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More Devices:  Android and iPhone 4

Among the tens of millions of worldwide Vuze users, almost 5 million of you are actively dragging and dropping videos from your library to enjoy Device Playback on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Xbox, PS3, PSP, Tivo, and Samsung Connected TVs. What are the rest of you waiting for?  More devices, perhaps?

Vuze Android

Today we’re launching support for many of the most popular Android phones on the market, including:

  • HTC Desire
  • HTC Evo
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Incredible
  • HTC Magic
  • HTC Wildfire
  • Motorola Cliq
  • Motorola Droid
  • Motorola Droid X
  • Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S)
  • And more coming…

We’re big believers in open platforms, and we’re very happy to see the strong rise of the Android OS. If your Android device didn’t make the list, tell us in the comments and we’ll work to support it in the near future.


In addition to the new burst of Android support, we’re also launching support for the iPhone 4 with 960 x 640 video resolution, so you can take full advantage of your gorgeous new Retina screen. Tired of hearing about the death grip and AntennaGate? Simply drag-and-drop to the iTunes icon in Vuze (bypassing the antenna altogether) and watch HD video on your iPhone 4.

While we’re on the topic of devices, keep in mind that any mobile phone (or tablet) with a web browser can still manage downloads via Vuze Remote.

Feeling a Need for Speed?

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to deliver ever faster download speeds to you.  Vuze 4.5 includes a number of behind-the-scene speed improvements.  For many of you, the ultimate speed constraint is on your local area network. As part of Vuze 4.5 we’ve integrated a new speed test that will automatically optimize your Vuze settings for your network. The speed test will begin immediately after you launch the latest version of Vuze. We can’t make house calls to install faster broadband pipes for all of you, but we can make sure that Vuze adapts to your network and delivers the fastest download speed possible over your internet connection. Many of you should see significant increases in download speed after the speed test.

Speed Test

Multi-file Torrent Support

Bittorrent is one of the most elegant technologies for efficiently distributing huge files over the web (leading to adoption by organizations including NASAFacebook, and Twitter). One of the killer apps for bittorrent is allowing you to download multi-file torrents (those huge torrents that contain multiple files, or multiple songs within an album).

Bittorrent clients (including Vuze) have typically supported multi-file torrents with significant clunkiness (with separate library panels or pop-up dialogs). With this release, the Vuze team took some time to support multi-file torrents the right way — as an integrated part of your Library.

As a result, you’ll be able to quickly prioritize the specific files you want to download within a multi-file torrent, or the sequence in which you want to download them.


Download Vuze 4.5, and give it a try!



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Guest Contributor

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  • Spencer

    HTC Desire support please :(

  • Alon Rohter

    Spencer: Did you try plugging your Desire in? So far, every HTC Android phone we’ve gotten our hands on Just Works. You should see it show up in the left nav as “HTC Android Phone”. Please let us know if this does or does not work for you, so we can add this to our official list!

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  • Haralambos “Harry” Mavromatidis

    I’m confirming it works GREAT on the Motorola CLIQ (shows up as Motorola MB200 on the pane)! Great work, I was concerned that there may be a problem since the device is still on v1.5 of Android since Motorola has STILL not followed through on the v2.1 update as promised.


  • QG4

    Android phone that I have is the Motorola Cliq

  • Iasir

    My download speed has just getting slow.How can I increase it?

  • Steve

    I’ve plugged in my HTC Desire and it shows up in Devices as HTC Android Phone just fine. I’m just wondering what the screen resolution is set to? It just says Generic Android. Is it actually going to convert to 480×800?

  • sholto bateson

    can you please do it for symbian phones as symbian is very populer but not many programs or websites support it

  • blackxored

    Doesn’t work on HTC Dream, 2.2 Froyo version.

  • Kuntal Gupta

    Working on HTC Wildfire (A3333/A3337) :)

    Thanks !

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  • Andrew

    I have a sonyericsson X10 with Android 1.6 and was wondering on how to get this setup onto vuze

  • EM

    I plugged my Droid1 in, but nothing happened. Rooted with Bugless Beast v.4

  • EM

    Cancel that, looks like it’s working. Though now it says there aren’t any profiles, and won’t let me copy anything.

    • Chris

      @EM: Have you clicked the “Turn on” button next to Devices in your sidebar? If you’re getting a message that there are no profiles for your device (despite your device showing up), it’s likely due to the fact that you haven’t turned on Device Playback support. Please try, and comment back with results. Thanks!

  • Erik

    Plugged mine in and even preformed search for devices but cant get Android to show up. I have a Moto Droid. Is it a result of having a Mac?

  • Drew

    I have a Android Google Nexus One and this has not appeared in the devices list when connected to the computer.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

  • Wim

    Support for HTC Legend would be awesome ;)

  • James

    I have none of these, with no intention to get any either. I prefer my real computer! Would it be of any use to me to get Vuze 4.5?

  • James

    I do’t have any ot these. Would there be any point in my getting Vuze 4.5?

    • Chris

      @James: beyond Android support, 4.5 has significant download speed and library improvements. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

  • marcos dos prazeres

    I just the best of all

  • Karenia

    I have a Motorola Cliq and it does show up in the Devices section as “MB200″ but when i go to drag a movie file, a small window pops up and states there is NO Profile. So can you help? and yes I have USB function on set on my phone to transfer or add files to SD Card.


    • Chris

      @Karenia: Try quitting and restarting your Vuze client. Please reply back with the results of this test. Thanks!

  • Greg

    Samsung Moment does not work

  • the jester

    if i Download Vuze 4.5, form what i have now 4.4 , with unlimited dvd burns, that i paid for. will i lose the unlimited dvd burns?? could you please get back to me on this… thank you

    • Chris

      @jester – if you’ve already purchased Plus and click the “Free Download” button on, you’ll be upgraded to Vuze 4.5 without losing your Vuze Plus. Enjoy 4.5!

