Now playing on thousands of devices…

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That’s right…  Device Playback is now being turned on for thousands of your favorite devices.  To date, we’ve focused on adding devices that you’re using in the real world to watch content on your TV and mobile screens.  As a result, we started with iOS, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PSP, and then moved on to Android, Blackberry, and Apple TV (yes, we launched these features years ago, unlike some other very tiny clients that are just getting around to it now :) ).  Today, we’re continuing this crusade to unleash your content on your mobile and TV screens by adding all DLNA-supported devices (including many of your favorite Connected TVs), a few additional Android devices, and more.

New Devices:  Connected TVs, Android, and More

What’s DLNA, you ask?  Many of the TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, and other devices you’ve bought in the past few years likely included the above logo on the device or box.

Thousands upon thousands of devices from 245 of the top global electronics brands you know and love now include support for DLNA, including Connected TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, and Philips.   In addition, set-top boxes, PCs, and game consoles often include support for DLNA.  With this release, most DLNA-supported devices should now show up in your Vuze Sidebar (assuming they’re connected to the same home network as Vuze) making it possible to stream directly from Vuze to the DLNA device of your choice.  Once you spot your device name under Device Playback in the Sidebar, simply drag-and-drop.

We’ve also added support for Samsung Galaxy S II, Sony Ericsson Xperia, Netgear NeoTV, and Iomega ScreenPlay.

Faster, More Stable

And finally, a Vuze release wouldn’t be complete without updating the underlying code to make Vuze faster, more responsive, and more stable (with the benefits coming primarily from an SWT update in this release, for the geeks among us who care what’s under the hood).

Download Vuze 4.7 and give it a try.

As always, let us know what you think!

Vuze Team

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Guest Contributor

  • kerry

    I’v have purchased vuzes plus, if I download vuzes 4.7 will it just update the vuzes plus?

  • wapa

    what about vuze devices on ubuntu??????

  • Rik

    Downloaded, lots of DLNA talk, in fact loads of talk on the forum – unanswered.

    Samsung LED 6000 series still has no pause, FFWD or REW

    Id buy Vuse + in a heartbeat if this simple thing was fixed.



  • Cal

    I agree with Rik! MUST have DLNA pause on Samsung LED 6000 series.

  • marcos umaguing jr

    is this update for free, the vuze ver 4.7? i’m a vuze user ever since..

  • Vernon

    Can we PLEASE get support for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1???

  • SPX

    Hi, Vuze team!

    I have been using Vuze for about a few months and I admit proudly that this is the best torrent client we could ever find round the globe!

    Thank you for providing a software like this and all the best for your future endeavors!

  • fermin basilio

    me encanta vajarme cualquier cosa de vuze esta muy bien y cada vez bajas mas cosas yo personalmente me e bajado unas 190 pelis que se ven muy bien

  • Marcy

    Is the Roku player being considered by Vuze for the future? I sure can’t afford to purchase another gadget to enable viewing Vuze content on TV. Vuze is amazing, though! Thanks for the great viewing!

  • john heaney

    vuze is an awesome downloading website have subscribe quite a few time for something wothwhile well done vuze.

  • ben

    vuze is cool

  • D. Parsons

    When I got this site, I paid a lot of money on my credit card, I thought I was getting the Vuze plus, but I only got the free version, I went to the page to retreive my activation code, it says email not found. Why did I pay 60.00 for something free? Can someone help me?

  • Simon

    when searching, in the “show results from” area, I can only see Vuze, Mininova and subscriptions. I’m now in Canada, however, when I was living in Hong Kong there were many more sites to search within. Ideas?

  • Dora

    I downloaded Vuse, but I can’t get it to work for music downloads. What am I doing wrong?

  • Scooter_Man

    I am a new user to Vuse and i liked it so much I just had to go pro. I am still learning how to use this great App. If anyone who uses vuse Pro and you dont mind could you please let me know some good tricks on using this program and please send me links that teaches you how to use this correctly. I really dont want to go through all the links just to read about how the did the updates and such. I would like to be sent to links that teach me the best way to use this program. Great Job Vuse Team. this program is really the best. I also would like to know how to use this program so that I dont screw anyone over by sending them files that take days instead of a few hours or how ever long its really suppose to send them out. Thankd…..
    P.S. it was worth the 24.99 For the Pro Version. And Yes if you update your version of your vuse it will update itself back to the Pro Version.
    Sincerely Scooter_Man

  • j cat

    TO: D Parsons, on the free vuze you downloade click on the help on the top and the activation number should be there.

