Playback on Apple TV, Blackberry, More Android

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You asked for it.  As of today’s release, we’re rolling out support for the new Apple TV, Blackberry devices, and a wider range of Android phones.  For those who have been offline since early 2009, Vuze Device Playback enables you to drag-and-drop files you download with Vuze to easily play back on your TV and mobile.  We launched support for Apple devices and a variety of living room favorites early in 2009 (PS3, Xbox, PSP, Tivo, and Samsung TVs).


We tallied your requests for additional supported devices, went shopping, and are happy to announce Device Playback support for:

  • Apple TV (the new version from our favorite hobbyists)
  • Blackberry Devices
  • More Android Devices (beyond the initial devices launched in August):
    • Dell Streak
    • HTC Nexus One
    • LG Ally
    • Motorola Droid 2
    • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
    • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini
  • WD TV

Click here for the full list of supported devices, which now includes over 25 major device brands.  In addition, many Android phones will work despite not being included on our official support list.  Broad support should now exist for Android phones from Dell, HTC, Motorola, LG, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson, as well as all Blackberrys.  Even if you don’t see your Android phone or specific Blackberry on the list of supported devices, try connecting it to your PC or Mac with Vuze open.  If the device works, feel free to verify it as a supported device on the official list.

Android Device Brands

Apple, Google, and RIM… fight it out!  We love you all, and we’ll gladly play Switzerland in your war games.  As Larry David once said:

Switzerland is a place where they don’t like to fight, so they get people to do their fighting for them while they ski and eat chocolate.

- Larry David

Alas, our version of Switzerland involves more coding and less skiing, but such is life…

Finally, this release includes a large range of optimizations and improvements in the base code for 4.5.

Give Vuze a try, and let us know what you think!


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Guest Contributor

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  • Serge Lesturgeon

    en francais s’il vous plais, cela fait plusieurs fois que je vous le demande.
    Merci !!!

  • Serge Lesturgeon

    est ce que je peux installer Vuze sur mon iPhone ?

  • ZeroPaladn

    Nice to see that android is mostly cross-compatible. Gogo Acer Liquid E!

  • Ratbertovich

    Larry David is so wrong about Switzerland not loving fighting… The Swiss were mostly mercenaries so fierce and savage in war that every monarch in Europe agreed that they should be taken out of the equation. Empires in Europe promised Switzerland safety from aggression in return for the Swiss Army operating exclusively as the Pope’s elite guards. Obviously, they also needed somewhere to “off-shore” some of their treasury as well…

  • zane


  • Matt

    I don’t know how to edit the “official list” but you can put the HTC Tattoo on because it works really well on mine! Thanks Vuze! :D

  • Stef

    @Serge Lesturgeon:
    2010 and still you don’t speak English? Shame on you!

  • Ferayne

    First of all, I want to thank and congratulate the Vuze team and developers for all your hard work & effort to make this great application available to all of Us.

    This is the most powerful application in the market for both platforms, windows y mac with the great combination of open source.

    I’ve being using it for almost 6 years now, enjoying all features in every update of this great app. But, disappointing on this update. because, the playback feature it does not work or not being available on my system. I own a Power PC. g4 Dual 1.25 GHz. 1 MB L3 cache per processor and 2GB DDR SDRAM and Mac os X 10.5.8 running.

    I wish you guys have a perfect solution for this inconvenient on which I would like to take advantage of it and sync music, flicks and much more to my htc 4g Evo.

  • Ferayne

    For the posting earlier I meant devices button on the navigation pane.

    Also i would like to see Vuze app in the android platform, that will be Awesome!!

    If some one know how to solve this, please let me know.

    Thankx to all!!

  • Larissa

    Would love to have this work with Acer’s Liquid E phone! Otherwise love this program, great job!

  • douglas McCristal

    Thank you vuze people for your mind blowing, amazing and wonderful system

  • Ankit Yadav

    hey!!…..i am pleased to download VUZE… has been so much fun downloading lately….i love it…and its so painless to convert it to a mode suitable for my iphone…..i am in love with u VUZE…keep up the good work!!!

  • nick

    @Serge Lesturgeon L’internet est en anglais Serge. Faut l’apprendre

  • oscar

    yo utilizo esta pagina exclusivamente para descargas de cine y o musica pero esta totalmente obsoleta y anticuada por ejemplo busco estrenos de cine y nosale ni una pelicula del ultimo ni presente año hay alguna solucion o opcion de busqueda, muchas gracias.