  • Bradistan

    Doesn’t Work for T-Mobile Pulse On Android 2.1 please fix this !!

  • Jerri Patterson

    I have the Verizon HTC ERIS Droid….not listed above

  • Bob

    Why not make a Vuze Remote app for all android phones, it would be easier access than opening the browser every time, plus you could start download and then put it on your droid when you got back

  • MRay99

    Please can you create some kind of hack on the iPhone where you get an app called vuze and you can download films straight onto your iPhone, maybe contact cydia or search twitter for geohot (george Hotz professional hacker). Thank You

  • logan

    Samsung Moment Suport please!!!

  • nick perry

    i have the motorolla backflip with android how about vuze for that

  • George

    What about an Andriod app for the Sony Ericsson Experia X10 pro mini. Many Thanks.

  • Lu

    Just plugged in my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro, and it doesn’t pick it up.
    Support for this device would be appreciated, thanks.

  • David Smith

    why can i not get things to download, most of the time i get red face next to them, at times yellow, I have had the odd few seconds of download but that it.

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  • Shane Brown

    I would like to have my HTC Aria compatible with Vuze. Thank You.

  • victor

    please im goin to speak out for all us Samsung Moment users so please get support for the Samsung Moment

  • Quincy Smith

    get support for the HTC Droid OS please

  • Tyrone Williams

    Hi, I noticed that the Samsung Capitvate is not on your list. Will you be adding that phone devise?

  • Victor

    Sony Ericsson X10 support please

  • Chris

    Would love to see the Samsung Moment added on the Android support list!

  • Donna Hays

    I just started this not even 2 hours ago, and I still can’t find the songs I supposedly sent to my music or lyrics file. How do I find them and what are they listed under. Hope to hear soon. Thanks, Donna.

  • Donna Hays

    I don’t know what an faq is, I just know basic computers. Please keep your answer simple if you should apply. Thanks, Donna

  • Niloofar

    please include HTC Legend

  • Matt

    Please add support for HTC Tattoo!
    Thanks :-)

  • Erik

    Not Available for the HTC ADR 6200 Droid Eris

  • Iascaroh

    Linux support for my Linux mobile (“Android”) pls

  • Gino

    Any chance in behold 2 support?

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    i have a htc hd2 phone.please support my phone so that i could enjoy device play back on my htc hd2 sence.i dont a android.

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    i love movies.if i could download movies on my htc hd2 ill be verry happy.please support my phone, so that i could enjoy vuze on my htc hd2. isee that youre supporting android,but i dont have an android.i have a htc hd2 sence. thank you.

  • charlie

    i have the original G1 android phone

  • JouxJx

    Please Support the LG GW620

  • Kenn

    I finally got my Droid X to show up in devices but every time I drag to it I get the message, No Profile For Droid X. The Icon is there and it’s green but, it doesn’t work.

  • Nate

    Works with the HTC legend as well

  • Gnut

    Can you add the HTC Droid Eris to your list of devices?

  • Tony

    This is AWESOME! It would be awesome-er if my SE Xperia X10 was supported too.
    Thanks for all of your hard work,

  • Chris

    Motorola Backflip please.

  • EM

    @Chris: Yes it is. I can copy stuff over to my 360 just fine, but not to my Droid. I’ve tried it while my SD card is mounted to my computer, and when it’s mounted in the phone.

    • Chris

      @EM: Have you tried quitting and restarting your Vuze client? Please comment back with the results of this test. Thanks!

  • Oirr

    SAMSUNG Galaxy i5700 Spica

    Very popular phone. Pleace support it :)

  • Mike

    Please put support for LG Optimus Android phone may not be one of the more popular but as its cheap a lot of people are getting it

  • ERIK

    I have the droid eris will there be any support for it?

  • CHUHwant

    i’d like to see support for the nexus one

  • George

    XPERIA x10!!!

  • Tony

    I would drag a file to “HTC Android Phone” then it will pop up “No profiles for HTC Android Phone” What do I do?

    • Chris

      @Tony: Try quitting your Vuze client, and restarting Vuze. Please comment back here on whether or not this fixes your problem.

  • Branchi

    When I drag the movie from the library to “Create New DVD” it prompts me to name it etc. But when I press OK, the process of preparing/burning does not beginning. The upper screen shows ESTIMATED 1% AVAILABLE 1%. It does nothing after this the number do not change and there is not activity. HELP !!!

  • Tony

    I got it working Chris. I just restarted Vuze and it worked.




  • Adam

    Samsung Moment?

  • Billy

    Can you add support for LG Ally? That would be great

  • powner32246

    Does Vuze Support The G1 If not would you please work on support for the G1

  • Ryan

    Droid Eris!

  • Mike

    htc aria please :)

  • Joshua

    Google Nexus One please!!!

  • pat

    i have tmobile htc hd2 and nothing happens when i download.does vuze work for this phone?

  • powner32246

    my G1 works but says no profiles

    • Chris

      @powner32246: Have you tried quitting and re-starting Vuze? Most have responded that this corrects the “No Profiles” error. Please respond back with results of the test. Thanks!

  • Lino

    Vuze will convert for PSP, PS3, and AppleTV for me, but not for an Android device. Tried with 2.2 HTC Evo, and 2.2 Motorola Droid. Device Playback support is on as it works for the aforementioned devices, but still getting a “No Profiles” error for my Android devices.

    • Chris

      @Lino: Have you tried quitting and re-starting Vuze? Most have responded that this corrects the “No Profiles” error. Please respond back with results of the test. Thanks!

  • gary

    need support for the dell streak so i can take advantage of its 5″ screen

  • William Daniel

    How about the my touch 3g???

  • lexus

    I have a sony ericsson xperia x10

    I didn’t see it on the list for android phones.

    Will there be soon for the x10?

  • Doc

    Please include Google Nexus One support. Thank you.