  • Johnbclay

    It was good, but not now. What’s happened? It won’t do very much at all. Others are complaining too. It just doesn’t work any more. Pity. It was very good. Is anything being done about his?

  • Thomas Carlucci

    I am a new user of Vuze and have enjoyed the movies I have so far downloaded. However, I would very much like to see a Glossary of terms. I don’t want to post questions about terminology and have to wait hours or days, even, to have terms explained to me.

    I am an intermediate computer user, but I started with computers in 1968–ancient history. If I could look up terminology used when searches list the results, I would better understand what is going on, what to download, and what not do download. I know enough about computers and programming to understand adding an update which included a Glossary or link to one would not be a daunting task.

    The only other “problem” I have is how Vuze slows down my computer quite significantly. Perhaps that is unavoidable and due to the speed of my computer, Internet connection, and host sites.

    Overall, I am pleased with the program.

  • Raji

    Very much like Vuze…just downloade the V.7 version
    Just to add that it is an awesome download programme…
    Many thanks to the people behind it…Well done, R

  • john heaney

    anybody that has vuze and does hot understand it is on the wrong brainwave as it is unreal the films i have downloaded before they were shown in the to vuze do not use my second name for security reasons thank-you john.

  • john heaney

    just to add a footnote my download speed for the current film i am downloading is over 600 kbs which is awesome by my standards keep it going vuze you are the 1.john.

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  • ben

    belkin play max wireless router is keeping offline.Your torrent genie is not true it will not work as what they say even your pc off it continues downloading

  • ben

    its not true to your torrent genie it kept dowloading even your pc is off.Its really fake

  • Bloppe

    When will you fix forward/rewind/pause on samsung tv’s? I agree that would make me buy vuze!

  • stef

    have since yesterday Windows 7, have istalled Vuze 4.7, bud cannot download complete movies anymore. Can you please help me or any advice. Thank you very mutch.

  • Ramirez

    Vuze is truly the worst client I have every seen, tries to do a lot but the result is that it is so bulky clumsy HW resources consuming adware. It is good according to windows-based standards, epic fail on Mac.

  • Guy

    I just bought Vuze + and nothing works. I have no download working at all. Could you help me please.
    Thank you

  • Mathias

    If you go to this site you can get a llot more templates and get a wider search, it works in seconds !! ;P

  • Walt

    Is there an app for the Vizio equipment.

  • m.blackford

    I’m not a PC junkie but, I was shown vuze a long time ago and still use it today! Its never been any trouble at all, easy to use, clear and accurate! Does what it says on the tin! well done to the ‘vuze boffins’

  • Chris

    have a samsung nexus s (android) just sucessfully copied 2 movies to my handset , using mx video player to watch videos ! use of generic device playback driver! works great!

  • in2h20

    Great soft. Used it with pleasure, but tomorrow I am moving forward to tablet world. It is not Apple and I do not think too much of Android.
    From tomorrow I ll enjoy webOS. So, Vuze, how about joining me )))
    Great work, guys !

  • antonio

    I like vuze is the best. but can you make a app so i can get vuze on my iphone. plz… thanx vuze is that best movies download ever…….

  • keith

    does anyone have a account. im looking to get an invite

  • Jim mf jordan

    I can’t find the music I want, what am I doing wrong. somebody please email me with some kind of advice, Just trying to download some simple songs to my hard drive and be done with it. Please help. Just paid for this and can’t find my problem, maybe I am too tired. email me please at jord00a! thanks in advance

  • Jim mf jordan
  • Simon

    To D. Parsons, no-one can help you if you paid 60.00 for a free product. Its because you’re an idiot.

  • pro flight simulator

    Very much like Vuze…just downloade the V.7 version

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  • Patty

    How do I transfer my movies in Vuze library to my IPad?

  • eugene

    apple tv 2 and ps3 not showing in device list need help

  • lee50

    to marcos umaguing jr yes the vuze 4.7 ver is FREE

  • Dileep Rao

    my version of Vuze does not have a sidebar at all. What am I doing wrong?


  • Robin

    I have my Panasonic Viera GT30 show up in devices. I added a video to convert for my tv. How do i watch it on my tv? Before i was connecting the MacBook Pro to the tv with a hdmi cable but this says i can just stream in using the wireless network….BUT HOW?