  • Claude Richard

    nick on October 8th, 2010
    @Serge Lesturgeon L’internet est en anglais Serge. Faut l’apprendre

    Ben non. L’anglais ne représente que 27 à 29 %. C’est la langue la plus utilisée, mais pas la seule. L’Internet n’est pas qu’en anglais.

  • Ernesto Quintero

    it wont let me view my movie on my LG ALLY please can someone help

  • Clint C.

    For god sake, support some Windows Mobile phones already!

  • chris

    For some reason I haven’t been able to get my vuze to connect to my xbox unless I hook it strait up with ethernet. Any ideas why?

  • stef prolx

    Serge Lesturgeon on October 6th, 2010
    salut, en réponse a ta question, non tu ne peux pas mettre vuse sur ton iphone.
    Le os de apple est très restrictif sur certain pont, spécialement sur du p2p.
    Ca fait du bien de parler francais et en réponse a l<autre shame yourself not speaking french in 2010 ;-))

  • kbreidy

    droid eris….PLEASE!!!!

  • sherie

    do you support the htc hero…?

  • Adam A

    Is my HTC My Touch with Android system compatible with your mobile feature. If not, will it be added anytime soon.

  • Jack Glur

    Thank you very much for you work ! I love Vuze and I love Vuze devellopers

  • Trina

    New update works great for my HTC Hero. I Put videos directly from Vuze on to my Hero, great quality. Thanks:)

  • peytonmanning

    lol talk about uptight

  • peytonmanning

    android is an open platform software…meaning anyone can develop an app and share it as long as they know how

  • Preotanu Majumder

    nice…………………………..the Vuze

  • gianni

    works with ACER LIQUID but only when mounted as mass storage

  • Chipotoli

    Can I dounload Vuze on my Ipod?

  • jason y

    Vuse is the greatist thank you so much for a wonderful program

  • Kashyap Patel

    How can i play video converted in vuze for blackberry in my blackberry??

    Vuze finds my device… but unfortunately my BB doesnot find vuze??

    Help me!!!

  • Magnus Tuvendal

    What about Sony Internet TV? Got BD player that want to connect to Vuze.

  • Jacky

    Blackberry is mentioned here and I do not see any Blackberry devices on the full list? I downloaded the latest version 4.5 too and there is no Blackberry devices aid? Or must I have the Blackberry desktop manager on my PC in order to be able to have movies on my device via Vuze?

  • nicky j

    what about the samsung captivate?

  • Andrew Welsby

    Please can you do the same for the iPhone 4? Cheers. :)

  • J11

    Vuze Gives

  • me

    is Samsung i5700 Spica supported?

  • Alain Tasca

    Thank You
    Merci beaucoup

  • ToolBot

    i like using vuze and how it connect to the xbox 360 but the thing is when i try to watch shows that have subtitles i them the subs will not appear. plz thx thanks

  • Danny62

    VUZE…..simply d best

  • GheeGhee

    I would like to get started looking and dowloading movies. How do I do that? Help me out my daughter Shelley since you told me about this great thing here. I pretty much have read all t he comments. You guys are really into this. Thanks

  • mj

    merci de me dire si je peux m’abonner pour télécharger en toute légalité des vidéos je lai vu sur le site mais je ne le retrouve plus
    on pouvait s’abonner 1 an ou 2 ans cetait environ 1 euros par mois
    dites moi quoi merci

  • José Antonio

    Buenos días, hoy he instalado vuze y en principio funciona muy bien si configurar nada.
    Tengo un a Mac Pro y un iphone 4.1 y que ria que me funcionara en el iphone para ver como va las descargas.
    Que debo hacer?
    Muchas Gracias.
    Un Saludo.

    José Antonio

  • Ebony

    will any Palm devices be added soon


    salut, en réponse a ta question, non tu ne peux pas mettre vuse sur ton iphone.
    Le os de apple est très restrictif sur certain pont, spécialement sur du p2p.
    Ca fait du bien de parler francais et en réponse a l<autre shame yourself not speaking french in 2010 ;-) )

  • Rikki

    Can You Please Do A Samsung H1 Update?:)
    Woould Be Great!:)

  • Carla

    My android is not on the list…
    is one of the first ones and is a little bit bad :( but if i could make it better…
    Thanks from Portugal :)

  • viveak

    just love this software…keps getting better and better…love the android support and automatic copying to device…will soon become a plus member just to give some money to a software i have been using for free for 4 years now. Keep going guys keep going.

