Support the Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance 2014

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Take action. Today is the Day We Fight Back Against mass surveillance.

Dubbed the Day We Fight Back, today marks a day of activism again NSA and other governmental surveillance and data collection agencies. Leading Internet groups and online platforms will mobilize to celebrate the anniversary of the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) blackout and honor the memory of computer programmer, political organizer and Internet activist, Aaron Swartz. Focused on civic awareness, Swartz founded the 527 group, Demand Progress, which helped spur opposition to SOPA and PIPA censorship legislation and the continuing the fight for a free, open and democratic Internet.

Why is Day We Fight Back important?

It’s been widely reported that the National Security Agency (NSA), Five Eyes and other affiliated intelligence partners have been collaborating on the development of a global surveillance infrastructure for spying on our digital communication. Domestically and overseas, hundreds of millions of people are being watched and every electronic action they take are being collected indiscriminately despite governments not having any proof that they’ve committed a crime or that they intend to.

Documents and information leaked by United States Army soldier, Bradley Manning, and former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, and published by major news outlets have exposed many controversial and frightening revelations connected to the privacy of individuals. Manning and Snowden have been called traitors by some and hailed as heroes by others (we’ll let you decide), but regardless of label, they’ve showcased the violation of human rights that are occurring for the entire world to see.

A worldwide movement, the Day We Fight Back will demand an end to mass surveillance and encourage lawmakers and politicians to action with policy reform and regulation of otherwise lawless agencies involved with erroneous and aggressive spying.

Who’s involved with setting up Day We Fight Back?

Organizers of the Day We Fight Back include: Demand Progress, Access, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Internet Taskforce, Fight For The Future (FFTF), Free Press, Mozilla, Reddit, ThoughtWorks and BoingBoing.

How can you show solidarity?

In 2013, digital rights activists united on a document called the 13 Principles, which updates understandings of existing human rights law to reflect modern surveillance technologies and techniques. Read the 13 Principles and take action to demand an end to mass surveillance by signing the Necessary & Proportionate petition. Ask friends and family to sign it too.

Use social media channels to inform and share how others can help:

  1. Visit the Day We Fight Back campaign Twibbon to easily post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter or circle on Google Plus.
  2. Update your social profile with a Stop The NSA overlay too.
  3. Share Day We Fight Back memes on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Share these Day We Fight Back memes on your social profiles.
  4. Join the Day We Fight Back conversation on Reddit and learn more about planning, organizing and advocating.
  5. Tell Day We Fight Back how you’re supporting and they’ll help spread the word:  contact(at)thedaywefightback(dot)org
  6. Attend a Day We Fight Back event in your local area

Be creative. Be vocal. Be active.

What will Day We Fight Back be doing?

More than 5,000 websites and counting will be hosting banners (just like the one on the Vuze blog) urging people to call Congress and contact their legislators to oppose the FISA Improvements Act and support the USA Freedom Act.

Even if you live abroad you can get involved. Push back against the powers and behaviors that go against democratic governance by signing the petition in the banner on the blog.

If your privacy is important to you, as well as open access to information then get involved with Day We Fight Back. Let us know how you plan to show support in the comments below.

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Sarah Hartshorn is a marketing, public relations and social media professional with Vuze. She blogs about content, torrents, social media and a number of other tech topics. Sarah has been involved with traditional and digital marketing since 1998.
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