vuze reatualiser ma bibliotheque

  • Hiflyn

    I see notes that state will be faster for Vista and Windows 7, does the speed increase if using XP? is this strictly an upgrade if you have those or will it help on XP too?

  • Laura

    can i search for new torrents on vuze remote?

  • Mexikanong hilaw

    Queso de phota! noba2?napsukan ko furm this bout vuze? dehins man difcult gamitn. waehhehehehe

  • daudawa

    gives another name to vuze (vuze is my latest headlines and my feature i like vuze to my hat.

  • kostas balios


  • Fosk

    How do i burn my movies to disc plz anyone can help me plz

  • RuYanek

    Хотелось бы,чтоб ваш,то есть он не наш,блог поддерживал многоязычный перевод.Я к примеру немецкий язык изучал.

  • perrymc

    Jda – It depends on the type of files you downloaded … If they are ISO then a free program called Imageburn will do the job. Your other files (actually include ISO also if you want) can be burned as ‘data’ using a program like Sonic or Roxio or Nero. You probably have a similar program pre-installed on your computer.


    dj farfig – There is no ‘easy’ way to set up Vuze for optimum performance. You have to take the time to wade thru pages of info but most of it is readily available at wikipedia. I would start with the Vuze Good Settings section first and use that page to link to the other setup suggestions

    Good Settings

    Also read the Vuze support forums

  • perrymc

    To Mr Jackson

    Downloading via Vuze or any other file-sharing program is always affected by the number of seeds and peers sharing the file. Generally, the more, the quicker. So if you go for an older movie etc, there may be fewer seeds/peers and thus take much longer to download. You may find you are being ‘choked’ if your upload to share back is to slow or if you have nothing to offer that seed/peer (there is nothing you can do about the choking except to ensure you have Vuze configured for optimum performance)

    Suggest starting with Good Settings

    Another trouble spot is NAT so make sure that is not your problem

    Good luck, I was kinda slow and took a lot of time to learn and get goin but it was worth it!


    great great

  • perrymc

    To Fosk

    A lot depends on the format of your movies and if you are only going to play them on your computer or if you want them to play on a dvd player hooked up to your tv. There is no easy answer … you have to go thru the learning curve (it helps to know someone in your area that can show you to get you started!). IF your downloaded movies are in ISO format, then ImgBurn (I incorrectly spelled it Image Burn in an earlier post) is a good free tool to burn them to Dvd.

    If your movies are in other formats like avi, flv etc, then you will need a program to convert them to dvd_video format, create the ISO then burn to disk. There may be freebies out there to do some formats but I have found it easier to use a commercial program like VSO’s ConvertXtoDVD. DVDFab may be something you need. There are a number of programs out there. I suggest you start by googling topics like ‘backup movies’ or ‘convert formats’ etc. Go to different forums like the Vuze support forums. Check out websites like Afterdawn and videohelp. They have a lot of tutorials that will help you learn your way around. Read, read, read. Again, there is no easy answer. Good luck.

  • perrymc

    To Fosk

    I missed a forum I meant to include in my previous post. The website used to be called CDFreaks but is now Myce. If you go to their forums tab and scroll way down to the software section, you will find a bunch of links to help you learn your way around many releated products, some free, some not. It may not be exactly what you are looking for but I am sure you will find it educational. Good luck again!

  • wizardfingers

    submitted to digg :)
    Awesome update, don’t know why it couldn’t update via the client but thats fine.

  • angela

    ci piace

  • ZimmererCo

    love vuze but conversion of movies for devices doesnt work. it always just stops at 8%
    its a shame really… :(

  • Joey

    can anyone get the vuze remote to work on a blackberry? the page never loads at

  • Doug

    i got an email from nbc for copyright infringement with up to a $150,000 fine. any one else have any problems like this? and should i not use vuze anymore?

  • James0071st

    This feature isn’t available on Linux because taking the time to code for .1% of the population isn’t worth it. That’s why. Here’s a suggestion : Get some brains and use Windows!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    Vuze is becoming slicker everytime :)

  • Ray

    how come nobody is ever happy with what they get and always bloody moan or complain. Is’t what you get enough? And then to be given more on top. Just simply say thank you and bugger off.

    Thank you.

  • Danny Vera

    When I click on the option to download the new Vuze, i get re-directed to the Vuze download page. when I see the download button, it says its only the 4.3 version. Can anyone tell me where the new version download is or if I have to wait for the new version to be available in that website? Like, when I click on the update and it takes me to the same website, will the download button say its for the version or is it still the version even though it says its the 4.3 version? pleasd help me. I really want the new version, but like I said,it only says its the 4.3 version

  • araña

    vuze…vuze…vuze….the best!

  • LG

    What happened to all the other channels that Vuze use to have? I remember there were a whole bunch of Anima as an example.

  • BatteryAcd

    When downloading through a p2p network, you put your IP adress out there for anyone to see. It doesn’t matter if you use Vuze, bit comet, or the actual BT client.

    For burning:
    Use a program like nero, or media express to burn movies to dvd. Burn them as a dvd, or a data dvd if your dvd player has divx.

