Android Apps Graded On Privacy Behaviors With Privacy Tool

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New privacy tool PrivacyGrader shows privacy and permission levels of Android apps.

It’s no secret that when you install most Android apps to your device they tend to request a slew of extra permissions that often leave us scratching our heads. For instance, why would a game like Angry Birds need permission to read your phone status and identity? It certainly doesn’t help with game play and having access to this information is, well, kinda unsettling.

So, it turns out that a team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University felt similarly and they decided to do something about it. Enter the PrivacyGrade app for Android. PrivacyGrade assigns letter grades to smartphone apps based on their permission requests and privacy-behaviors. Apps that only use what they need in order to execute typically receive A’s, but others such as Drag Racing receive a D for full network access and information that is used for marketing and customer/analysis.

Watch the PrivacyGrade video to learn more

PrivacyGrade breaks down app permissions in a very simple and easy to read table so that you can get an overview of what and why behind the permissions. Using PrivacyGrade can help raise awareness of how private an app is, as well as make it easier to determine whether you’re comfortable installing an app that might have too much access to privacy sensitive information in your mobile device.

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