    Program dziala szybko i poprawnie w moim ASUSIE ! Jestem zadowolony. Tak trzymac ! Pozdrowienia Jas. / Very good and fast program. I’m very happy./

  • Mike Whipkey

    I always have this warning…Error
    (1 of1)
    Can’t read ‘’for
    plugin’azemp': file may be missing

    Can you advise?

  • Phil

    I would love to see support for the Samsung Moment. I love vuse and you just keep making it better.

  • Benny

    Everytime i try to drop and drag anything to the android from vuze this pops up “no profiles for the HTC andriod, i have the incredible. please let me know what to do.

  • just a though

    support for mytouch slide!! or maybe known as htc expresso

  • sandyie

    i have a android (htc evo) butit dosent say on side bare to turn on my droind device is lit up but it says i dont have any profiles when i try and tranfer…. help…

  • Robusan

    Just wanted to say, I have the HTC EVO 4G, and at first I was getting the “No Profiles Found” message. I then restarted Vuze, and the program worked fine. This is an awesome update! Thanks, guys, so much!

  • Josh

    HTC Legend please !

  • Nexus Fun

    Can’t seem to get it to work with the Google Nexus One latest OS unjailbroken

  • Tobias

    How can I edit the profile, so it converts to 800×480 for the HTC Desire? Right now it uses the deafult android profile and converts to 480×264.

  • Fab

    Hello, Im very interested in this feature !
    My Samsung Galaxy (Android 1.6) is recognised as “samsung Android” but “has no profile”…
    Thanks for the effort !

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  • Heeeeey

    Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 !! and all the other x10s

  • laia

    …maybe is not here where I have to ask about.. But i do, i need someone to help me.
    I am mainly interested on downloading music, and it happens often to me than when I try to listen my completely downloaded files in Itunes, I cannot, pieces stop suddenly. Any idea? Thanks

  • Niko

    I don’t no if you have added the Android SAMSUNG Moment but if not please do


  • Jeff

    Hey, I’d love support for the Motorola DEXT if possible.

  • HG

    works great on the htc mytouch.

  • Kris

    How long till i can get the remote for my sony erickson, experia 10?

  • Winston A

    On Motorola Milestone XT (and perhaps other models)…when connected to PC, you will see a USB icon on top bar of the phone.

    tap,hold and slide down to see USB options.

    Select connection as Media Card (not portal, sync or other)

    If you do this correctly you should see the Droid icon appear under Devices and the rest is easy from there. :-)

    Hope this helps. Pls leave comments

  • Conqueror


  • Archibald S. Gwashavanhu

    I glad that you have added Support for Android phones. As always Symbian the largest mobile OS by market share remains neglected. I think this just show the usual US centric attitude take by most software vendors as far as their offerings. Symbian,Maemo,and Meego can handle bit torrent downloads and support most video formats. I guess you make just be following where you live and where the majority of your income is from at the moment. Remember the rest of the world is growing faster than the US.

  • Renita

    I have up graded and now the player that comes with vuze won’t work, what am I missing? Everything was working fine before the update. Help!!!!!

  • Salem Mcsand

    My Motorola Android does not have Arabic reading capability, I can’t find any response from the Company site, can anyone help.

  • Whitefox573

    very good news! cant wait for my phone!
    Samsung Moment plz

  • big_daddy

    Does this support Droid 2 with 2.2 Froyo? I am thinking about getting that or the Droid X…. Vuze support will determine which one…

  • Lee

    Experia X10 SE, I have used many clients but found Azureus/Vuze the best for years.

    Just like to say, you guy’s/gal’s are the dog’s.

  • Paul

    Hi, thanks so much for the latest update. The ability to manage files within folders has been the only reason I have kept UTorrent, but no more.
    And nicely implemented as well.

    Keep the fantabulous work


  • Stanley

    My android download did not make the list.

  • Douglas Headrick

    Yo, Yo,

  • Kevin

    Getting the no profiles for droid with my Moto Droid connected. I can send files to my XBOX or PS3 but nothing to my droid.

  • shaun

    vuze wont play my videos when dropped into my xbox or ps3 devices. it says transcode failed… im using a mac, and hope that this is not part of the problem. can anyone help?

  • Dimesak

    can you please support the blackberry storm two please ..

  • mond7550

    what about the htc hd2

  • mond7550

    o yea this is a good thing you guys are doing thanks

  • Hazy J

    You should make it for the Samsung Epic, it’s part of the Galaxy S series…It’s a new phone about to come out for sprint.

  • TimInPrague

    HTC Desire.

    It can ‘see’ android phone but when I try and drag and drop onto the phone it says no profile set up? How do I set up the profile?

  • TimInPrague

    Read more forums.
    My Vuze homepage doesnt show ‘Turn On’ to detect the devices. It just shows ‘Beta’ ?

  • NJJ

    The Sony Ericsson Experia X10 has Android and a fab size viewing screen…. can’t wait til that’s compatible too!!!

  • Jorge

    I have the Motorola Cliq XT…would it be ok to download the Moto Cliq version or just wait for the appropiate version be available? thx

  • Snowdy Owl

    Installed the new version on my Mac Powerbook (OSX 10.5.8) and download speed immediately went down to less than 1kb/s. I’ve installed many updates before and this has never happened. Did all the speed tests and whatnot, configuration wizard and NAT test as well. This is really frustrating and I wish I hadn’t downloaded this new version. Any advice???

  • bobby

    my is teco and i find it hard to store and dowload vuze

  • Jonathan

    My nexus does not work

  • sixcorners

    Nexus One please :)

    • Chris

      @sixcorners: Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • Armando c.

    Samsung Moment Suport please. Vuse please make it for samsung moment thank you verry much please try your best to put it in samsung moment thank you……

  • Ryan

    I have a Sony Ericsson X10 and there is no support on vuse for it. it only comes up itunes, is there a way to get my phone connected to vuse?

  • Victoria

    It isn’t working with Samsung Galaxy S I9000. How can I do?

  • jwz

    HTC Legend please!

  • Paul D.

