Next Stop: Instant Gratification

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Vuze 4.6 has arrived!  The release includes a brand new Play Now feature, faster downloads, and a completely redesigned Sidebar.  At the end of the day, each of these features enhances your ability to quickly download and watch.  Here at Vuze, we’re all about instant gratification.

Play Now

With today’s release, you’ll now notice a green Play button whenever you select a currently downloading torrent containing a video file.

Clicking the green play button will analyze the media file to identify the video bitrate, your current download speed, and calculate the point at which to safely begin continuous playback.  As a result, you’ll now be able to enjoy playback a lot sooner than if you had to wait for the entire torrent to download.

If you’re an existing Vuze Plus subscriber, you’ll get Play Now at no additional cost.  If you’re not a Vuze Plus subscriber, check it out now.

Faster Downloads

In addition, we’ve pulled together a large number of code changes to speed up our communication with the larger bittorrent ecosystem, including support for uTP.  The end result?  Faster downloads across both Vuze (the free version) and Vuze Plus.  In fact, combine faster downloads with Play Now, and you might just be approaching a world of instant gratification (depending on the speed of your internet connection, of course).

Sidebar Facelift

Finally, Vuze 4.6 includes a completely redesigned Sidebar.  The goal was to streamline the features to reduce clutter, and enable you to quickly access the features you use (while hiding those you don’t).

Download Vuze 4.6, take it for a spin, and let us know what you think!

– The Vuze Team

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Guest Contributor

  • Thomas P. Schaefer

    I just want to thank all those whom are responsable for creating Vuse and makeing it possible for us users to enjoy all the Best entertainment supplied by the internet. Not only do you provide a GREAT program but you keep finding ways to improve a masterpiece. All this and yet you offer this to us for free. Thank You VERY MUCH for your GREAT work. I have used Vuse everyday now for the past year. It’s the Bomb… Awesome program and so eazy to use. Keep up the GREAT work.

  • dean

    i am on version 1.0 how do i get it because i am not paying more for it and there is no green light to say play now what do i do?

  • JaggedXJ

    The changelog that pops up after installation tops out at v4.4.0.4. The online changelog semi-understandably still stops with Sadly, the azureus.sourceforge page seems blissfully unaware that 4.6 even exists.
    What changed under the hood? Where’s the beef?

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  • Paul Ferguson

    Good stuff chaps, keep up the splendid work. Vuze really is becoming a lifeline of an application.

  • VuzeFan

    Streaming works awesome!

  • Keith

    Got the new version, not I do a search and cannot get anything to download. I clcik it and it wont open the torrent so I can start the download. Sooooo how is this an improvement?

  • Carolann T

    No names are showing in the New folder (previously Unwatched folder). It tells me I have new files that have finished but there’s no names so I don’t know what has finished downloading.

  • Who knows

    Plugin for my xbox randomly stops working after the update to 4.6

  • King

    Wow thanks is great

  • Bimmy Jarnes

    I love my PS3 even more now thanks to Vuze :0) Streaming movies to the PS3 is a breeze ! ! Thanks Vuze people your awesome ! !

  • Shahryar

    Thanks for this update.
    Vuze is the leader in bit torrent cllients!

  • miguel

    Good Update, keep going like this :)

  • Bertrand

    I Seem to have a problem with Vuze 4.6… I run Mac OS and since the update my download speed has not exceeded 30kb/s . I have been Using Vuze for quite some time now and really enjoy it ! please get back to me!?

  • Dr. Koch

    All of the recent changes to Vuze have been wonderful. Our family depends heavily on Vuze for all of our media needs and we all appreciate the upgrades and changes that make our beloved Vuze even more user friendly and fun to use! So come on everybody and USE THE VUZE!

    With heaps of respect to the entire Vuze Team,

    The Koch Family

  • Andi

    Still a problem with the ps3 connection. Will this be rectified soon?

  • z n motiwala

    a very good effort

  • Janner

    Vuze is a 2 way street every downloader needs an uploader. I personally feel that once I download I have a duty to repay by seeding. I would quite happily pump stuff down the line but I can find very little info to help me increase my upload speed above 70Kps. So please Vuze on the next upgrade give us some help on the upload side.
    Otherwise, thanks for the upgrade

  • Dannny

    You guys rock! This new version is much better, the program itself is much faster and uses less CPU and RAM and more stable, and are the downloads faster too! The new side bar is quite nice much better than before! Thank you Vuze team!

  • Thomas

    Vuze Rocks!

  • alvaro sanchinel

    exelente, es lo mejor q e utilizado. gracias vuze

  • Pd


  • Sydneygirl

    Well I updated tonight and since the update my ps3 no longer see’s a single movie i have in there. Where did they all go? I tried putting them back in again but no go, it’s not working. I restarted a few times and still nothing. Arrgghh, this is not nice. Oh, and i didn’t even want the update, and something else was installed without my consent, I pressed no and it installed anyway. Not a happy camper at the moment.

