Vuze 101 – How To Burn DVDs With Vuze And Vuze Plus

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Learn how to burn a DVD with Vuze and Vuze Plus. For some Vuze users there may come a time when you’ll need or want to burn a DVD for your files or data on your computer. Even though there are many different types of software programs for DVD burning Vuze comes with a built-in DVD burner. This feature makes burning DVDs a snap and its much more convenient as opposed to installing separate DVD burning program. Today, we’ll walk you through how to burn DVDs with Vuze.

Bonus! Users of the free version of Vuze have access to one trial DVD burn. If you want unlimited burns, as well as access to built-in antivirus protection, the ability to play downloads still in progress and an ad-free experience, please consider upgrading to Vuze Plus.

For the purposes of this post we will be using filmmaker Grzegorz Jonkajtys’ (he goes by Greg) post-apocalyptic short film, Legacy. You can read more about Greg and his fantastic films in our recent interview with him.

Step 1 – Select your torrent file

Let’s get started. Open your Vuze bittorrent client and select a file from your Vuze library, or a folder from your system. Next, drag your file to the “+” symbol located in the left sidebar under “DVD Burn”.

Drag and drop your torrent file to Vuze's Burn DVD area.

Step 2 – Name your DVD

In the pop-up window, give your new DVD a name and select the appropriate video format for your region —NTSC for USA or PAL for Europe and other countries. Click “OK”.

NOTE: At this time, the Vuze DVD Burner is only compatible with burning video files.

From the Vuze burn DVD window name your file.

Step 3 – Insert a blank DVD

Next, you’ll see the DVD Burn screen. It will show you the name that you’ve selected for your DVD and the estimated size of your file(s). Insert a blank DVD into your laptop or computer. Vuze works best with “DVD+R” discs. Then choose the “Burn DVD” button.

View the progress of your DVD burn in Vuze.

You can view burn progress from this same screen

  • Authoring DVD
  • Burning – Initializing
  • Burning – Writing
  • Burning – Closing

Step 4 – Finish or burn additional DVDs

Once complete a pop-up window will appear enabling you to click “Finish”, which will delete any temporary files encoded for this DVD burn, or “Burn Again”, which will keep the temporary files so you can quickly burn additional copies.

Vuze let's you choose to burn additional copies of your DVD or finish. Easy peasy! Now take your new DVD and play on any DVD player and enjoy.

If you have questions or would like additional assistance, please visit our Vuze Forums or our Vuze Wiki. Keep your eyes open for our next Vuze 101 post in our ongoing how to series.

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Photo Credit: Daniel*1977 via CC

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    The estimated size of the file(s) do not match the actual size. Please explain how to fix. thanx