Abracadabra Alkazam! 7 Magic Book Torrents To Celebrate National Magic Week

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Learn new card tricks from these magic book torrents.

Photo by stevendepolo, Flickr

Time to brush up on your wizardry skills and celebrate National Magic Week with some vintage magic book torrents. According to the Society of American Magicians (SAM) it runs from October 25 to October 31 throughout the United States and recognizes the death of Harry Houdini, as well as highlight the charitable work that SAM performs throughout the year.

Historically, magic is associated with many different forms — illusions, paranormal or ritual, supernatural, hypnotists, mentalists and even escape artists. All forms of magic really boil down to misdirection and deception by way of entertainment and/or performance. Coin tricks, levitations, even penetrations, like David Blaine’s famous card trick through the window, leave us mesmerized, baffled and amazed.

So, in observation of National Magic Week, and in the ghoulish spirit of Halloween, we’ve curated a collection of original magic book torrents for you to peruse. Many of these magic torrent books reveal secrets to original parlor tricks and other famous slight of hand. Special thanks to the InternetArchive.org for sharing.

Magic book torrents in the public domain

1) Magic; stage illusions and scientific diversions, including trick photography (1897), Albert A. Hopkins

2) The Adventurous life of a versatile artist: Houdini (1922), Harry Houdini

3) Modern magic: A practical treatise on the art of conjuring (1904), Professor Hoffman

4) Parlour magic (1838), Henry Perkins

5) Tricks and magic made easy (1919), Edward Summers Squier, M.A

6) How to become a magician (1882), Aaron Warford

7) The practical magician and ventriloquist’s guide: a practical manual of fireside magic and conjuring illusions: containing also complete instructions for acquiring & practising the art of ventriloquism (1876), Harry Houdini Collection

What are some of your favorite magic tricks that you’ve seen? Do you prefer street magic or elaborate performances? Share your comments with us.


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