It’s Arrived! New Vuze Remote Application For Android Officially Launches

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New Vuze Remote application for Android has arrived. Managing torrents just got a whole lot easier. The Vuze Remote™ application for Android has arrived.

We’ve combined convenience and function in a light app for Vuze users on the go. Torrent files from the car, the gym or just about anywhere. Vuze Remote liberates users from desktop file sharing and empowers them with the ability to torrent when they want and from where they want. Equipped with user-friendly features and a straightforward install, Vuze Remote pairs torrent technology with your mobile device.

Vuze Remote app features

Have a book torrent that you want to read, but you’re away from your Vuze desktop client? Not a problem. Just use the Vuze Remote app to control torrent file downloads, check the status of torrents and more.

With the Vuze Remote app you can:

  • Search for torrents directly from your device & add to your desktop client
  • Manage torrent progress
  • Set torrent file download/upload speeds
  • Create login profiles to connect multiple remote computers
  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Advanced login controls and supports Transmission bittorrent client
  • Ad free experience

Getting started is simple. Install, connect, launch and done. Read on for a walk-through.

Install Vuze Remote app

Head over to Google Play and download the Vuze Remote application to your mobile device.

Next, access your Vuze desktop client to get your Remote pairing access code. Click Tools from the main navigation and then choose Remote Pairing in the dropdown menu.

Get your Vuze Remote pairing code via Tools in the client menu.

The pop-up window will walk you through the process of generating a unique Remote Pairing alphanumeric code.

A unique Vuze Remote pairing code in the pop-up window.

Use your unique pairing code to sync your Vuze Remote app with your Vuze desktop client. Enter into the app, click connect and done.

Questions and additional information about Remote Pairing is available on the Vuze Wiki. For a complete step-by-step guide read the Vuze Remote application for Android guide.

Need help? Please visit our Vuze Remote application for Android forum. Have a suggestion? Please contact Vuze by visiting


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  • Dennis Bareis

    If it was that easier, it would be working for me.

    • Vuze Blog

      Hi Dennis, sorry to hear about your trouble with the new app. Please visit our forum so we may help you. There’s a an area dedicated to the Vuze Remote app for Android at: Thank you for sharing. Hope we can provide assistance in the forum. :)

      • Dennis Bareis

        I got it working. The bugs in the remote and the undocumented lack of https support and lack of general information such that it uses the “Vuze Web Remote” settings didn’t help any. Because of the bugs I couldn’t EDIT settings but had to re-enter them again for every attempt and then even when successful they weren’t always saved…