  • rodolfo

    hola soy de argentina y esta muy bueno el programa asi que les doy las gracias por todo. lo unico que me gustaria es que pusieran las peliculas traducidas o subtituladas para los de habla ispana graciasss

  • william

    your not empreing me one bit

  • KD

    I remember when it was not called vuze but azureus, so its a hundred times better, I LOVE IT, AND if you are having problems, and don’t see the updates// its something u are doing, HERES THE UPDATES IMPROVEMENTS OVER THE YEARS: How about downloading 5 movies at one time took 24 hrs, and depending on your queues/ downloads, it takes some files minutes, that is beautiful, I use to have to wait till the next day to view my movies, and I also had att as my internet PROVIDER , so now that I have Vz(VERIZON) its the best. I view my movies on my xbox, and never have a problem that I hear those who really know how the systems work,Im a beginner in the torrent world.

  • DUDS

    Thank you to Vuze Team, no complaints at all and works great.

  • Deb

    Vuze is the absolute greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angel dustless

    I have been using Vuze for 4 years and although I have checked some other prorgrams, Vuze is the best ever and it’s getting better all the time.

  • B House

    does not work..I search a common singers name and it comes up with ONE result that has nothing to do with the singer. What can I do? Just installed this program after seeing work great on my friends MACBook but not mine.

  • bam

    it keeps telling me cant find driver

  • Eren Topcu

    Could you please help me that i can not get many results with green rank as before i gonna be crazy that do not know its reason. I reinstalled it many times but there is no change that there is no any green results and high size ( gigabyte ) what should i do to restore it or solve this trouble.

    I am waiting for your urgent help for this issue ….

  • Kogi

    I want to thank Vuse for being such a great program, and saving my days, when i need a movie to watch. For the makers, you guys are amazing and i hope you guys keep up your work.

  • floyd

    i think your site is the boom and i like to get my download faster but it is my innet thas slow like to get xbox 360 game to brun on disc but the brun dos not suppurt iso bruns if you know how to get it to work get back with me plz

  • john henrick

    How can i stream to my ps3 after i have removed something from my library? is this possible even? plz help

  • diggity dog69

    i have used vuze azureus for along time now you guys have only got better over time thanks heaps

  • dan

    I am a vuze plus subscriber, how do I update?

  • Bimmy Jarnes

    PS3 streaming has stopped working after the update guys ……….. what happened ? ? ?

  • Todd

    I use Ubuntu current version.
    Does this new Vuse version work well with that?

  • kari

    So glad I found this program, it’s great and at a good price!

  • Donetta Beitz

    Hi,Donetta Beitz Here,
    Iam a Plus Subscriber,Which has never been settled.I purchased for 3years ,I do like the new sight it is allot
    easier for me to work with. Great Job!

  • dan

    have question on downloading these downloaded songs carrie a virus that infect my computer

  • douglas McCristal

    fabulous vuze our lives are better thanks to you all
    look forward to 5 mill users and then more

  • Mr. T DKTRP



    For some templates search with google for 11 templates vuze.
    you can download them from btloft. youll get templates from demonoid, fenopy, h33t, ilcorsaronero, isohunt, mononova,
    piratebay, podtropolis, thepiratebay, torrentbox and torrentportal. GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY

  • Mr. T DKTRP

    for john henrick: just drag the file from your harddrrive to the sidebar on the red ps3 icon. problem solved!

    for dan: any torrent could contain a virus but does not happen often. Torrent is made by someone and he/she can put in it what ever he/she likes.

  • pasta

    i dun see any green lights that say ‘play’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ivern

    great stuff!!!

  • mike rogers

    getting only 4 users showing on the bottom bar and certainly cant download anything with that

  • Jonny2009

    “VUZE” rules! Ihr seid einfach geil,Thx,thx,thx!!!

  • anon
  • Deeds

    Well, i have to waft 17 cudo’s over to Vuze for not just publishing “rave” reviews from satisfied customers!
    (or is your moderator asleep? cf. full Caps post 16/1)
    As refreshing, this, as the App. itself.
    I won’t be DLling the upgrade (there are other codecs for monitoring downloads) but I do say with other posters:
    Vuze ROX!


    you guys r awesome thanks you make it easy for a person like myself to actually downloading something that works. thanks again!!!!!!!!

  • patou

    i have downloaded a file, but it has stopped at 87%,and i dont know how to restart it.
    and then, i have try to burn my 87% on a dvd, to check it it was working, but before doing that, i am getting asked to buy vuze plus for about £17, is that normal ?

  • mark

    best download at I heve.

  • Aruhn Rowen Eduards van Costum III

    Truly excellent and will use no other program than Vuze in future.

  • glenn

    what about linux?

  • Kim

    Please help. My son and i have downloaded Vuze successfully (on 2 different computers). Unfortunately when we search we end up with very limited results. Hoping somebody will be able to help us as my cousin uses Vuze and loves it. Thank you

  • Robert

    I Cant find any movies to download when i do a search
    Maybe im just a dummy
    Can someone help me please

  • Jake Disman

    … I was 7 gigs into a 9 gig torrent, and after the update, it was no longer recognized. I had to start it over… this cost me money.