  • Siti

    Hi..I’m new here..anybody help me how to use vuse..thanks a lot..:-)

  • Somebody

    Great job guys!

  • Keenan

    Before I download V4.7, will device playback work on a Symbian OS?

  • Steve

    Hello, I had the free version of Vuze a while ago, and I had to reinstall my operating system. After my install, I downloaded the free version of Vuze like I had before, but now I can’t get any results when I search for movies. I even tried movies that I knew for sure was available in the past, but still no results.

    Can anybody advise please, do I have to modify the configuration settings, does the problem has anything to do with my settings, or do I need to just get the pro to get results?

    please let me know, and thanks in advance. you can post your response here or to make it easy for my email them to me at thanks again.

  • David

    I only have I Tunes and the Samsung Spica. How do I add more devices????


    ca serait bien de traduire le texte en francais je ne parle pas l anglais merci

  • Toni H.

    I Have Vuze to download movies, but it used to be good but the last week it has been very slow in down loading . What is the problem and how do I fix it???
    Please help me fix it asap as I would like to use it more,
    Thank you

  • Dermot – Irelans

    I have just downloaded the free Vuze version to down loads music,films etc, is there any way I can use this to get better files, anytime I search something it never comes in green, ie a waste of time!!


  • Lynette

    If you paid for vuze pro and you upgrade to 4.7 do you have to pay for it?

  • Gerard Majerus

    I am using Vuze Plus, how do upgrade to 4.7?
    Thank you.

  • K McIntyre

    vuze downloads will not sync with itunes

  • chris

    I like Vuze…just downloade the V.7 version
    Just to add that it is an awesome download programme…How do I re-</a size it.

    Many thanks to the people behind it…Well done, C

  • Kenneth.edwards ( a youngish 74 yr old)

    I have just installed Vuze Plus on my new laptop,after useing it on my tower set before with no problems .but now when Idownload a movie Iget a page of letters and numbers instead of movie details ,can anyone help me to sort this problem out .as Iam no computer wizz kidd

  • Victor Gonzales

    I downloaded Vuze and it will not let me download any movies. giv me a phone # to call you and talk to someone

  • Sand

    i dont understand the process. My friend shown me that she is downloading so many movies and all the time that i do reseach i get no movies, no music… :( i lost my money…
    Is somebody can help me?

  • Aaron

    Ive just installed a 2nd version of VUZE on my mac mini (loved the one i installed on mac book pro), any who, how come i don’t have the same list of torrents that i can use in my mac mini version? on my macbook pro VUSE, i had a massive list of torrents that i could add?

    please help, so i can continue to enjoy this application

  • Phillip Collins

    I love this piece of software, couldn’t live with out it,

    well i could but wouldn’t want to

  • Roy

    I can not get Vuze to work with windows 7 because of the lack of support for xp I am going to have to change to windows 7 if I can’t get Vuze to work on windows 7 there is no need for me to renew. Do you have a fix?

  • sulli

    will there be support to stream to the wii

  • Jezza

    I recently uninstalled Vuze for a period of 2 weeks and then when i reinstalled Vuze only trailors come up and i noticed that no peers come up regardless as to what i attempt to download. As it is Vuze is not worth using… Can some one help me or at least recommend another download website i could use?

  • geoff

    i cannot get a catagory choice

  • SpotDog

    gawd what a bunch of whingers most of the commenters are! Vuze is a damn fine programme and if you don’t get the result you want use the your skills of inquiry to research the answer or at the very least read the FAQ.

  • Dawood

    how many dvds can u burn wit ta free vuze

  • Nestor

    VUZE its been great, but I am wondering how do I get to play movies at regular speeds, it seems that there is some movies that have dragg and some that the audio is way ahead of the video, how do I fix this, you help much appreciated…thanks Nestor

  • Wendy

    when are you going to have vuze for Acer Aconia tablets

  • Beth Bell

    I’m having a problem with vuze, I am not getting any results for anything that i want to search for either a tv show or even movies, i keep getting trailers and not search results for the whole thing, i have talked to other viewers and they are not having the problem I’m having. I have the updated verison and everyting. Can anyone help me with this problem. Thank You

  • ronald

    i need to watch movies on vuze but i don’t know what can i do?

  • 2Smooth

    I get this message Error: SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18 Rather then using the fix it I waited for the new version 4.7

    I have 4.6 Vuze Pluse version . If I download the 4.7 will the Pluse version update with it.