    Support for the Motorola i1 would be great. It was the only Android OS based phone available for BOOST Mobile.

  • vince

    also add soni ericsson xperia x10 to the list please

  • Slawek Latka

    Love VUZE, I’m using it since ages and it’s prbably the best software to download fasn HQ Videos. Very good download speed. And compatibility with so many mobile devices. Absolutely best free software for torrents.

  • Bob

    I am alredy licensed for Pro… much does an upgrade cost me? Thanks.

  • Eris

    HTC Droid Eris support!!!!

  • Kelly

    LG Ally please ;)

  • Dave

    I installed this version in my Mac but I clicked cancel when it asked me to set the speed limits. And now every time I try to run it I get an error message saying it’s either broken or incomplete. I’ve tried reinstalling and rebooting but I still get the same error message. What should I do?D

  • ciaran killeen

    sony experia x10 mini please

  • Craig

    Hello and thanks for a great product. Here is my problem:
    iMac running latest Safari, just got the Droid X and I thought everything was going to be great when the new Vuze recognized it and put the Droid X under my devices… went to drop a file and got the message “No Profiles for Droid X”. I read the previous post but I can’t seem to find the ‘Turn on ‘ button mentioned. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Craig

    Vuze Team – update – Quitting and restarting solved my ‘No Profiles . . . ‘ error with my Droid X.

    Thanks again for this wonderful product and keep up the great work.


  • Rasmus Hj. Andersen

    I will use, as soon as HTC legend is supported :)

  • Angelynn213

    Why won’t my Samsung Vibrant show up under devices after I select Search Devices

  • Thomas Masheder

    Nice update, it would be lovely if you could update to support Nexus One. Thanks once again; a happy customer.

  • Jeff

    hey Whats up with Nexus One 2.2 build#FRF91 support…… Please. My device does not appear when i mount it

  • Jeff

    please add the Nexus One in the android list!

  • nima

    i’m asking you for x10mini support
    it’s running android 1.6 and made by sonyericsson
    XPERIA series

  • nima

    x10 mini thx.

  • stefkas

    xperia x10 mini support please!!!!:D

  • Thor Arne Bakke

    Please support HTC Tattoo.

  • Alfred

    the HTC Aria would be nice

  • Andy Reynolds

    Dell Streak would be immense on the large screen!

  • fernando

    i have a Motorola i1

  • Aaron

    You should support the Archos 5 Internet Tablet because it is geared towards media playback

  • aisforandy

    Please support HTC Legend!!

  • david hislop

    Tryed connecting my samsung galaxy s and nothing happened??

  • Jimmy

    Please make this available for SE Xperia X10.

  • Kevin

    Is HTC Legend supported yet?

  • Rajat

    Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700

  • dylan Lazare

    htc droid eris plezzz i have used vuze for a long time and would love to use it on my droid and i also would love to see a vuze app on the android market soon

  • Michelle Evans

    Please add the Samsung Intercept to your list. It is a smart phone and uses android apps.

    Thank you.

  • John

    motorola i1

  • trenno

    Sony x10 xperia does not work… will it work when update comes for android 2.1???

  • Salohman

    What about ERIS???

  • Jerry

    You really need support for the htc droid eris. Please!!!!

  • Eric

    Not working with my Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S)…says there are no profiles

  • alikanoo

    thank’s vuze

  • jeux d’argent en ligne

    Great info dude!!

  • WJKaliman

    Support for my T-Mobile my touch 3G slide please. Thanks

  • Jay

    I assume because you guys added support for the vibrant that adding support for the captivate would be cake.

    Can I just tell vuze its a Vibrant?

  • jc

    HTC Aria

  • Bri

    I have a Nexus One as well.

    • Chris

      @Bri: Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • kcpunk76

    What about the Garminfone for T-mobile?

  • Greg Bobetich

    htc droid eris please

  • Bear

    I down loaded the recent vuse that is supposed to work faster but now it’s running slower and it will only download one at a time where before it would down load up to six at a’s pissing me off.what gives?

  • Joseph

    HTC Desire. Once I drag and drop file into the “HTC Android Phone”:

    Error: Transcode failed, No video stream found

    Does andyone have this same issue and does anyone know how to fix?

  • Hansiej

    I use an LG GW620 smartphone but i don’t see it in the lis

  • Gbarb18

    I can not figure out where Vuze placed the video on my Droid X

  • marchmartian

    Works completely pukka with the new HTC Desire 2.2 Android upgrade(this is now the phone to beat!!),many thanks Vuze

  • MJ BlackMomba

    my android (samsung moment) isn’t supported.. X(

  • Rishu

    I am using SONY ERICSSON ANDROID moile phone model XPERIA X10. Kindly include it too in your list.Thanks.

  • Carlos Castillo

    HTC MyTouch 3G Please……..

  • Nick

    I also have a sony ericsson X10 running V1.6. Getting this to work with my phone would be awesome!

  • yugo

    I’ve got dell streak with android software,but tried to download songs but nothing showed up.

  • Ralph Tarraza

    El programa es bueno, pero descarga uno a la vez.favor de ayudarme.GRACIAS.

  • lauren O’laughlin

    Peace on u,Piss on u too u son of a bitch,I’m gonna back to Italia

  • Jeff

    Can i get Nexus one support please

  • Jon

    add the HTC Aria Liberty to your list of android devices pleazzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Jochen

    Doesnt work on the Acer Liquid…yet i hope. :)

  • amr

    Google Nexus One Plzzzz….

    • Chris

      @amr: Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • Brianonis

    It’s the goods. I have already added a few movies to my HTC MyTouch 3G, which by the way is not on the official list. Thank you Vuze team for the hard work and continuing to please your users.

  • Paul

    I have a samsung messenger, and would love to see this work for it.

  • Peter

    I own a Droid X and downloaded Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince, which I already own, to test out the conversion. I noticed the picture is kind of jittery, especially noticeable in slower pans. I picked the HD output. The downloaded avi file was approximately 1.3 GB before conversion.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks for the great product.