    Personally I like to trancode to my 360, as it pops up with a vuze icon in the video library. i have 2 360’s and I have a different media list for each one, I have watched several movies and haven’t had a problem converting or transcoding.

  • selvtory

    real i can see the movies on dvd tv ??

  • penn

    MovieMad must be just that – or maybe needs an upgrade to a newer Mac. Vuze works perfectly for me and dl are coming in between 600 kb and 1.8 mb per sec via a high speed internet connection and a quad core Power Mac G5

  • Gerard

    My samsung tv can’t read the files from the vuze library.It works through DLNA
    any body with answer’s would be appreciated

  • Eko

    Wow! I added the remote page to my IPhone, great!

    And vuze, I would like to ask and suggest something. I discovered that my CPU is much higher than when I used the Utorrent download program? Is it possible that your ‘Vuze HD Network’ feature, which I don’t use, causing more CPU usage and if so, maybe for future Vuze updates the user can switch it off under preferences?

  • richmack

    to jda; you can download a program for free called ConvertXtoDVD 3.
    this allows you to convert almost any movie file so it will play on any dvd player

  • alarabi

    can’t delete file in libarary vuse this file is old movie downloded … how can delet this file

  • Bill Marr

    I marvel at the complexity of your offering. Really Great.

  • Mark

    can I search for and download movies from a remote location to my vuze files on my home pc

  • Mark

    I ve been laid up for over a year after major brain surgery and if it wasn t for vuze I would ve given up. Thank you very much for the upgrades. working great.

  • orangejangles

    I am new to this downloading movies thing…I dont have tivo or anything like that and my laptop doesnt seem to have the normal plugs to plug into a hd tv..I would really like to be able to see the movies on my big tv screen. Any ideas please?
    Thank you

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  • larry

    verry nice torrent , i love it ….

  • djrdan6

    To the development team,

    Great job on this Vuze remote. Is there a solution for Blackberry smartphones? I am using the Storm 9500 and when I load up the site, I just get a blank screen with a wheel on it. Are you developing an app or mobile site for us Blackberry users as well as the iPhone users?

    Thanks and keep up the good work :)

  • Ben Murphy

    Hello my vuze is not downloading
    when i press download it says failed
    i did not change anything on my vuze would you possibly know
    what is going on and is there any way to fix this problem

  • mona

    how do i burn movies?

  • Donnie

    sangat mantap….

  • Eddie

    Vuse(formally azurius) has been my only torrent client for years, and with the current offering of vuse it will be for years to come…Nive work Vuse Team…

  • john

    how is it possible,for a torant base program,download faster,?
    when everything a person downloads, is governed,by the speed,of the i.s.p.(internet service provider),
    wich a person is connected to,, example ( 1,500 speed,=20 gigabite a month, = oproxmatley 140 k.bits a second = aprox,
    12 movies, per month,? what program,and ware? could possible,
    force faster download speed,s, hence the fact of maybe paying for a faster download plan from i.s.p, (i have heard of internet boosters), they don,t work, (they may apear to work, but they do not),i have been trying to get my head around this ,for a long time , it,s a bit like wich comes firt,(the chicken or the egg,un quote) please inlighten me,kind regards john.

  • Benat

    Vuse is fantastic…. A french version would be like the top of the world!!!

  • Gloria

    I’m having a problem that just began yesterday. I click on “Download Torrent” and nothing shows up on my Vuze download page. Can anyone help me? I have no idea what’s wrong. I’m on an iMac G5, not the G5 with Windows capabilities. Please help. Thank you!

  • Nicky

    How does the automatic download work?

  • kim downer

    i download songs from mp3 rocket @ 250 kbps. here, it’s more like 8 kbps. watz up widat negro?

  • ngohaibac

    The Vuze Remote plugin doesn’t run properly on my Ubuntu 9.10 amd64. I couldn’t see anything, so just wait for this release.

    Actually Vuze is the best, run very fast and stable in my Ubuntu box with Sun Java package.

    Have fun !

  • barry

    my on button for devices in not displayed so cannot connect to the xbox can anyone help

  • Juanjo

    Este programa esta de maravilla, lo que a veces no encuentro la musica de mi tierra porque resido en la islas canarias


    vuse is my latest downloading feature and it’s the BEST. thank you guys!

  • G&S

    I am British and my husband is Greek. We’re having trouble findingmovies with Greek subtitles. Also, if it is a foreign language movie for both of us, then is it possible to have a coice of subtitles? Really appreciate it if anyone can help.

  • Andrew Z

    VUZE is the best torrent aplication ever
    i can download anything i want
    thank you vuze…you are the best

    PS:I’m not an english speaker and I think I made some writing mistakes…thak you VUZE
    keep on this way

  • algerien boy

    ayo ! you speak arabic ” jay ” i mean the personne that he said :(jay on February 2nd, 2010 salamat sa vuse pinoy po ako pero i love english movies)
    what is the meaning of these word ” salamat ” you are an espagnol

    personnelement je voix que se vuse est tres lent parce que la majorité des sources sont bloqué . et je sais pas comment mettre le mot de passe pour les faire connectés ces source la ?!
    quelqun peut m’expliqué commment ?
    merci d’avance gracias thank’s

  • Belk

    I have trouble finding my remote number, as in the 6 digit number for activation. Could someone help me please?