  • thomas

    ive been using vuze for a few years and found it to be really cool.
    thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!keep up the good work

  • Rich

    Can we get support for Windows phones such as HTC HD2 please ?

  • elena

    i’m a fun of vuze

  • rueben

    please find a solution to make the vuze content even more faster.anyway i’ve used vuze for 6months,great creation.

  • Xan

    I agree with D.Parson,I paid for Vuze plus but only got what you get for free.what did I pay for?

  • Ehmadah

    i have an account vuze+ and want to install it on my new laptop. how can i transfer my subscription on the new computer?

  • karou113olies

    is this update for free, the vuze ver 4.7? i’m a vuze user ever since..

  • hulk5130

    hi vuze team make the vuze remote more powerfull that we can download any thing go with out conecting with pc

  • Angel

    Buenas tardes.
    Lleve el ordenador a limìar y al cargar de nuevo vuze, veo que no puedo acceder a la busqueda de ninguna pelicula.
    Os ha pasado esto alguna vez.
    Hay que suscribir una anualidad?

  • Ray A.

    I had to do a reinstall of Vuze but only bring back results from 2 sites and all trailers. What happen in 4.7? What do I need to do to get more returns.


    This is amazing software. I just purchased the year. Being able to burn the movies right to disk is amazingggg.. Thanks so much for this. I can’t believe I am just finding out about this software. You are a lifesaver

  • ifran

    nice but some more fast means nice
    thank you

  • maxall

    Vuze is freaking amazing. this is exactly what i use to get around with anything and everything with computer programs, music everything. makes my life a TON easier and better. i’m definitly buying vuze pro soon, great program and great guys making it well freaking done. just one question…could you please let iphones connect too?

  • Pradeepkumar

    How can I watch music videos? Previously I used to wach music videos in Vuze. Pls help me.

  • sam o

    does vuze work with ipad 2

  • nic

    when will the android tablets be supported??

  • M Hernandez

    maybe it just me but why is that vuze no longer allows me to stream to my ps3???

  • noe&chino

    por favor alguien que me diga como me bajo las pelis aki k no tengo ni idea

  • Melanie

    Can we get support for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10……. Please thx

  • Vicente

    Cuando necesito algo que no lo encuentro en ningún sitio, la solución casi siempre es Vuze

  • Regina

    I am a Vuze Lover, don’t really know what I am doing a lot of times. But I love to download my music for myself. I have fun doing it. Are there links for easy understanding? I am always afraid when it tells me something to go there and this and that, so I never venture. I do not want to get in trouble and ruin my computer.
    I started with Frostwire and paid for it and they also gave me Vuze and thought I would never use it. Wrong! I love Vuze.
    Thanks, Vuze!

  • curiousgeo

    I stumbled onto this site and operated some of the short films, it was quite interesting. But, like anything I like to research the pros & cons. After some of the comments, I’m quite hesitant to download even though it seems to be a free app there are consequences like the automatic downloads regardless if the pc is in off mode. The danger there, for me, how much memory is used and the capacity of the pc. I use my pc for business and I can’t afford to slow down or shut down. So, I’ll make sure to pop in/out and once this site is in full operation with minimal error I’ll consider it. Although, one huge question still comes to mind. What exactly does it do? Streams video or digital content with the ability to transport to certain devices. Is it similar to Netflix but more because of added content. Someone please advise. Thank you!

  • Sig

    I agree with Rik and Cal! MUST have DLNA pause on Samsung LED 6000 series.

  • marcel0104

    waarom kan ik geen xvid kijken wel downlode maar niet kijken hoe kan dit.?

  • Couttsy

    My Vuze plus loads uo and the just crashes after a minute or so???? Help

  • sami

    thanks for all

  • Patsy

    I have had Vuze for a long time but now I can’t find any of the music I am searchilng for (it is only showing videos and they have nothing to do with what I am looking for)

    I have had no probs with Vuze until now. Hope someone can help me…I must be doing something wrong

  • barney

    just downloaded vuze on to my new laptop but half the torrents are missing,how do i get KICKASS and BT back on vuze please

  • brianna

    i just downloaded vuze..and it is only searching 3 places, mininova, vuze and subscriptions…
    and when i press add/edit…idk how to add other places for vuse to search from..its asking for templates as well……i have used vuze before and its on my recent laptop…it had a bunch of places it search from..and i didnt need to add/edit any of it…..

  • fra

    io nn lo ancora capito