Dystopian Book Torrents That Are Worth Reading

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Dystopian book torrents in the public domain.

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Oh dystopia, a horror to exist in, but a delightful genre to read. A sub-genre of science fiction, dystopian themed books are one of the fastest growing segments in the publishing world today.

Perhaps it’s because readers resonate with governmental restrictiveness or alienation of individual rights, or maybe it’s nothing more than simple escapism through reading. Either way, figures reported for the sales of dystopian literature are up 150 percent since 2006. Furthermore, when news broke about NSA surveillance back in June this year Amazon shared that Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 jumped 6,021 percent in 24 hours.

If books about futuristic, oppressive societies are things that you like to curl up with then you’ll want to check out this assortment of dystopian book torrents available in the public domain. All can be found via the InternetArchive.org and PlaneteBook.com.

Dystopian book torrents

1) Anthem, Ayn Rand (audio book)

2) The Iron Heel, Jack London (audio book)

3) Crome Yellow, Aldous Huxley (ebook)

4) The Foundation Trilogy, Isaac Asimov (audio book)

5) The Last Man, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (ebook)

6) 1984, George Orwell (ebook)

7) The Machine Stops, E. M. Forster (ebook)

8) The Sleeper Awakes, H.G. Wells (ebook)

Other science fiction book sub-genres that are worth exploring include cyberpunk, post apocalyptic and artificial intelligence. Although they all intersect with science fiction they examine the future in different ways and through other viewpoints. Stay tuned for more on these themes in future posts.


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