  • Bruno Marsala

    by far one of the best programs on the net, amazing work and I love it.

  • Dov Weller

    @ Kim and Robert: Do a search on google for ‘vuze search templates’ and download them, and after doing a search in vuze, click the ‘add/edit’ link in ‘the show results from..’ on the right sidebar and add the search templates you downloaded and you should have many more search results. Good luck

  • Crystal

    You guys did a great job, I love the upgrades!! Thank you VUSE!!! My family and I love and appreciate all of your hard work!! You guys ROCK!

  • frankieboy

    Started using Vuze after uTorrent decided to stop working (grrrr!). Love it! Fast and it doesn’t crash like uTorrent ALWAYS did right up until the day it completely stopped. After only a couple of days, I reckon it kicks uTorrents ass!

  • Bonnie W

    I love it ..It is a helluva lot easier..

  • aerendir

    I love Vuze and have been using it as my sole torrent client and as one of my primary playback applications (I still use iTunes sometimes, also…:)

    However, after upgrading to 4.6 it no longer recognizes anything in my Vuze downloads folder. The files are there. I can see them on my hard drive and in the Vuze Library but when I click to play it says the video can’t be found… I hope I can work this out soon!

  • missy

    hi i cannot get my vuse to work correctly. all it will let me download is movie trailers i have tried everything, i even redownloaded it

  • Jon VanStrate

    Where’s the like button? This is awesome!! Thank You Vuze : D

  • Pat

    Same as Keith on Jan 15th. Updated and now can’t download!!! Help Please

  • tiago

    i would still like to have the choice whether i want to update or not thank you. i love vuze, but i don’t appreciate forced downloads.

  • Jay

    for some reason my burn dvd wont accept any files into it. when i drag them over it nothing happens . whyyyyyy?

  • ms_royal

    this is soooo cool

  • teresa

    Why can’t I find Device on the side to add itunes and my iphone? Where is it or where can I find it?

  • Lydia Morgan

    i love vuze! i had it on my old computer and it worked great! but now, i have a new laptop and the vuze 4.6 is not working correctly! everytime i search an artist for their album it does not show up anywhere in the “meta search” and when i use the “web search” and click on a any torrent it takes 45 minutes to an hour. vuze 4.6 works on all of my friends computers but not mine. can this be fixed? what can i do?

  • Dave E Stone

    You Dude’s ROCK! I am new to this and I tell you I am learning everyday! I am on my way to begin uploading! Thanks for the Best Program on the Net Bro’s (and Gal’s)!

  • Dave E Stone

    This program is so damn cool I am gonna upgrade to VUZE PLUS right now don’t let me done gang! Oh and by the way send me a T-shirt man! LMAO! B-)

  • Sparky47

    Great features. Tivo devices works a treat! Keep up the good work.

  • Cerberus

    Vuze is by far the best program to use when sharing files over the internet! I love it and i got all my friends to start using it too. Thanks so much to everyone responsible for vuze, and keep up the amazing work!





  • Rj

    Hey Vuze Team!

    Guys you’ve done a fantastic job with Vuze and I use it everyday as its the easiest way to convert my movies and TV shows for my Apple TV 2!

    I would love to see an option to set the type of file being converted and make changes to the ‘Info’ of the file so you can set the ‘Show’ and assign it into the ‘TV Shows’ section of items instead of just the movies section

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Hector Mariani

    This is the most useful software for entertainment. Since I tried it, didn’t need anything else for torrent downlading and sharing. Streaming is really good, but it still needs a way to integrate or stream multiples files and subtitles.


    omg everytime i got to download it tells me insufficient disk space.. Um what does that mean I am confused…

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  • slig5440

    Name section seems to have ex.(WWW.TORRENTDAY.COM)in box which is blocking the name of the torrent itself.that was just downloaded.Could this be fixed ? This started after the
    new upgrade. thks

  • Ed

    Won’t open after a search. Have to keep loading the installer to make it work. Lets go back a version It was good. Downloads are so bad it’s now a useless icon on my computer.

  • Mr. T DKTRP

    @DEDRA the reason why vuze keeps saying insuff. discspace is that you don’t have enough space on your harddisc. clean out your computer for stuff you don’t need anymore and don’t download too many at once. Your computer needs a spot to place the download

  • Mr. T DKTRP

    @robert and @kim:

    search with google for: 11 templates vuze
    download them with vuze
    open file downloaded
    dubble click on all blue frog signs
    press ok in vuze to enter them into vuze.

  • Mr. T DKTRP

    @ TERESA:

    when you click on a download in your library in your top bar there will be a button with a little tv on it (device it will say when you stand on it). press this button and vuze will you the options to device playback. install and enjoy


  • Kelly

    Can someone help me… I have Vuze Plus so this automatic update to 4.6 was manditory, and now i can not see the sidebar.