  • Tom

    Could you add support for the Samsung Moment and the WII. The Samsung Moment isn’t recognized as a device but as a removable storage device. So I think that having an advanced option where a user can select the conversion settings and storage location would be great.

  • Mahie56

    Will upgrading Vuze+ with Vuze 4.5 cause conflict with my completed files. I had this problem when I upgraded to Vuze+. Please advise.

  • garrett

    samsung moment please ….. im a big vuze user

  • Dwight

    HTC MY Touch 3G Slide plz

  • Edward Aleman

    Moto. CLIQ I love Vuze if i can control it from my phone and stream to my android from my computer i dont think anything else could get better. You guys are awesome keep it up!

  • Mikr

    Nexus One as well, with CyanogenMod’s Froyo.

  • Nexus Rooter

    Support Nexus One Come on!!!!

    • Chris

      @Nexus Rooter: Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • Frankinstein

    I have Vuze Beta ( and it downloads quick but takes too long to search videos.

  • sonyspecial

    Am a new user, it seem to be good. not yet familiar with the stuff.

  • Nana

    i love vuze its seriously fast and the android is the real deal

  • Tigz

    Add the Sony Ericsson Experia X10 please ^.^

  • Yajaira

    Samsung Moment support please

  • Vlad

    Any way to do support for the mytouch 3g? The first one? It’s still kicking and has a very similar build…

  • owAis

    Can a connect a normal phone through text message and connect the vuze download (start and stop)any tricks on this ! and

  • owAis

    and is 1mbps sufficient enough or need more ! (4 HD movies and Softwares)

  • slava

    install latest version but i don’t see any Droid devices only ps3 and tunes
    what to do
    please help

  • tanger

    Support the samsung intercept please

  • Margaret

    I have an ACER LIQUID E android phone, I was just wondering if VUZE is compatible with it. As well, how do I set up my phone with VUZE? Sorry I am new at all this.

  • tyler

    My evo shows up but when I try to drag the movie to it the box comes up w/ no profiles pleaseee helpppp!

  • Jeff


    • Chris

      @Jeff: Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • Clavo1975

    Hows about the Driod Eris? Don’t forget about us, pleeease!

  • Andrew

    Nexus one support please

  • Dave

    Would be great with support for SE X10!

  • lars

    HTC Legend support please:D

  • Josh

    so much better for movies than frostwire

  • liz

    It really helps me find the right files

  • Clint

    Can we get support for the Nexus One please?

    • Chris

      @Clint: Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • angelina

    what about huawei phones

  • shandel

    i dont have the droid on my fuze that i downloaded yesterday

  • Joost

    HTC Legend pleasee

  • Bloat

    More and more bloat!

  • yo man

    this actualy works

  • Steve

    Need to add HTC Nexus One to supported devices

    • Chris

      @Steve: Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • jerry

    nexus one support plz

    • Chris

      @jerry: Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • chris

    T-mobile mytouch and t-mobile G1 are not on the list of compatible devices :(

  • chris

    How can I choose to have the video converted for the iPhone 4. I only see the older settings

    • Chris

      @chris: Have you downloaded the latest version of vuze? If not, go to and click Download. Once you are using the latest version of Vuze, when you drag-and-drop a video to the iTunes icon in your Vuze sidebar you should get iPhone 4 as a Playback Device option.

  • Goose

    i have a samsung vibrant (galaxy s) and cant seem to get it to show up in devices even when i connect with USB…. any help would be great…thanks

  • marc

    acer liquid, os 2.0

    not a well known phone but awesome to vuze up nontheless

  • Tinkfairyx

    HTC Wildfire and Dell Streak please x

  • Abrooks

    need to support on Liberty or Aria by htc

  • Jason

    Please make support for HTC Eris

  • Prof. Brian Bevan

    I am very new but am really enjoying getting the films that have been impossible before. If this continues then I will be happy to join and pay some money! not too much because as a pensioner I need to watch my pennies. Many thanks for an excellent service. (simply the BEST)

  • Jarrett

    ok so how do i get my droid on the list of devices?

  • Kis

    I have a Google Nexus one !
    Still waiting for do some thing for Nexus!!!

    • Chris

      @Kis: Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • Myratir

    Hmm great guys!!! Would be awesome if you could have the support for Xperia X10I in the near future!! :)

  • Ron

    Can you make it so I can use it on mytouch 3g slide thx

  • naga

    i cann’t search download movies from my vuze can somebody help me.

  • yido

    i have a Dell Streak, any idea if it will be compatable any time soon?

  • Anna

    how can i download my song to my ipod!

  • Joe

    Nexus One support please!

    • Chris

      @Joe: Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • DougA

    Will the HTC Legend be added?

  • tre

    android backflip

  • patrick

    will ever come symbian s60 support??
    For mobiles like nokia x6 or nokia e90

  • dan

    Please support mytouch 3g slide!!!!!!

  • Justblaze

    Need htc g1 Support that was the original android device

  • kazama

    i think the one that i have now is ok and ill have the pleasure to download it when it crack down

  • coolman

    support for symbian would be great!!!!!!

  • Owain

    Support for acer Liquid would be awesome


  • Chris

    Support for samsung moment please.

  • Pingback: Vuze 4.5 released – adds new speed test, android support()

  • Tom

    My download speed dropped like 90% after downloading 4.5. I’m gonna restart and see if that helps.

  • Tom

    That seemed to work back to normal now! yay

  • Raymond Lane

    I just want to know why I was charged twice for the same year??

  • Terrell

    I have a Nexus One and it does not show up on Vuze in devices.

  • tommy mellin

    nexus one please

    • Chris

      @tommy mellin: Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • jac

    can not get evo 4g to show up in device search

  • R

    HTC Google Nexus one support please!

    • Chris

      @R: Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • Filippo

    Hyc Google Nexus One, please :)

    • Chris

      @Filippo: Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • Earthling

    Google Nexus One please!