  • thasco

    I LOVE THIS APP!!!!!

  • mitchell

    how can i get quicker downloads on sky wireless

  • Fardeen

    thank you for this site… best collection ever.

  • johnnie

    can u make vuze work for the wii or u guys are working on it but i love vuze it great for the ps3

  • regal

    I have an I mac. I cant view video wirelessly. Can anyone explain how I can fix this problem? The picture skips and stutters. I’m running OSX 4.11. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Romy Quijano (a Filipino living in Germany)

    most of the new movies are inspite of long waiting hours of downloading are coded and cannot be played in any of my players but some are good and clear…any i´m satisfied..thank you very much,hope you´ll fix the problem.

  • Rodney

    What i like about this the most is that it doesnt take a whole lot out of your computer like other torrent downloaders do. i can actually browse the web with out it crawling through.

  • shelly

    please tell me if there is any way i can download movies to disc so my kids can watch them on dvd player

  • fernie

    in witch smart phones dos this work with and how

  • Anbaewa

    Much better now and what a supberb update.
    Thanks and Regards

  • you

    i was just thinking since i dont know how to make programs ect. i would just share a helpful idea i had. i noticed for many reasons vuze likes to be restarted every once in a while keeping it short and simple some one should make a plug in or something that allows users to set a restart time of their choice to help keep things running smooth like trackers and so on

    also maybe find a way to direct the downloads to a stable file instead of having to need seeds/peers so for less popular or more stubbern torrents the dowload process could go more smoothly and then things like server virus protection or something can be utilized for those a**holes who like to add suprises to the torrents but now im asking too much huh,

  • dale lohnes

    why are these downloads so slow, is there any way to make them faster?

  • Jeff

    Can’t get remote.vise to respond. Just a forever wait circle ):

  • brian

    how can i hide my ip address from charter noing that im downloading

  • hdwd

    Dieses Update ist der groesste Scheiss!!!
    Vorher hatte ich eine zehnmal groessere download geschwindigkeit.
    This update is the biggest shit! Previously, I had a download speed of ten times bigger.

  • Jeff S

    I am able to use remote from my laptop but vuze remote does nor repond on the iphone/safari. It just loads a blue screen and put the wait circle on in perpetutity. (3 hours now)

    I’d really be impressed if I could remote from the iphone.

    Advice? Appreciated

  • gon

    I still downloading this new one. If i replace it, is my download job gone?

  • Riaz Raheeman

    i just being your vip members for 3 yrs so plse help me to bring my computer to get faster by download movie and also how to watch th on line movie where my internet is only 100mb

  • zigward

    Want work for me?
    Have tried everything, but all I get is this:Please make sure Vuze is running and accessible.

  • noname

    malaware infested is what vuse is

  • Eleanor Robson

    I would also like to know that if I download this am I guaranteed not to lose everything I have as I’m a bit scared & I enjoy Vuze the way it is So will this really make a difference? Also I’d also like to know if I can download my films to allow son to watch in bedroom without buying special DVD player. Any feedback very welcome thanx.
    PS Im crap at burning discs etc lol

  • Iqbal Halani

    Hey you guys are great !!

  • RICK

    Weet iemand in zn ENGLISH MOBIEL XBOX 360 TE KOPELEN

  • Sinky

    Vuze never ceases to amaze me with it’s ease of use and great features. This new feature allows me to add and manage the downloading of torrents when not at home…just brilliant! Hats off to these guys.

  • AmourLatin

    This Vuze rocks! and as always in a very understandable English, so I don’t need a localised version at all.

  • nancy barrett

    how do I copy downloads to a dvd to play on my tv? do i need another program?

  • roger

    maraming salamat sa vuze

  • paul

    Nice software. Excellent work guys. I really hope that I’m smart as you. Hehe

    No need for us to go to any search engine and find some torrents.

  • paul

    I really hope you will filter some dangerous spywares and viruses. Some sites actually have add ons on downloaded data.

  • Dave W.

    jda on February 2nd, 2010

    Can i transfer or burn my downloads from my libary to dvd to keep or do i need to download and pay for another program other than vuze

    is there anyone out there that has done this

    thanks…this is a great site”

    I’ve burnt downloads to DVD using ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD 2 which I bought years ago, with the computer. Sometimes you need to re-encode the audio and I used a free download called XvidConverter, but I just tried to download XvidConverter again and came up against ‘server not found’. Fortunately I had saved a copy on an external hard drive. I’m sure there’s other ways to do it.
    Good Luck.

  • Robert

    To Nicole.. If you have a X-Box 360 or a cable box that can connect to your computer’s internet you can put it on your television.

  • la prieta

    i just whont to said that i am very greatfull because i donot money to take my kid to the movie but thanx to vuze i can see what they like and them erase from the computer thanx and i pray to God you compani keeping gruwing and people give the respect that you gays disser

  • Rod Johnston

    (Advanced) “Files” option: Configuration Settings: Current Configuration Directory:

    I installed Vuze for OSX on a separate partition instead of the system disk. How do I change the (Advanced) “Files” option: Configuration Settings: Current Configuration Directory: from
    “/Users/xxx/Library/Application Support/Vuze” . I can click on the directory and it leads me to it, but cannot change it. Many thanks.