  • valeria

    Gracias!!! Genios

  • mike

    how do i know if i have vuse4.6 i have vuse plus though

  • glenn

    What about linux??

  • George

    Rolled my install back to 4.5.1. Never saw any NAT problems until I upgraded to 4.6. Been using Azureus/Vuze for years. This is the first time I have considered looking for another bittorrent program. Trying to track down my NAT problem in 4.6 seemed impossible from the online help.

  • jilucia

    the words become smaller and i don’t like that and i have updated several times and this page jumped out again and again!!i don’t know why??!!

  • Lulu

    There are no views without Vuze…! No Vuze, you Lose!

  • arrlex

    thank you so much for the downloading site as possible. cheers!

  • blad

    yo what up balds?

  • john lainsbury

    I had to reinstal vuze after some problems with my computer.
    after I had reloaded vuze I found I had only two sights to download from, so I tried to reload and remove several time and still only Minova an vuze. As I was used to having five or six I figured soething was wrong.I wonder if you can help me with this problem. I would be very grateful.

    regards John L

  • KAKA


  • Web Page Designer

    Wow, quicker downloads would certainly be a treat. Thank YOU Vuze for great software!

    Would love to share my videos with others. Have tried the directions once… but got lost with all the technical jargon. I know web page design… but get lost rather quickly when talking torrents.


  • emiro

    Hi, Is there any place where you can learn to use this program? The “First steps” page seems to habe been written for people who already know how it works.

  • Paul

    Can anyone tell me how long after you pay and submit the application is it before you can download the movies onto a disc. Also does anyone know the phone number or how to contact VUSE Thanks Email me on

  • jobear

    I had a version of this on my computer then it crashed and now I have had to download and pay again but I cannot locate my library any suggestions. I love vuze and have recommended it to a lot of friends

  • Leanne

    i have installed vuze and cant locate the side bar it is doing my head in

  • Leanne

    yayyyyyyyyyy searching thro help and found my answer……finally

  • matteo


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  • danny

    stream movies while their downloading..,300 in 1080p is awesome!

  • Bob


  • jspx

    Best torrent software ever – I get more speed compared to utorrent.

  • Vik


    I have downloaded Vuze but cannot seem to get started on downloading movies or anything for that matter.

    Pl can someone guide me on how to get started?

  • luca

    1 volta che scarico Vuze.. Mi piace direi meglio di utorrent.
    Carica bene,si gestisce come vuoi tu..bravi!!

  • Duttaapd2009

    Vuze Really Rules The Bit Torrent Industry Thanks Vuze!

  • riffic

    thanks for the update. vuze is my favorite program.

  • Aney Morales

    Un excelente programa , lo recomendare a mis amigos

  • Sonia

    Thanks for your effort on having us (your users) happy!! Have you since Azureus and the journey has been amazing with you in my pc… :D

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  • paula horst , (coffeebunns)

    someone seed a copy of tangled that I downloaded from a site usung vuze , the site I downloaded it from Ipay to have ,, this person turned it in to the internet service that is in my sister name and we are about to lose I service and be chargered for coyright infrengment , so there is someone uses vuze the wrong way . becareful ,

  • sandro

    in an effort to download music I keep inserting search words in the vuze search field with no results. I have used older versions of vuze with satisfaction…what’s the matter?

  • Lazarus

    I just updated to Vuse+. If I download the latest version, do I need to pay an additional fee? So far Vuse works great, I’d love to try the new version.

  • Dr jasvinder Singh

    its very good

  • yujin

    i would like to thank all those people who created this software. thanks for your effort.

  • Marie

    Help ! I have recently installed windows 7 and cannot access any of the downloads I am looking for. Any ideas ?

  • matt

    i have just got a new laptop and downloaded vuze on my old laptop i have approx 7-8 torrent sites from which movies were searched from and now i only have vuze and mininova????? why is this??? can someone help me????

  • crystal

    im still learning how to use this

  • Aaron Miller

    when can we stream video torrents??

  • Sandy

    Thanks For You all for Vuze. Hats off to you all. Keep it up. Thanks a Lot.

  • Kenny

    This thing works on everything I use ps3 and ipod touch. Took a couple of tries but I figured it out. If I can get it to work for what I need, I would have to say…. it’s idiot proof.

    Well done. A head rub and a friendly pat on the ass to the development crew.

  • Erik

    Linux installer doesn’t work on 32-bit distros using 32-bit JVM. It errors out because you put the 64-bit SWT in there. When will you people learn about 32-bit vs 64-bit? I even fixed it by downloading the latest 32bit SWT from direct from Eclipse. Seriously though how hard is it to put two versions of your Linux install out there for different platforms?

  • SF

    I have been searching films and downloaded but can only watch tailer’s – how do I download film?

  • Arconian

    better than bitlord and utorrent!