    • Chris

      @Earthling (or anybody requesting Nexus One): Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!

  • Joe


    I’ve tried connecting the Nexus One and it doesn’t work. I’ve tried phone first, Vuze first, “Search for devices”, rebooting. It doesn’t see the Nexus One at all under any name.

    • Chris

      @Joe: Thanks for the quick response. Given your input, we’ll acquire a Nexus One and work to support it.

  • tubaking182

    did not see mytouch 3G slide(HTC espresso) on the list and please try to support G2 as well

  • Eastside_GUDDA

    No Love For the Droid Eris Shits weak

  • ibrahim


  • MKaz

    I have a Samsung Captivate. I do not see any android icon in my Vuze sidebar. I did the update and restarted Vuze but still nothing there.

  • Anders

    Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 support please!

  • Tom

    Please add support for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10! Let us make good use of the 4″ screen!!

  • Samir Haji

    Will it work with a 5800 nokia xpress music

  • John

    HTC Eris support would be nice

  • ph

    just plain awsome!

  • Jakee

    please the support the sony ericsson x10i :D

  • MarkoMcMarko

    HTC Wildfire works just fine for me thankyou very much :)

  • Mick

    Not in your list is the Archos 5 internet tablet that uses Android,i know its not a phone but i use it for all my media. i,m not very tech so i may be confused, but i,m gonna try it soon anyway.

  • Akilah Nisa

    I have a Samsung Blu-Ray Player that is wireless and streams Netflix/You Tube/ etc. Will you all be able to come up with a way for it to interface with Vuze?

  • yasper

    I have a sony ericson X10 and i saw in the list that it was not supported.Can you tell me of it will be supported in the future.

  • Tom

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 please!! It’s currently THE fastest selling phone in the Vodafone store I work in!

    • Chris

      @Tom: We’re working to support Xperia X10. We bought a device last week, and should be ready to release support soon. Stay tuned…

  • Lorena

    My Droid is the HTC-my touch, and it is not on the list!!! PLease add it to the list!!!

  • Jay

    LG Ally on Verizon would be nice to have support for.

  • jose rafael

    bueno el desarrollo del programa vuze felicidades

  • Pranjal

    Vuze is much better than torrents and all….

  • daniele

    could make it compatible with samsung SPICA?
    thanks a lot guys

  • Ian Nisbet

    HTC Tattoo Google android phone is not in the list, Is there a download for this.


    i love you Vuze

  • Alexandra Woodworth

    The HTC Dream please!

  • jamie

    hope that vuze will a comadate the expera x 10 pro

  • Cook

    LG ally-gotta happen soon.

    • Chris

      @Cook: LG Ally support is on the way.

  • jep


  • Lex

    You guys are awesome as always!
    @all the people who are having difficulties with their android phones showing up, make sure the ‘Disk Drive’ option is selected on your phone so that once you plug it in, it instantly shows up as an external drive. After it does, start Vuze, your phone should be recognised immediately, turn on devices and drag-and-drop the video you’d like to watch on your phone to ‘Android phone’

    HTC Wildfire
    Mac OS 10.6

  • ron

    will you be putting the t-mobile htc’s in the line up for apps?

  • jeff

    still no Nexus One support. @chris it just doenst work

    • Chris

      @jeff: We ordered a Nexus One late last week, and will work to include it as a supported device in the very near future. Stay tuned…

  • mottodavie

    why wont some movie,s have sound when oyther,s do

  • zach

    You need to add the lg ally to your android devices please

  • cenerentola


  • Ole F. Røsholt

    Hey, looking for tattoo support! Would have been real nice! :D

  • Jay G

    Please add support for the **My Touch Slide**
    Please add support for the **My Touch Slide**
    Please add support for the **My Touch Slide**
    Please add support for the **My Touch Slide**
    Please add support for the **My Touch Slide**
    Please add support for the **My Touch Slide**

  • kdawg

    The HTC droid eris would be nice.

  • sean

    Samsung moment pls

  • Joe

    Thanks for putting in the effort to get the Nexus One working. If you want to sell that slightly used Nexus One when you’re finished, let me know. ;)

  • chunkyruss

    Sony x10 please

  • Rick

    Samsung Moment!!!! How come my phone is always the last to get added to lists lol

  • MemphisBlues

    We need android support for the HTC Eris

  • william derek alexander

    hi,i have vuze plus but when i put a film on to a disc the sound does not match film(about 5 secs slow)can anyone help.thanks.

  • Andre

    Quote “We’re big believers in open platforms” So, when can I see my vuze downloads on my meamo 5 phone the Nokia N900 ?

  • derek

    add the motorola millstone

  • Alfy

    HTC Legend works perfectly, great addition to Vuze!

  • purav86

    can you guys support sony ericsson x10, i use vuze all the time for all my media. and i just bought this phone. i would really appreciate if you guys can start supporting this phone.

  • Jess


    I have a problem. I used to be able to drag and drop my videos into the itunes side bar on VUSE, but now when I try it comes up with a yellow ( ! ) next to the itunes side bar and when i go to the itunes download section where my old ones are it has my new file with 0% Conversion progress and says Error:Analysis failed in the status column.

    Iv got Vuse
    Anyone know whyyyy???
    Thanks, Jess

  • Quint-Hein

    HTC Legend support please :)

  • Tom

    Samsung Moment did not make the list…

  • Ellen

    The Faster Downloads app just significantly decreased my downloading, specifically, I can no longer perform multiple downloads. Is there anyway I can undo this setting? Or, can I go back to 4.4? I tried to uninstall and reinstall Vuze hoping that I would get the test screen again so that I could cancel the recommendation, but it seems to be automatically picking up from the earlier test.

  • Ellen

    I found my answer in one of the support forums. Sorry for the hassle.

