Vuze 101 – How To Open Torrents With Vuze Bittorrent Client 5.2

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Photo by Marc Falardeau, Flickr

Photo by Marc Falardeau, Flickr

Whether you’re new to the world of torrents or just a new Vuze client user, we’ve got several resources set-up to help answer your questions, provide you with troubleshooting assistance and share simple tips and walk-throughs to enhance your Vuze experience.

One of our newest resources is the Vuze YouTube channel. We’ll be uploading help videos and how-to screencasts to highlight Vuze features and capabilities. Because everyone learns differently — visual, auditory and/or kinesthetic — we’re presenting a video, accompanying transcript and screenshots to watch, read and follow.

Assuming you’ve already downloaded and installed Vuze here’s the first mini-lesson of many on opening torrents with Vuze.

Watch the video – How To Open Torrents With Vuze

Read the video transcript

>> NARRATOR:        Welcome to Vuze Bittorrent Client video guides

>> NARRATOR:        How to open locally stored torrents with Vuze

>> NARRATOR:        Let’s start by selecting the ‘Open Torrents’ button from the top left corner.


>> NARRATOR:        To open a locally stored torrent file just click the ‘Add Files’ button, browse to where the torrent file is stored, select it and click ‘Open’.


>> NARRATOR:        If you wish to add a folder containing one or more torrent files, simply select ‘Add Folder’ and click ‘OK’.


>> NARRATOR:        That’s all for now. Thank you for watching and be sure to also tune in next time for more tips on using Vuze — until then happy downloading.

Additional resources

Product support

Please visit the Vuze Forum for additional support from our community and moderators.

Product ideas

Have a product suggestion or a feature request for Vuze? Head over to and submit your ideas.

Product guides

For complete step-by-step guides and other FAQs visit the Vuze Wiki.

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