  • mooncreeper

    vuze is the best,,,, God bless u guyz am lovin it…

  • rusty

    go to and download the free software and the dvd’s you burn will play in any dvd player.

  • isa ortega

    want to know if i can burn movies in my library to dvd so as not to overfill my memory space

  • ross

    why are some films n/a and wont convert to my ps3

  • jason

    how can i block my IP and it work great a little faster than U Torrent

  • steve

    Can anyone help im trying to download torrents and shows error during download due “file in use by other process”.

  • roger

    salamat sa vuze pinoy po ako…

  • Derek

    I’ve just started to use Vuze and am new to downloading movies, but it’s taking literally days to download movies. Is this normal? I’m based in China and suspect that my band width isn’t all that good so could this be a problem?

  • allenprisock

    yes why has it taken over 1 week and still the movie has not downloaded?

  • humbertto thillet

    este e el programa mas malo que he tropezado en mi vida

  • sveto

    its a super

  • David Jones

    Yes, I’ve had vuze for over two months now And I cannot get any faster downloads. Sometimes it takes days! I get so frustrated with it I just cancel the project I’m trying to do. Am I doing something wrong? Please help me.

  • tumusiime augustine

    hey guys this great where have you been the whole times anyway i have just downloaded vuze but already its cool

  • Kolya


    I have been a Azureus / Vuze user on Windows XP (2003 Dell Dimension). Lately Vuze has become unusable on this platform – it uses 100% CPU. In particular when the Sun Java Version 6 Update 18 (build 1.6.0_18-b07) was Released January 13, 2010 everything slowed to an absolute crawl. The latest Vuze simply cannot be run on my hardware. (I have 1500 torrents, of which 200 are in force seed mode).

    So while I’d like to use Vuze, I simply cannot anymore. If you are out to maximize your user base you should consider how resource intensive Vuze has become.

  • jeremias gostou!

  • melni

    It wasn’t mentioned, but this is also for XP right?

  • melni

    Hi Kolya,
    I have a Dell Dimension just about in that age range. I haven’t downloaded the new Vuze yet, but how much available space do you have left? If it’s going to be 100% cpu usage I may not want to trade greater download speed for greater cpu usage.


  • harold

    it seem like it still moving the same

  • Tofan

    Vuze is the best !

  • MrTrucker

    vuze has come a long way….great work

  • roger alecano

    salamat sa VUZE

  • aaron &christy

    why dose it take forever to download

  • C Moe

    How do I connect Vuze to my PS3 to play movies I have downloaded?

  • gienr

    great update. topnotch.

  • D

    Please tell me how to use. How do I download something using my phone while I am out, not near my comp?

  • MR X

    the perfect update

  • Brenda

    To Rusty… Thank you!

  • jd

    this site has been a good site

  • jose

    quisiera que me emvien un link para acelerar las descargas en mi vuze gracias

  • Damian Velez

    Very important

  • Damian Velez

    We will see how it function

  • TwistedCoil

    To jda: I use DVD Flick… it’s free and works very well… Enjoy!

  • LadyBelle

    I have version While I see an increase in my upload speeds, it seems like download may have gotten even slower. That or the torrent I’m interested it just has a couple hundred of the slowest seeders possible and they all just happened to have this same file.

  • Kaylyn

    so once i finish downloading how do i burn ?? .. im so lost .. i downloaded the cd burner part .. where do i go from there?

  • raya

    good….its very good then my downloader before” so far i like it.!!!thanks vuze know i can update my music collection better

  • レブサイト

    This is the best application in both my PC and MAC.
    I love this application.

    Wishing you all the success for your future works.

  • panda

    vuze is a complete torrent download software and would be much better is you add some more torrent search sites which cant be added thyself if they are starters

  • micheal

    sommige bananensoorten zijn uitgestorven ik weet niet of dit je helpt maar ik hoop het van wel

  • Mark

    I use Win AVI video converter you can download free trial
    Name: Regnow Order
    Serial: EBE95B780B867091C8F6D58FE5B65B9EBA6E8D9D2075F3A5

    Use any program at own risk, i will not be held responcible for your actions.

    Enjoy DVD

  • christ

    comment ca marche et je voudrais avoir une version francaise si possible merci

  • Pierluigi Riva

    Can i have help for smoothwall configuration for open port to permit downloads?

  • Vronken

    Would like to use you but wan to know how it all works. Have I succeeded?

  • Derek

    how come i can only reach a max down speed of 60kB/s even with the new faster version??? please let me know i hate wating four hours for a 800mb movie… i can download them faster on my ps3 please get back to me

  • loyskie

    maraming mabilis talaga mag download sa vuze.

  • jaganmangat

    very….and please make vuze lighter ….while startup of vuze,it takes too much time to start and takes too much power of pc…

  • Jehad

    i don see any photo for videos like old version
    And haw i download (mkv) video

  • Khurram Ghauri

    Best programe for torrents.