  • akrot

    am happy to join u guys

  • dazzer

    I cannot get the (my devices) on the left panel of Vuze.
    How do i get this, i have tried and downloaded the newest version and still no joy. Do i have to uninstall the version i have before i install the newer version. thx.

  • Erwin Rumblebutt Sweden

    Thanks Vuze.
    About Larry Davis, that joke works really good, over there.
    Here we laugh at the same joke, but for a VERY different reason. Maby he want to stand in for Mike Tyson too :)

  • Dan

    Vuze disappears when I try to download.

  • Peter

    Trying to find out why I have a green stripe running thru the middle of my laptop or TV screen during playback of videos??? Anyone

  • anthony reese

    i love it

  • ej

    my vuze dosnt display what i search..thats why i cant download movie pls help…

  • Martijn

    Wow, it took me a while to appreciate Vuze and especially the devices tab, but these days Vuze is doing 2 important things on my Mac that no other software can do:

    1. Read and download torrents from an RSS feed automatically (uTorrent will do that, but not the OSX version)

    2. It will save me hours and hours of converting shows just because I want to watch them on my Apple TV or my WDTVLive and they happened to be .mkv.

    (There’s also option 3 which is that it turns a Mac into a windows media center server, but I already have connect360 for that.)

    So… that’s actually quite cool! Thanks guys!

    (I still don’t really like having to build and maintain yet another media library to get the full benefit, but I don’t mind too much, it’s just a matter of dragging and droppping a file to Vuze and cleaning up once in a while.)

    I’ll experiment with option 2 some more and then it’s probably time to drop some cash ;-)

  • johan

    thanks for this,its new for me and i am learning to use vuse,go with the good work,bye bye,

  • johan


  • anony

    vuzes th best

  • Ion

    Do you guys know how to play videos through the Free router. Free is the internet service provider in France.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Colombarium9057

    Vraiment, Vuze est sans nul doute le meilleur.

  • Ibrahim

    What about BB curve 8520

  • tony

    hi how do i get this on my lg ally?

  • pedro pavao


  • Drew

    I’m a UK citizen and am not sure how Tivo worthe SKY+HD boxes with VUZE as they are now connected through ethernet to our home networks. Is this possible or do the limitations of SKY stop this from being possible?

  • Drew

    Wxcuse the dodgy post… the crappy mac im on failed on me

    I’m a UK citizen and am not sure how Tivo works in the US. I was wondering if the UK’s SKY+HD boxes could be connected with VUZE as they are now connected through ethernet to our home networks. Is this possible or do the limitations of SKY stop this from being possible?

  • carlos

    i have a black berry torch and a ps3 i drag my movies to the ps3 no problem. how do a play them on my torch where or how do i down laod vuze on my black berry? i all ready draged a movie to the blck berry icon on vuze just get get to play it on my torch >>

  • fahad

    hi i want psp games

  • Still

    Would love to see support for the Samsung Captivate.

  • doris

    i have ask vuze to help me several times to fix codec for me i have down load moves and they wount even late me watch them its says to down load and i have try to do that and it still wount let me whatch them it always sends me to a place like vuze and wounts me to buy its progam mather of fact i have bought vuze 2 times try ing to fix the proble and vuze is no help at all trying to help me after all the money i have spent with them and i am a disable old woman i dont get out be cause of my helth.

  • Satu

    any chance of making Samsung Galaxy Spica (i5700) support, please :(

  • sergio

    don’t have support for linux , bah !


    salut les français bon ben moi jdécouvre ce VUZ g un peu de mal à le faire fonctionner correctement jconaissait emule et toute la clic mais là je trouve que pour des recherches précises c’est un peu léger.
    A chaque foix que par exemple je veux charger un tutoriel spécifique et bien là jle trouve pas g pourtant pris un abonnement chez download zone mais malgré ça comprend ya pas moyen et je pas et n’arrive pas à trouver ce qu’il me faut
    qq1 pourrait me donner un ptit coup de main?

    Merci d’avance assez urgent

  • Mreb

    Any support for Windows phone?

  • sergio


  • Torsten

    Any chance you might produce a version for PocketPC with WM6.5?