  • Wellsie

    also works on LG Optimus GT540

  • Tom

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 please

  • Andrew Hume

    PLEASE PLEASE can you add support for HTC legend, bought vuze plus and would like to see support for my phone atleast

  • john doe

    The things i would drag down used to work instantly. But know for reason doesn’t. I had a different computer then and also an earlier version of vuze. How can i fix this? It didn’t matter before if the file converted or not. the things it does allow me to play are the mp4 versions, not even the movie

  • Dionardo

    I need this to work on the LG Ally Droid phone.

  • Dionardo

    Can you make this work for LG Ally Droid?

  • Dionardo Droid

    Please put the LG Ally Droid on your support list!

  • kym hourie

    sony ericsson xperia x10… pleeeease

  • Kj

    the nexus one has to be added its the official developer phone for android

  • Lathrisk

    Vuze still wont recognise my HTC Desire.

    Will this come in an update? I got ITunes and PS3 working but no Android yet.


  • Sherry

    I have the HTC Legend, and it doesn’t appear to be in the list….and should i still download the new version of Vuze??

  • Ian Nisbet

    I have a HTC Google Android Tattoo , can you tell me if I can convert video & Audio filed to that device frpom Vuze ?

  • justmurda

    how do you do this plug it in and then what else

  • Erik

    Can you please support the new Sony Ericson Xperia

  • glen

    will you support lg optimus android please and thgankies

  • poorkid

    support for HTC Eris please

  • John K.

    Please include the H.T.C My Touch

  • lx99

    Please add support for Orange Boston…Thanks!

  • Rodger Kies

    I just tryed to buy Vuze Plus for 24.99 for 1 year and befor I received A download my computer messed up and I had to restart it. And when I got back on it whould not give me my download but it toke the 24.99 out of my bank. So who do I get my download now with out paying again. Can you help me? Thank You Very Much
    Rodger Kies
    Email is

  • rafaello

    Please support my LG GT540 with android 1.6, I want to be able to download torrents im my new gadget!!!

  • oliver

    why not on Tattoo

  • Rob

    I am getting a message “no Profile” for Nexus one. Please provide support or help



  • Hulyeta

    uhmm, HTC Tattoo please?

  • tammy brown

    i am very dissapoiunted in this product….i payed money for the service and i get nothing…it wasent cheap…dont like it at all……

  • James

    Does not work for samsung intercept with 2.1 :(

  • Gabe

    We need the option of choosing which files we want to download from the multi-file torrents

  • Andrew

    Yes, support for Samsung Galaxy I5700 or Portal please.

  • James

    I have the motorola I1 & l am in a WIFI
    rich area all the
    time but I Cant use the Vuze 4.5 version on my phone.
    Is there version coming out soon for the I1? Thanks

  • mahadzir

    i love vuze. there is no substitute

  • osama

    soooooooooo good

  • Su

    If I have downloaded a file off of another computer – an .avi file – can I play it in Vuze HD Playback. It seems to refuse any files not downloaded by vuze.

  • MBloom

    Please support the Google Nexus One

  • captain

    need to connect whit the zio

  • Ezra

    Looking for compatibility with the LG Ally Android platform. Thanks!

  • Dan

    My Droid X worked beautifully the first time I plugged it in, I didn’t even know the platform was supported yet. How awesome. THANK YOU!

  • Chris

    HTC Nexus One support please! Why do different devices require different versions in the first place? I thought the whole point of Android was that only one version of an app was needed for all Android devices.

  • Francisco

    I wonder how easy it is for you guys to into hands a japanese cellphone, so I’d like to know how can I help with the support for the Sharp IS01 by au (KDDI), which a japan only android cellphone.
    It uses Android 1.6, with a 5″ 960×460 screen.

  • marcos dos prazeres


  • Arthur Zinc

    Android Xperia X10 please.

  • Fawn.

    This is my first time on Vuze it is pretty great. I am downloading a movie for my mother that I can not find any where else this is a great place. I also found one of my country artist here as well.

  • mg

    please make del streak compatable as the 5″ screen is lush and whould make the perfect device

  • Spencer V

    Samsung moment needs support, PLEASE!!! I love this phone and i love vuze and plan to continue using both for a long time. I would GREATLY appreciate some attention to the Samsung Moment. Thanks, and the updates are great!

  • Sead


    Can you please make support for the LG Eve as well as Acer Liquid?


  • Marc McCool

    Please add the Motorola Cliq and CliqXT to your Android device list! Thanks!

  • Sara

    How about Blackberry? Would be great!

  • jean-pierre


  • sam

    my download speed is bery less in b/s or kb/s what should i do?my internet is working fine


    Je voudrais savoir obenir un commentaire des sous- titres en français sur des films en langue étrangère

  • E H

    I can’t get the android to show on my vuze devices

  • Nedas

    HTC TATTOO please

  • Mongrel

    LG Ally please??

  • ivan

    i paid for the program and my computer got messed up and the program was erased how can i get it back.

  • Jesse

    Support for the HTC HD2 :)

  • Barb Kalous

    I have the Blackberry Torch 9800

  • Suryakanth

    can you please do it for symbian phones as symbian is very populer but not many programs or websites support it

  • Suryakanth

    can you please do it for Symbian phones, as Symbian is very popular but not many programs or websites support it.

  • Kris Sednek

    i have a samsung intercept with the android opperating system. is this one of the phone that will be coming soon cause that will be awesome.

  • Woo Woo, I’m a Choo Choo!

    Waiting on the Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S)

    I know it’s new, but it would be amazing!


  • huNgd0NgWwail.o0

    Pretty Good site for Downloading.

  • ralpj

    I plugged in the mytouch 3g slide and it does not show up!

    Please add!!

  • jon

    Could you make a connecting for the Motorola Devour please?

  • Dmitriy

    nexus one does not work. actually it has the same screen specs as desire so it shouldn’t be that hard to add nexus. pls do :)

  • Olly

    Sony Ericsson Xepria X10.