  • Ermengol

    I’m also interested in a linux port.

  • Ermengol

    Well, I’ve seen that the only problem is the toolbar, so it’s not a real problem :-).
    Sorry for the last message.

  • a.u.sorra

    nice and very nice

  • Arun kumar

    how can i download movies as fast……….can u plz help me………..

  • Cosmin

    my downloading speed isn’t highter than 210 kb/s so this update doesn’t help me , but still Vuze is #1 ;)

  • Peter…pissed off…Kidd

    I have been trying to download some educational material from your site for fucking MONTHS now and am stuck half way through, what’s the deal. this site SUUUCKS.

  • noel allin

    Your new home page is much worse than it was. t is boring and confusing.

  • mason

    can you download video games……….and play them on the laptop

  • Rex Barlow

    Hi.. I want to say thank you for this wonderful web site. You save my neck that i cant afford to buy something from adobe..

  • jose rojas

    porque cuando abren pagina se olvidan de los latinos que no hablamos ingles y nos ponen a parir ya hay muchas formas para corregir ese detalle

  • Unknown device

    A good program.You can download at full speed

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    MO FAST THIS VUZE WHY??????????

  • GE


  • GE

    how can i download movies as fast……….can u help me………..PLZ

  • Nick P.

    I Noticed It Said I Could upload Videos To PSP and I Tried It On My PSP go And It Works So You Should Add That To The list Of Devices It Works Perfectly – Thanks

  • Tonia

    Love Vuze but all of a sudden I’m getting a message:
    “cant load main class”… can’t seem to remove and reinstall either. Can anyone help me?

  • Albert Galimba.

    vuse is ok but downloading sometimes no signal in prepaid modem.

  • omajed

    all the time I have this problem
    the program not responding

  • Elta Cantal

    Merci …
    Avec un mode d’emploi en français, ce serait le top !
    Because I understand english as a stone can do it !
    Autrement dit, je suis archi nulle en anglais … ;-)

  • chris

    your movies get saved to document. then you go there ,in your windows media on document pick azure downloads.(if you got the right codec) you can burn movies from the media player LOVE THIS SITE KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • feraon

    hello i hank you for all my heart

  • Edward Stapleton

    Problems with m4v to ipod.

  • manue

    bonjour.j’ai un message d’erreur qui apparait car vuze se déconnecte sans arret .il me dit de vous envoyer le rapport d’erreur mais je ne sais pas comment faire et comme tout est en anglais dur dur!comment vous contacter et merci de m’aider car là je reste connecté au maxi 10mn!!!galère..merci pour votre site c’est d’enfer et pour votre travail….

  • Marcio

    Impossible to download Vuze Remote toolbar…I am trying for some days. What happens?

  • Oliver

    hi I know this has nothing to do with the new release, but i was wondering what ‘ETA’ meant. It frequently comes up when i try to download torrents and it stops downloading i end up deleting the downloads as they just take too much time. If anyone can help I will be grateful thanks

  • sourav18

    this is a very good bittorrent downloader . i cant say best
    because for beginers it might seem to be a bit comlicated
    but in my oppinion after you use it you will realise that it is
    kinda different . in conclusion it will definitely score 4 out of 5 .thank u vuze for so good professional bittorrent
    downloader .

  • Vitor Neves

    Best doenloader ever :D

  • Rafay

    i tried it on IE8 and Firefox, it works fine but not one my blackberry default browser neither or opera mini , i have BlackBerry Bold 9000???



  • sourav18

    hallo Rafay you cannot use it in blackberry . but there was a version of vuze that might work in blackberry of yours .
    i dont remember the version but i will post the link of the version for u on this blog . hopefully if i find it .but stay in touch with this blog . and keep using vuze my favorite bittorrent downloader.

  • m

    vuze is the best p2p site out there






    Can i transfer or burn my downloads from my libary to dvd to keep or do i need to download and pay for another program other than vuze

    is there anyone out there that has done this

    thanks…this is a great site

  • Nosreg

    Thnx 2 the Vuze team…You guys r awesome…I appreciate the time you guys put in to make vuze the best on the web…I really mean that!!!!!

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    does remote vuze only work with the iphone? i have a samsung eternity touch

  • sharkyy

    hello… i’m new to vuze and i was wondering how i can get this faster download thing… it sounds like a really cool app… i tried limewire and graboid before this and they both seem to not work as well as this… thanks in advance!

  • Andy

    The Remote feature is a dream addition, and I can’t believe how easy and well it works. It is so easy to set up and works perfect for Iphone!

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    vuze is the best…

  • Person #1


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    every thing I try to download stops halfway through so I never get to download anything????

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    whats the name off the vuze software from the best or new version 2010 can you please tell me that thank you good night

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  • gail rawlings

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    why dont you have latest HD movies in full on VUZE?

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    Otros programas tiene la opcion de apagar la PC cuando termina de bajar la pelicula o lo que sea que este bajando automaticamente ,es ideal para cuando uno no esta en casa, por ejemplo utorrent tiene la opcion seria muy practico adicionar esta facilidad gracias por su buen programa.