  • Toby

    Every time I open Vuze it asks me to download and install, I’ve done this several times and its really annoying

  • Tony

    Ok, I keep getting the message to upgrade but when I click on it nothing happens? Can someone tell me how to upgrade to this new Vuze download?

    Thank you

  • Sione Fa’Aoso

    why cant I only get the vuze download sites and mininova I thought there was more than just two sites… I have mac is that why or what??? I paid for vuze plus just for two sites??

  • mo


  • Ivannia Kisielewski

    Hola soy Ivannia, les quiero expresar mi agradecimiento por el trabajo en equipo para que esto sea una realidad. Solo que pienso que en la musica hispana deben de tener más variedad pues la lista es muy limitada.

  • J

    Get the device feature working for MAC Power PCs!!!!

  • larry

    I’m trying Vuze again after 4.6 release, and I’m really impressed. Sorry for not able to contribute yet.

  • Frankie Fez

    Vuze is the greatest… on music, however try this as well, superb, reliable and fast as crazy: As far as I know, there are near 20 mill songs, and we can share playlists with friends. Really cool…

  • scooters

    please tell me how to cancel transcodes in devices !!!

  • Janine Bianca

    I so love Vuze <3

  • paul

    If a movie is 700 mb why does it say 4.19 gb estimate and when it has downloaded say eg; 2.38gb

  • dan

    vuze is da s*** mahn, i luv it ‘ ya niggaz cul’

  • Adam

    Hi Vuze Team, just to send you a big THANK YOU for your work, you are the best, you brought TV to the Internet, I have been using it for over a year now and daily, I don’t watch TV anymore, only an my Mac, recommended you to everybody I know.
    And all for free…
    Thanks again and keep up the great work

  • Massimiliano

    Se Vi è possibile una maggior selezione per quanto riguarda la qualità. Grazie

  • terri

    Just getting the black sidebar issue after a minimize and enlarge, also the scrollbar disables.

  • Rico

    Still looking for the check box on the UI that says “shutdown after seeding” LoL Well that was a suggestion I put out a few weeks ago. I know there is an option to do it already but to have one readily available on top would be nice. I got the idea from my a DeFrag program I use called Auslogic Disk Defrag (not intending to promote it) but I just thought it was pretty cool. Anyway, thanks for doing such an awesome job and I hope you really do read these comments because people really do love your product!


  • eya


  • beth

    i have the same problem with JANUARY 15, 2011 COMMENT BY KEITH… what will i do?

  • geordielad

    Used Vuze for a few year now and disappointed with this new upgrade (sorry guys),

    When I first started using Vuze you could search for content on the site, then it went to search engines, (another disappointment)

    I got used to that, now it sends me to a google page, jeez I can do that myself, or am I doing something wrong, could anybody let me know if I am.

  • DoubleO

    Thank you very much. Keep up the great work.

  • creo

    this is awsome!! even tho i dont no how it works


    IT IS GREAT!! I <3 IT!

  • joanne

    i got vuze when i payed though another site for them yet i have to pay again to get the upgrades when i payed for 3 yrs of service though there parner site how is that right i should beable to get the upgrade and not pay again

  • Marcia

    I upgraded to Vize plus and now I can dowload movies but most won’t play,what happened to the great service I used to get before I upgraded to vuze plus?

  • Shata

    Yeah Vuze is just top notch software, I love everything about it. Thx Devs!

  • amekia

    I love vuze but some things just won play

  • amekia

    love it but sometimes it doesn’t have sound and it stops!

  • Howard

    I have the same problem as Keith on January 15th. I have had it before and even if I reinstall the old version it now doesn’t work. would appreciate an answer.

  • Bob

    dont have a clue on how all this works. still new at this downloding would like to see a post for newbies

  • Michelle

    Ok so I have downloaded Vuze now what do I do????

  • Tony Anderton

    Lost my connection for downloading last week.
    Latest message “Listen Server socket on [/] does not appear to be accepting inbound connections. [Connection refused: connect]
    Auto- repairing listen service….
    Vuze appears to believe that download is working but nothing comes down?????

  • me!

    vuze is the best downloader ever known to man! music,movies and even games vuze is the best! thanks to all that created vuze and all that contributed to its files! thanks heaps =D

  • burnz

    Thanks and good job!

  • Dalonem

    Vuze is Great…!!!! Once you clear out all the bugs…PATIENCE…

  • Sbarigia Silvio

    good results.good velocity of download
    Ekcellent vieuw

  • Sumanp7

    Vuze is the best ever torrent client I have ever come to know on earth…and yet it’s still functioning perfectly!

  • E.K

    Great download speed. Even if i only have EDGE connection. Could you add in next version “schedule” to set what speed limits must be at a specific time like with uTorrent.

    Thanks for great program. I just got to hear from it by chance.

  • manyakis

    this new version isn’t downloading a thing!!!!! everythings always QUEUED or downloads for a second then stops!! i wish i hadn’t updated

  • Viqui


  • megs

    I just downloaded the new version of vuse to my iMac and it wont search the same filters that my MacBook does. What should I do? AARGH!!!!