  • Rick Oertel

    Motorola i1 , pleaseeeee =-)

  • George

    I have Android via T-mobile’s Mytouch Fender edition. Any updates for my device would be greatly appreciated! =]

  • Ash McShee

    ZUNE support, please? Not everyone is enamoured of iP*d.

  • davie

    please please add support for samsung galaxy portal.been massive fan for years.vuze just gets better all the time.keep up good work folks

  • Alex

    hey why have you forgotten legend

  • Andrew

    What no NEXUS ONE, come on!

  • nova

    cant you stream to wifi vuze —> android
    as media player windows —–> samsung allshare fails miserably

  • Marty

    Hi. I would love to see support for Android on my Sony Ericsson X10. Please and thank you!

  • in2eternity007

    T-mobile MyTouch 3G Slide


  • kevin

    i want it work on xperia 10 please

  • Reecie

    Motorola Bakflip – android phone – uploads for this pls

  • paco

    Nexus One

  • Saundra

    does this site support Cruz android os?

  • Joe T.

    I have the HTC Eris…..any word on adding it to the list?

  • tibbs

    i would love to see support for Sony Ericsson XPERIA…would be a lifechanger.

    • Chris

      @tibbs: Coming soon! (early this coming week, if the stars align on the QA front)

  • doctor terror

    htc nexus one

    • Chris

      @doctor terror: Nexus One is also coming this week, if all goes well with QA.

  • Cody

    Problem getting fuse remote to work. I have a motorola droid in contract w/ verizon wireless. When i go to the vuse site and hit download it tells me that i dont have a compatable web browser. How do i make this work?

  • starcloud

    how do I play a movie with i-noes-xvid? all I have is windows media player & quicktime – Thank you

  • POLSKA Janusz Polilejko

    In my Asus K 50 AB is good workieg vuze. I must lern better english language. All the best from me toyou ! Janusz / Jas /.

  • RyanPm

    Works on the HTC Incredible, but the conversion takes forever and it is not HD quality, although the original file looked great playing on my computer.

  • Richard

    Why Sony Ericsson Android phones not included I have my X10 like to have Vuze with it

  • Peter

    How about the Google Nexus One? Technically the phone is made by HTC but branded by Google. Would it still work since you say any HTC phone would work?

  • Jon

    It would be great if the HTC Eris was supported!


  • Greg

    LG Optimus/Swift/GT540 please. cheapest android phone on the market :D

  • Florence Rhodes

    I am a Vuze member. I paid $24.95 for Vuze Plus. Recently, however, my computer crashed. I’m now up and running again and downloaded Vuze once more. How do I get my Vuze Plus back again…???

  • Alastair

    I have an Archos 5 Internet Tablet Android and would like this to be added so its compatible. thanks. Alastair, Scotland.

  • Chris L.

    Support for LG Ally? Please? : )

  • tech2u

    I have the 10″ google epad can you add that to the list thank you

  • rick

    would like support for htc eris

  • moncada

    nice very nice

  • NIV


  • Philipp

    Support for the Nexus One would be great. I tried connecting my Nexus One to my computer while Vuze is open, but it didn’t show up as an android device. Right-clicking on “Devices” and starting an auto-discovery didn’t help either. The device shows up in Explorer correctly as a removeable medium.

  • J.D.

    Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S) – pretty please!

  • J.D.

    CORRECTION: Samsung EPIC 4G (Galaxy S) – pretty please!!

  • Don Della Rosa


  • paucheese

    please do some work on the dell streak!

  • NexusSix

    “Can you try connecting Nexus One to your computer while Vuze is open, and see if it appears as “HTC Android Phone”? Given that Nexus One is built by HTC, it may be supported. Please comment back with results. Thanks!”
    Doesn’t work

  • Bolaji

    my phone is a sony ericson experia x10i, wonder if you have or may be develop a compartible movie or vidoe download software for the x10i.

    At the moment my phone doesnt recognise downloaded movies, even after being draged and droped on the phone. The x10i does not acknowledge downloaded movies.

  • Reginald Richards

    Why it take soo long to download movies? i have been trying to download some and it taking long time to download,its over four weeks now and it still downloading. Why it taking soo long to download?

  • MrsScott2u

    Get the Samsung Epic on the list please.

  • MrsScott2u

    Please add the Samsung Epic to the list

  • Greg

    HTC Legend support please!

  • Dustin

    T-Mobile G2/Desire Z support please!

  • ZANE


  • Medjai

    Google’s Nexus One

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    I new on it I paid £25.?? and is no where to sing in to this.And I trying to download and take about 6 hours…
    I do anything wrong?

  • Brad Davis

    My wife and I are both needing help with our Vuze. Up until yesterday, everything was working fine, but then we tried searching for stuff, and it kept giving us this message:
    Sorry, there was a problem loading this page.
    Please check if your internet connection is working and click retry to continue.

    We’re both on the same network and our internet connection is working just fine. Can someone please help us?

  • Simon forbes

    Sony ericsson satio would be a help

  • Shannon

    Would be great to get this for the Dell Streak. Thanks!

  • Mike

    Omg you guys are awesome for supporting the Samsung Vibrant, I just bought mine and I saw this today.



  • Mal Walker

    Hi I would really like to see my Android device make the list, its a Dell Streak, What’s the chances?

  • Tai

    How about adding the Nexus One to that list…. greatly appreciated…:-)

  • Pinder

    vuze suck…….everything i try to download is in error..

  • Dale Fisher

    I believe and trust in VUZE only for downloading torrents! I would love it if I could have it with me all the time on my Android phone which is a Sony Xperia Go!! One more thing… please help me with my VUZE downloader on my pc. Everything was working perfectly fine as usual until about a week or 2 ago when nothing downloads now :'( I dont know what to do!?!?!!

  • Harlan Baum

    Do you support the MOTOROLA ATRIX HD?

    • Sarah

      Hello Harlan. Great question. Please visit our forum and the community and moderators can help you with an answer. Thank you.