  • Mike Barry

    I enjoy Vuze a whole bunch. The main reason is for downloading movies. I don’t like watching them on my little computer screen though, so I bought a program online called ConvertXtoDVD for about $50 that lets you burn whatever you download, movies, music, or TV shows, to a DVD. I consider it money well spent.

  • roalecano

    salamt sa vuze…

  • usman

    this is best site

  • frank

    I love VUZE. I completely discontinued using other torrent search and download programs forever.
    I would suggest that something be done about those people that post files which after we download them, turn out to be a form of advertisement for their website. When you try to run the file after download, it says it needs to have a different type of player than what you normally have on your PC, or it requires a password which is only available at their website. When you go to the website to get the new player, it turns out to be an advertisement for which you must pay. The cost is not too bad, but you have to give credit card information and other personal information, and it doesn’t seem to be safe. As for the passwords, when you get to that website, it turns out to be an advertisement for a questionnaire you must complete. But, you get a message that the questionnaire is not available for people in your area, and you have to leave the website with no password.


    Vuze is excellent.very usefull.

  • cantus.terroco

    hey i changed the name of the torrent file i’ve downloaded. how will i share it for upload?

  • cobe571

    Just downloaded the pre-compiled source Vuze_4.3.1.4_linux-x86_64.tar.bz2 – Tried to run into my Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and it works very well… Thanks to all Staff for this great issue. Very good job!

  • niteshkewat

    it is really good software….

  • Cris

    I’ve been using Vuze for many years and with this Remote downloader it’s so easy to control file from anyplace, while travling or anything you need to do out of your computer! 5/5 points!

  • Daniel K.

    Este es el mejor programa de descargas del mundo! menudo alucine, poder ver tus descargas desde el iPhone a kilómetros de distancia! gracias chicos! sois estupendos! solo una cosa, es posible el idioma SPANISH PLEASE! poco mas, un gran saludo a todos y gracias de nuevo!!

  • Mei

    Amazing, Vuze is always getting better :)
    Just love it!
    Don’t forget to seed people!

  • Andrew

    Do you have to redownload your library after updating the program? I was just curious because I have like over a hundred torrents in my library and I don’t want to waste my time doing it all over again. Somebody please get back to me as soon as you can. I am really excited about this update because I spend a lot of time trying to be patient with the existing program. Thank you everybody.

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    vuze c’est le Meilleur programe de telechargement Unchallenged

  • Ricardo Montero

    Yo estoy muy contento con el servicio de ustedes por que me trantan bien pero yo no les puedo escrivir en ingles porque no lo puedo escrivir pero lo puedo leer y ablarlo gracias

  • Lisa

    @Nicole ….. I have att u verse n i watch n download movies all the time with VUZE…. lol :)…. that sounds kinda weird to me…. i dont think its true at all

  • Don

    So many movie downloads are password protected or require you to go to another site to get what they claim is a special codec for viewing. I don’t trust them and hate to waste all the time downloading them just to learn that I can’t view them. Anyone know how to spot such problem movies in advance of downloading or have some workaround to view them once they are downloaded?

  • ulrich dürfeld

    hallo, gibt es anleitungen für azureus in deutsch und wo finde ich die?
    danke für schnelle nachricht u

  • pranksta

    It would seem “ALF” also has a problem with having to click the add comment button twice.

    This should be sorted ASAP

  • bigturkster

    super fast better now . thanks vuze

  • lewis 775

    myn takes 4ever to down load how do i make it go faster

  • hirschmann

    J’ai vuze Et je qui manque la traduction des notifications en francais

  • Mr. K

    Nicely done, that was actually something i was thinking about a few weeks ago. What i wonder is when will it be possible to stream media with vuze to my win mobile 6 phoneor is it already? anyways you guys rock ;)

  • Kourosh

    VUZE remote and faster is one of the best programmes in this kind of softwares ! thank you !

  • Josef

    can i watch my vuze downloads in my cellphone whit this program?

  • Matt D

    I’m not sure if this is the proper thread, but might I ask why you folks released Vuze Remote for smartphones to the public before enabling search functionality? Definitely the best part of Vuze compared to the Azureus of two or three years ago is the built-in search, and having to search for torrent url’s on my phone, then copy and paste them into Vuze Remote, is such a pain that it’s not worth it. Besides, I can already remotely control my PC’s desktop from my iPhone, so I can just use Vuze that way as long as I leave the computer running.

  • jim

    not oriented on vuze.what do you do


    Hi, my name is chris. I want to know if it is possable to download a movie and then burn it to a dvd so it will be able to play on a regular dvd player? and if so how . another thing is I don’t understand all the meanings like CamRip XviD, CAMRip V2 XviD , ALL THE TERMA, CAN YOU EXPLAIN WHAT EACH OF THEM MEAN ? Please give me a prompt reply.

  • rene alves

    onde eu encontro manual em portugues da versão 4.3?

  • Yoo

    Vuze is the best ever torrent ever Thanks :D I have 500kb/s speed but i would like 1 mb/s can you support me?

  • Sharmil McKee

    @Nicole – You can buy a cable to connect your laptop to your TV, and you will then be able to watch your Vuze on your TV. Google ‘watch my computer on my tv’. You will find instructions and YouTube videos on how to do it. The kind of cable you will need depends on the kind of TV you own and the kind of laptop you have.