  • Karl

    I enjoy the new 4.6, about the faster download part, I am not sure it is, I seem to get more range in my download speeds than before (old version was a steady 250-310K now it ranges from 12-220K with alot around 50K for older stuff like MASH TV and 220K for new movies like RED). I still go to alot to search since it gives me a better range of downloaders with often more seeds/peers

  • Jane Farver

    I wish to cancel my subscription. This is nothing like I expected. Please cancel immediately.

  • Sara Mich

    How do you search for music now?

  • Robert Shokoff

    Hi: I am extrememly thankful for Vuze. This has been a Godsend for me. I use it 24/7 and would now like to increase my knowledge on fine tuning what I have learned. Tips or advise on installing the best pluggins or Vuze Blog RSS Feeds would help. Nothing but GOOD words towards Vuze and “the Team” Thank you


  • oki


  • Karen

    Although, it is working fine now.

  • Bonnie W

    I like it better ,its way easier and faster just like you said..thanks Vuze for better technology

  • neuneutron

    Thanks for all uploading !!! It’s just great…

  • Mark

    I just started over with Vuze on a new computer and I get very few hits. I didn’t actively do anything to the previous download to make it better or worse. Any ideas?

  • trixia

    nice !

  • alessandro gianni

    vuze stà diventando il migliore ha ancora qualche piccolo difetto di velocità, ma è ottimo

  • mikey mike

    you guys rock thank you so much for your hard work at hand

  • eileen

    have used vuze for a few years now an had no problems untill now everything game i download it will not let me launch it,so not happy at all

  • Hawster

    Awesome application .I am a novice Mac user and find Vuze Plus so easy to use and get great download speeds up to 800kB/s . Great work Vuze team oh and upgrading to Vuze plus well worth the small cost. Cheers

  • nathan cahill

    its very good

  • gijo george

    its awesome, i love it very much.

  • Franklin Black

    Ditto to all of the other satisfied users comments. Vuze is a program I just can’t be without. I’ve been streaming with my awesome PS3 and I love both even more. Great job and thank you for such a wonderful program!

  • elmer

    you guys are the best ofthe best

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  • jamal.ameen

    thank you…my frinds

  • apersonthatlikesvuze

    Dear People That Made Vuze/Azureus.

    Will you please make a version of Vuze downloadable for linux. Also May you Please make it Easy to install on linux if you can or even make a read-me to show us how to install it on Linux. Thank-you for reading this, and Double Thank-you if you make Vuze Installable for Linux.
    <3 u Vuze :)

  • BelgoMike

    Rien à dire, c’est le plus rapide et complet au niveau des configs…

  • trent

    How come I don’t have dvd burn on my vuze page?

  • Daniel

    y do i have no subscriptions except mininova and vuze? can anyone tell me y? before i reset my booting system for the computer, i had kickasstorrent,btjunkie,and all the others. can anyone tell me y?

  • Bjoe

    Hiya, i found vuse to be a very good program.. i suggest this to many friends and no one ever regrets..

  • Jinachandra

    Thanks a ton Guys..!! You really Rock. Love it more..:)

  • DAN

    mercie pour tous ces conseils je trouve que wuse a un grant avenir et il et tres sympa et fiable.

  • davide

    it’s better than anothers versions…….like speed, quality, and no abuse……°1….

  • Eazy D

    First, I would like to offer both my congratulations and appreciation for your work on this program. Secondly, I would like to offer another round of congrats and thanks for your excellent vocabulary usage in the set of rules for leaving a comment. Your use of the term “libelous” is outsstanding.

  • francesco

    buona sera a voi.ho visto su internet,questo programma.lo trovo mi pongo una domanda,se cio’ che scarico sia di musica che film,sia a pagamento.nel’attesa di un vostro tempestivo riscontro,vi porgo i miei saluti

  • Jonathan C.

    Awesome Program Thanks to all involved in bringing this to the masses!!!

  • kelrobau

    I have used Vuze when it was first around its improved out of sight and this is all free its the best on the net keep it up thanks for creating a great program. and its dam simple to use

  • herve

    vuze m’a éffacé toute ma bibliothèque ainsi que mes telechargements en cours!!! je fais quoi?

  • Alethia

    I have a disability which precludes my ability to see whats happening. Even the video store is a near insurmountable journey. For people like me, Vuse has opened the world.
    Thank you.

  • Joey

    just a newbie to vuse and I lurve it, great fast downlods and lots to choose from, keep up the good work

  • Melissa McClannahan

    I love vuze!!!!!!!

  • christina

    love it

  • Julie

    Merci pour tout!!

  • vitor

    Best of teck
    Thanks for this update.

  • Klaas

    Thanks from my maiden laptop!

  • Lee,London,U.K.

    Fantastic,thanks vuze.I up graded to Vuze+ as i use it every day now dont have to worry about bugs and the whole thing is even faster would recommend and for only a small outlay.

