Top 7 Hunger Games Video Parodies

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Photo by Erin Kohlenberg Photo, Flickr

Photo by Erin Kohlenberg Photo, Flickr

When writer Suzanne Collins released The Hunger Games trilogy she didn’t know that it would go on to become an international bestseller, even outselling J. K. Rowling’s entire Harry Potter series. Collins also didn’t know that with fame comes fun and that’s precisely the inspiration behind a flurry of Hunger Games video parodies.

It’s been said that a parody is the greatest compliment to the original and judging by the creativity that has been applied to some of these videos it’s tough to argue otherwise.

So, in celebration of Katniss, Peta and all the citizens in the Districts of Panem, we’ve decided do some scrounging on our own (for content, not for food, just to be clear) for brilliant parodies. Here are seven of the best Hunger Games video parodies that everyone is watching and buzzing about.

Hunger Games video parodies

1. Cookie Monster meets The Hunger Games

In Sesame Street’s, The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, Cookie Monster plays the character of Cookiness Evereat and is lured by the promise of cookies.

2. Lego Hunger Games

From Breaking Bad to episodes of The Wire, there isn’t much that a Lego fan won’t parody. The Lego version of The Hunger Games is spot one and well worth waiting for.

3. College Humor’s Hunger Games board game

Tweens can play the new Hunger Games board game and get dating tips from Haymitch and find out if their secret crush still has all their limbs in tact. Cinna’s makeup boutique included.

4. After The Hunger Games: Katniss Goes Corporate

Funny Or Die’s video shows Katniss navigating office culture and trying to assimilate into a more traditional job. It’s tough to win over co-workers when you show up wearing a bow and arrow.

5. Doctor Who and Hunger Game Mashup

Fellow nerds are rejoicing near and far! Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary episode and the new Catching Fire movie are combined into one fab video. Besides, who doesn’t love a good franchise mashup?

6. Kvetching Fire

Created by comedian Jon Rudnistsky, The Jewish Hunger Games: Kvetching Fire shows the Katniss battling temptations on Yom Kippur. Original, funny and one of the more clever parodies.

7. Honest Trailers’ The Hunger Games

Die-hard Hunger Games fans will be probably be riled up when they watch Honest Trailers parody. It points out every flaw in the movie’s plot, direction and cast of characters. With more than 5.3 million views it looks like fans are enjoying more than disliking.

Have you seen any funny Hunger Game parodies? What are some of your favorites?

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