    @Vuze – why not just purchase a wireless mouse for your laptop. Then you can control your machine from across the room. I bought a $10 wireless mouse from Walmart and it works perfectly from my couch (about 10 feet from my laptop). Just my 2 cents.

  • Rachel

    This new version isnt going any faster than the old 1, when i try to upload an album it takes abround 4 days!! can some1 please tell me a way to make it go faster?

  • Rachel

    This new version isnt doing anything for me, its still going the same speed? and taking around 4-5 days to download 1 album? can any1 please help me?

  • pauly t

    have no problem downloadin 10 at a time i only have 3meg bband

  • philer999

    great d load p2p site

  • Jeff

    Nice try. Sure, I downloaded the Vuze application and then tried to use it and can’t play anything without buying the x3player. I feel it’s a cheap trick to claim it’s free. It’s not.

  • Dev


  • Gary Gray

    Hi Guys, Is there anyway Vuze can find and fix possible NAT problems? Has to do with incoming connection problems it is taking forever to download. My head is killing me lol kind of. help?

    Thanks gentlemen, (and ladies).

  • freddie spurg

    this looks like a good idea can I use my Ipod touch like the smart phone

  • menilman

    Take that, Apple! LOL ;-)
    Love the “add vuze to homescreen” on my iPhone. Looks and works just like an iPone app!

  • menilman

    What’s Jeff talking about?! you can use any damn media player you want to play anything on your PC/mac.
    VLC, WMP, iTunes, Quicktime, RealPlayer, whatever….
    Who uses media players integrated into other software, anyway? Stand alones, man.


    Thank you so much…….

  • Yabuto

    Download but i have the what’s the difference

  • wrawa

    I say again, I don’t do on-line donations but if you give me a POBox or address I would be happy to oblige. Please respond through my email and identify yourself since I don’t open unknown mail…..thanks, you all do good work!

  • TAllen

    This is crazy..I’ve been downloading the same thing for 24 hrs and now it has stalled cause no one is seeding. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

  • Klaus Büttner

    Ich weis nicht was ich für ein Passwort zu finden und habe auch kein Anmeldeseite was kann ich machen???

  • Michelle

    I am a new Vuze user and it is great but I was wondering if I am doing something wrong when burning a DVD. The DVD will not play in my home DVD player. Is it supposed to be able to or not? I can only play it on my laptop or desktop computer. Thanks

  • kapil

    i want to download it whatttttt my computer cannot do for me it say server finished

  • Eddy

    Just installed Vuze and use it with my PS3 ,amazing brilliant works a treat , thanks a lot, keep up the great work

  • mon

    its better to keep all your downloads to a separate drive,and still you can transfer it thru divx player which is much more easier.drag and drop. try graboid.its free for 4gb only.just download it.

  • ohamed

    My Vuze detects the update I how do I fix it? Another thing: I have several torrents downloading normally to go any faster (my bandwidth is not great ) so I must be careful to start one when the other end For when a solution on this issue established in the Vuze own?
    Still have the problem with buttons. Have to first select button with mouse and then press to execute it.

    Ubuntu 9.10 amd64

  • melsbrats2

    I use easy dvd creator. Great program, fast and easy to use, and free or very inexpensive to buy.

  • Roberto Casanova

    vuze ultimamente lavora in una maniera fantastica e veloce. Sono contento di averla nel mio PC

  • Myah

    HEY!! can vezue change the video player in mac so it does not float on top of other windows? maybe make it optional or something? because i cant do other things wile watching tekzilla.. so it makes me use other players to watch it because it is irritating. and i cant minimise the player to make it post-stamp small.. and also the player has problems in full-screen

    • Gilles BianRosa


      We have good news for you in store. The upcoming version of Vuze will have a new video player: faster, more reliable, better performance. This new versoin should be released in a few weeks. Glad youlike Tekzilla, it’s one of our favorite shows as well on Vuze.


  • Jade

    what can I do to make the files download faster? I mean, you must know that spending days waitin for a movie to download completely takes the thrill out of the experience of viewing the movie. Pls tell me how to alleviate this bother. Tnks.

  • vuze lover

    the perfect software i’ve been looking for so many years…… trust me….. i love watching movies so much…. sometimes i can’t afford to go to the cinema…… its the best… i am serious…. so far i’ve got all the movies i searched for :)!



  • biju

    I’m really excited, will comment after the first test.

  • biju

    coooool!its works fine. But…..alignment messed up in
    firefox 2.0

  • latesh

    really…..coool…hv… best..:)

  • mario

    i neit faster





  • Patrick Aziken

    i used vuze once and after use i couldn’t download a gain. it will only search but when i want to download it wouldn’ would write downloading for hours without any progress.i suspect it must have been tweaked so i uninstalled it and reinstalled and still the same problem.i have re-downloaded it and installed and it still is the same.what do i do?please help anyone

  • neighborned

    I am getting threatening notices from my cable provider about downloading copyrighted material. How does this business do business without infringements?