  • imran khaliq

    vuze downloader is the best and very enjoyfull website.I think we are esay to download everyone movies and songs that’s very low space of memrory.

  • Melanie

    I seem to be having a problem when I search. It keeps coming up that there is an error and it will not open.

  • Diwakar Katarmal

    Hi as i mentioned in my earlier post about dropped download speeds, pls vist vuze forums, download/connection problems


  • renante sta. rita

    vuze is the best

  • amber

    I love Vuze

  • cesar

    thank to the stuff..

  • chantal

    Merci à Vuze pour ces films superbes.

  • Terence

    Great job guys!

    Keep up the good work.

  • daniel

    am happy to know vuze.very big application.i like it

  • asley joanna vazquez cortez

    it´s good the program

  • Vionite

    hi, could you please kindly add support for “Motorola Backflip” ?
    My country only allowed Android v1.5 , unlike in USA that has allowed upgrade to v2.1. Thanks.

  • Rachel Brown

    Totally cool 150% all the way.

  • jane

    the new version is perfect! thx!

  • Martin

    how do i get vuze to search torrents in more websites? One of my computers gets movies from lots of websites and it came instaled with it so i dont know how to do that in another computer, need help.

  • roberto

    ok grazie



  • AplMacLady

    Thx Vuze, great update, much more streamlined and intuitive and you do all this great work while offering for free. Thx again! It’s appreciated!

  • Lucas Mitchell

    Hi I paid for VUZE+PLUS awhile ago and now it asking me for the code. I have not done a reformat or anything like that. Can the tech’s please send me the code.
    Thx Lucas

  • fightrange77

    Works amazing as usual!!!!So far so good! Keep up the great work!

  • ali Radnezhad


  • deepak

    just downloaded vuze 4 1st time, lets c how it works

  • deepak

    jus downloaded haven’t tried so chill

  • Khristine

    i don t know how to download any thing

  • Jacqueline

    why dont you give me a “log in” option, you havent acknowledged my payment of £16 99. for this year, and keep asking me to upgrade to “Vuze plus” when i have already done so? Jacqueline.

  • federicco


  • nick

    I just downloaded vuz to my mac and am unable to search for items such as deftones it says no results found?Any one have any idea what i missed?

  • JoJo

    Hi there i have just downloaded vuse and when i ask for a artist it keeps taking me to the internet please help as i am a p.c beginer as you can probably tell

  • slma

    great ..

  • Will

    Hey Vuse how’s it going. I’ve been using vuse for ages recently lost my PC to a deadly virus got a new one and downloaded vuse again but no matter what i do i don’t get any movies with green bars anymore everything is red and there’s almost no movies at all. I used to have access to bitjunkie torrents and a few others on vuse but now just minerva. I’ve searched for movies that i downloaded a week ago that downloaded in 15min but now nothing. I hope i’m an idiot and there’s something i should know that i can fix easily cos i have no idea. :l

  • Joseph

    I just re-downloaded vuze after a while of not using it and upon trying to download and play movies I keep getting the following message regardless of what I do:

    Sorry, there was a problem loading this page.
    Please check if your internet connection is working and click retry to continue.

    Can you help?

  • shawn neal

    i just ordered vuze plus the other day. an every since then when i go to look at a torrent i would like to d/l it freezes up the screen every time,an i have to set an wait 4 it to decide to work again which is not the exsperience i was lookin for. i also upgraded to 4.6 also but dont know which one is causing the problem!!!!!!! not to happy right now because vuze woorked great before the updates…didnt know i was paying for something to make it slower!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Luiz

    muito bom vuze e o melhor agora esta muito mais rapido vamos compartilhar

  • Soba Arta

    je vous remercies beaucoup parceque je eu des logiciel qu je checher pendant beaucoup des mois sur le net,mais avec VUZE tous ça marche

  • Jota


  • rg666

    Atleast 20% faster than utorrent. And, the biggest plus, gives good p2p speeds CONSISTENTLY. Love it. :D

  • Dave

    I’m pretty fed up at present My Vuze that was taking a couple of hours fo download is now giving me an E.T.A in DAYS Don’t understand it It was great up till 2 days ago now I can’t get anything in a reasonable time :-( :-(

  • movue guro

    where are the seed bars !

  • a

    why cant i burn music downloaded to a CD??

  • bob


  • Jawara

    Great product….loving it.

  • Justin Morrison

    I have Vuze and Frostwire and while Vuze is great for downloading something fast, when I try to open a torrent in Vuse most of them don’t work compared to when I open them in Frostwire, both are good i wish vuse was a little more like Frostwire.

  • Bardello Blackywell

    lets get it started

  • Robert

    I have a question I hope it gets addresse. I had to reset my laptop, where the VUZE program was resident and I do not seem to be able to get VUZE back onto my laptop without paying again. Before I was able to download movies and I mean some of the clasics as well as some of the current ones now it sees that I can not. If you could help it would be greatly appricieated

  • ….

    sto cazzo di VUZE nn funziona na minkiaa!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    brill download cheers very much.

