Vuze 5.1 Software Release Now Available

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The Vuze development team is proud to announce the immediate release of Vuze 5.1. Updates to the torrent client software include new functionality, and many small changes and bug fixes.


What Are The New Features In Vuze 5.1?

Vuze 5.1 includes a number of updates to the client, providing an improved user interface (UI) with enhanced usability and efficiency, improved performance and some critical bug fixes (for example elimination of some deadlock conditions). Some of the features and benefits found in Vuze 5.1 are highlighted below:


New Open Torrent dialog design

Open Torrent Dialog split into a torrent selector window and a torrent open options window.  The options window has been simplified to initially show you less settings, letting you focus on the most important task — viewing the list of files in the torrent.


Tags Overview

There is now an additional view to manage and view your tags and there are a number of new per-tag features to bring capabilities closer to that of categories, along with additional ones such as ‘move on complete’ and ‘minimum share ratio':



Torrent file availability

Users can view an optional column in the torrent file details tab that shows the availability of the torrent file as a measure of the minimum availability of each of its pieces. Useful for torrents that are comprised of many files, which peers selectively download and that may no longer be available.


Mark multiple torrents as Watched

When selecting multiple torrents in conjunction with the ‘watched’ button users no longer have to individually unselect them. Fewer clicks speed up the torrent file management process.


Per-Torrent Share Ratio Seeding Rules

Beyond global rule set-up within the client, you can now set the share ratio for  individual torrents rules for better control of a torrent file among peers and overall seeding efficiency.


Extensible column options

The torrent client software now allows users to edit column headings and tailor to meet their needs. In addition, torrent file download/upload peak and average speed stats have been implemented.


Amend transfer stats

Stats can be reset for users with transfer caps on data usage. Collected statistics can revert to either a specific point in time or since time of install.


Additional features included in this release

  • Option to show/hide rank column icon
  • Add tags column to library view
  • Per-file availability to column
  • Option to toggle the ‘new’ download state for multiple selections


What Fixes Are In Vuze 5.1?

The Vuze 5.1 release also fixes several bugs that have been reported in the previous version of the torrent client software. A summary of fixes are shared below:

  • Min/max button displayed in tab view
  • Toolbar selection issues have been repaired
  • Sidebar pop-up menu reinstated
  • Better sidebar auto-opening handling over restarts
  • Better icon transparency on Windows 8
  • DNS config section wiki link fixed
  • ‘New’ indicator now cleared for ‘launch’ actions
  • Hidden column sort function fixed
  • Authentication dialog with deadlock corrected
  • Newly added subscriptions show correctly
  • Fixed sort order in file on index column
  • Console view to library tabs enabled via logging
  • Fix for firewalls closing UDP listen ports and preventing rebinding
  • Corrected triggering of swarm discoveries


What Is The Cost of Vuze 5.1?

As always, all releases are free of charge for users of both Vuze and Vuze Plus torrent client software.

We hope you enjoy the updates we’ve rolled out in Vuze 5.1. Please let us know what you think and don’t forget to share ideas on features that you’d like to see in the future by visiting


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Sarah Hartshorn is a marketing, public relations and social media professional with Vuze. She blogs about content, torrents, social media and a number of other tech topics. Sarah has been involved with traditional and digital marketing since 1998.
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  • L Shapiro

    Why can’t I speak to a live person?

  • bobthedino2000

    Vuze for Mac seems to demand Java 6, even though I have Java 7 installed. Java 6 is old and unsupported, so you should definitely be supporting Java 7.

    • DrTeeth

      WRONG! Been using Java 7 with Vuze since the former was released without issue.

  • stacyuk

    My Vuse is not working

  • stacyuk


  • bonnyboy

    how can i get vuze plus to work on windows 8

  • Richard

    Vuze was working well with OS X Mountain Lion. Just upgraded to OS X Mavericks and now Vuze simly refuses to open.

    • michael o’sullivan

      the problem is when the screen goes to sleep.go to preferences and set the screen sleep to never and also turn off the screen saver and it works fine.if you can see vuze on your screen it works,if not then it won’t.its that simple.i use it like this and it works fine.

      • Richard

        Thanks Mike, turns out Vuze needs a newer version of Java.
        Once I restarted, a window popped up with a download choice for
        the version of Java that it needed. I did that, and bingo, Vuze once again is running great.

        • michael o’sullivan

          i did the same thing straight away after installing mavericks so it worked straight away for me but when the screen goes to sleep so does vuze. probably something to do with app nap. check yours after the screen goes to sleep to see if it hangs. i got up in the morning expecting my torrent to be finished but it was where i left it when i went to bed. as soon as i woke the screen though it took off again so you will likely have the same problem.if you do see my previous comment.

          • Richard

            Yes Mike, same problem here with sleep. However, it’s not an issue for me. If I want to download something overnight
            I simply tell it to never go to sleep, in system preferences.

          • michael o’sullivan

            don’t forget to turn off screensaver too.if vuze is not on the screen it will not word,period.

  • Peter

    “improved user interface (UI)” Pff, you destroyed the search interface, now I’m searching for a way to downgrade or maybe I will just download a different torrent app…

    • Matthew Schmidt

      I agree. The new search interface has some truly terrible changes. Please restore the old one!