  • Jack Bery

    This week I started using VUZE for the first time, and have downloaded a few songs and a couple of movies. My Thanks to all involved with this site.
    But I have a few questions.
    (1) I always wipe and reformat my HD on a mounthly bassis, and was wondering, what files should I keep, and do I just reinstall the VUZE program again, and if so will it pick me up as a new user or will it remember me as I am now.
    (2) As I don’t want to be a Leach and just download, Is there anything I may offer in return.

    Please Email me at with answers to my questions.


  • Kory

    Vuze is amazing, the only problem I find is that the xbox 360 device thingy only streams the movies. I have to manually put it on a memory stick and download it to my xbox if i want to turn the computer off. Could you put an option for saving movies to the xbox HDD instead of just streaming it? or is that not possible?

  • brandon

    ya there is a way to increase ur speed u need to download zone alarm its a program that will decline or allow acess to the net for ur programs that conect to the net with out u knowing that they are and zone alarm also acts as a fire wall, anti virus,spam,worm,trojan,adware,malware and it closes all of ur ports so hackers can’t get in as easy theres only 1:987546231657983219832186456878974321657213248 chance that a hacker will be able to get in and steal your information but it opens and closes ports so fast that it impractical to try and hack any1 that has this program. i don’t even use a anti virus or fire wall any more be cause i have full control of what programs can acess the net and what comes into me computer now plus my internet speed has increased by over 700% sence i downloaded zone alarm its great now i can download 10mb a second its great your may now increase as much but it will increase by aleast 100%+ the most i’ve seen was a increase of 1000% in internet speed

  • martin

    Es de lo mejor, y jala en linux excelente, no se arrepentiran

  • shelly

    I have burned a DVD butt can only use it on my computor. How or what do i need to do to be able to watch it on my DVD player. I am confused. Someone please help me. Now as far as Vuze goes, I love it. Now this up dated version, when I go ahead and upload it, it will replace the one i;ve got right. I’m not going to have the old one and the new one right.

  • shelly

    Oh and another thing, I transfer my movies to Itunes. It will only let me burn as Data on to played back on my computor.

  • Bob

    How doI transfer my movies onto a simple USB device.It used to operate simply by opening the ‘Launch’icon but now no longer allows a transfer it simply just starts the movie?

  • shawn.michael

    i just started vuze and i cant get 90% of anything to play back. is there any specific provider to go with? or am i doing something wrong? what are the best options and who should i be leery of downloading from?

  • Susan Bayer

    I had this down loaded and I went to go back in to find a movie and it says that I can not get into it for it was not done right and a virus keeps saying it is with it. It has not done that before. And I had paid for it please tell me what I am to do. IT is the main Vuze

  • Art Steele

    I would greatly appreciate someone writing a step-by-step description from adding a device, then downloading a torrent, then converting that, and burning it onto a DVD blank for use in a regular DVD player.

  • NewAgeRetroHippie

    This is completely insecure… Anyone on the internet can put in your 6 character code and gain access to your vuze. The connection should be more secure than this.
    There should only be a short window of time to put in the code on your other computer, or there should be an option to refuse new unknown connections while still remembering the allowed ones.
    There should also be a confirmation on the app side. Before a new client can be paired with vuze it must be verified with a mac address or equivalent.

  • Oliver

    it’s the best downloading software i ever had

  • jukyjam9

    Excellent oftware guys. Keep up the good work.

  • jukyjam9

    Excellent Software guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Naveen Paudel

    amazing………. its really cool…….. to download movies…….

  • alfonso

    me gustaria saber si alguien puede decirme como grabar las en un dvd mi correo es

  • wajeeh ul hassan

    vuze i love you! you made my dream come true

  • f ravat

    en français ce serait encore mieux merci

  • misterchilleny

    I was prompted to try VUZE Remote when I recently reopened my Vuze. So I am doing that. I paired it up and, yes, I now have a browser page that reflects my Vuze window.
    But… I get the error message “Vuze isn’t accessible outside your local network.” When I click the learn more button, it tells me this:
    This error message occurs because your current internet connection doesn’t allow you to connect to it from outside of the network. This can happen for two reasons:
    Your network is firewalled
    Your router doesn’t support UPnP or NAT
    Well, neither of these are true. So why am I getting this message?

    Secondly, other than remote access, why would I want to use this? How is it more beneficial than just using VUZE? And do I need to have my VUZE application up and running at the same time?

  • MIKE


  • dammie

    i love you vuze

  • la prieta

    hi to all of you ones againg thaks 4r every thing and all the arfor to we can enjoy in our home, God Bless all of you la prieta.

  • Miosotis

    I love vuze :) a lot

  • JHRickwald

    This is seriously one of Vuze’s best updates. I highly promote this.

  • Vuze User

    Regarding the Vuse remote control:
    – I performed a Vuze Search using the toolbar, but it downloads the selected torrent file
    to my laptop… I’d think that the expected behavior is to download it to the remote vuse

    – How do I remove the Facebook, twitter items from the Vuze remote toolbar?



  • Ja’Nell


  • saint19


    I don’t get set unlimited download speed in Vuze, the max speed that I can get is 50KB/s, when few weeks ago I got 250KB/s or 300KB/s…