  • someone

    I love you vuze<3

  • rick

    i love vuze, it works great. great movies

  • Tiffany

    one episode needs endless time what shall I do I want realy to see it, i’ve also downloaded a 2nd time! HELP :(

  • albi

    why vuze dont download any more ???//

  • A Anderson

    I would like to know if Vuze’s will ever be able to play on any of these new devices coming out…Samsung Tab, Motorolla Xoom…etc? I’m in the military and I travel all the time and we are not always allow access to all sites but if i had my little device with me, i can download and watch my videos it right then & there once its downloaded.


    after buying the unlimited dvd burning it worked once.
    frustrating does not burn any downloads . this is a con it seems never to work and no help from the help desk. just try and get your money back Veru dissatisfied user

  • moh ahm faw

    welcom, i agree with the blog post and many thanks for this verry good services

  • moh ahm faw

    welcome, i agree with the blog post and im verry thanks for this verry good services

  • Ray

    This is the best ever application, I was wondering if you could download ps3 games through Vuze and put them on your Ps3 somehow?? Please get back to me:)

  • Phil

    great app

  • Pauls

    my english is not good, so i am sorry to use this quote as THANK YOU:

    just want to thank all those whom are responsable for creating Vuse and makeing it possible for us users to enjoy all the Best entertainment supplied by the internet. Not only do you provide a GREAT program but you keep finding ways to improve a masterpiece. All this and yet you offer this to us for free. Thank You VERY MUCH for your GREAT work. I have used Vuse everyday now for the past year. It’s the Bomb… Awesome program and so eazy to use. Keep up the GREAT work.

  • joe

    i’m new. how do you stream vids to PS3??

  • tony

    search no longer turns up anything useful, no software, films etc just documents

  • daniel larson

    program sucks. i want my money back

  • paige

    I dont understand how to use it and i need to now.

  • denis molina

    waste of money i can not get any music,moviess

  • Blanca Sanabria

    It’s not freeeee and on top of that I can’t deciphen it, Jesus Christm, have I been scammed againnnn?

  • Blanca Sanabria

    Yep, I’ve been scammed alright, what a shame, I thought it was a serious site.

  • Ronald Rain

    I am having a problem with downloads that appear without my request or consent. Lately, I found “hvi_600.jar” starting to download. If this has something to do with Vuze, don’t you think we should be asked instead of what appears to be an attempt to slip these by us? Otherwise, is this coming from one of your downloads? I would also like to know how one may contact the Vuze support people, because there is no link to them at all anyhere.

  • drramrsby

    Vuze is much better than mu-torrent, comet, bit-torrent etc. The interface is also quite wonderful.

  • agustialfara

    Buen programa. Gracias.

  • rommel

    its nice to know this and lucky i guess..

  • Lis


  • dj326forever

    its great experince.thanxs.

  • Peggy

    Why can’t I burn dvd’s? I have tried everything, I think, and no results. I had burning dvd’s for almost a year and now nothing. My computer crashed and I reinstalled vuze plus and activated and still nothing. I am frustrated.

  • Ataur

    Just getting started

  • vic tha brick

    utorrent is just as fast, bitcomet is slightly as fast with even more features and a playback feature at no cost, free people download to get stuff free, why pay for such a small feature, most files while downloading can be played partially via vlc media player, i been using vuze for a week and quite frankly dont like it, its cluttered with to much stuff that is useless my primary goal is not to live within the torrent application but to download, thats the problem with these applications now – a – days, you think u know what people want, ur just stereo type, and so are a majority of users.

  • xam

    thanks a lot vuze..your such a great help ^^



  • blackops87

    the same thing keeps coming up every time i search. It wont download so how is this improved exactly..?

  • charles west

    I can’t delete harry potter movie ????charles west The movie was sooo bad .. could hear people laffing and coughing. very disapointed!!!

  • Seanie

    My vuze isn’t letting me download full films now… whyyyy?

  • deepak


  • bob


  • Akbar

    Well its good to know someone is doing the good job for people entertaintment.

  • niAMH

    i am really confused…i have just downloaded vuze onto a new computer but it doesnt seem to find as much as it used to.
    I dont seem to have as many option in regards to searchs to use.
    am i not using it properly, or is there something missing?

  • shajoo

    great !

  • jasu

    Its ok but its still not fast.

  • David Israel

    I would argue that education around the world should be free, but unfortunately not so. but Vuze balances reality and makes real what should be. Thanks Vuze for helping the world…

  • Barb

    I’ve downloaded Vuze+ for the first time but I can’t see any films to download, only trailers. I contacted Support 4 days ago but have not received a reply. Can anyone help please?

  • bashar


  • anthony&jhoan

    guys! can u help me! how can i activate the feeding frenzy? i already finished downloading it! but i can’t play it! waaaaa! can anybody help me! plssssssssssss………

  • raymond fougere

    love this site just what i was looking for