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Download Bands Under The Radar's Nashville music bundle today.

Nashville. It’s called Music City for a reason. This famous city in Tennessee has a vibrant and thriving music base that goes well beyond a country-only genre. Over the past few decades the metropolis has been churning out some amazing indie rock performers that are reshaping the genre’s sounds, as well as common misperceptions of Nashville’s booming music scene.

Thanks to music curator, Kami Knake, she’s made discovering new post punk talent easy and exciting for the rest of us. In this month’s new Bands Under The Radar (BUTR) Nashville music bundle she’s put together a stable of 26 (we know, amazeballs) artists who hail from Nashville. For listeners with non-mainstream tastes, this eclectic round-up of artists delivers a powerful serving of stylish sound that makes indie rock so addicting.

What’s inside the Vuze BUTR Bundle

  • Seth Philpott – Nashville
  • Moon Taxi – Caberet
  • Goodbye June – Daisy
  • Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes – Phantoms
  • Brendan Benson – Bad for Me
  • Rossi – Ossetia
  • Ponychase – Friends
  • General Ghost – Give Me To The Waves
  • Hot Action Cop – House of Pain
  • Andrew Ripp – Falling For The Beat
  • Escondido – Black Roses
  • Matthew Perryman Jones – I Won’t Let You Down Again
  • Jeffrey James – All I Need Is You
  • The Hawk In Paris – Freaks
  • Butterfly Boucher – I Wanted To Be The Sun
  • The Harmaleighs – Last One Standing
  • Jameson Elder – Pony Ride
  • Jacob Thomas, Jr. – Justine
  • Modox – No Use
  • Juhi – Monoxide
  • Ghost Wars – Swear
  • Oaklynn – Shady Lady
  • John Salaway – Happy?
  • Them Vibes – Lorelei
  • Korby Lenker – If I Prove False to You
  • The Kicks – Till The Very End

Music bundle artist spotlight

Learn more about some of the artists in the new BUTR Nashville bundle

Moon Taxi

The band’s sophomore album, Cabaret, has an electronic influence with hints of folk, hip-hop and reggae that create a completely unique sound. The album’s title track has become an instant hit with indie rock enthusiasts. In November 2013, Moon Taxi made their first television debut on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Brendan Benson

Best known as a co-founder of American rock band The Raconteurs, Benson has a rich and extensive discography that continues to grow. Recently, he launched a proprietary label, Readymade Records, and is signing fresh acts and artists like, Cory Chisel, The Wandering Sons and Young Hines. Benson’s sound comes charged with hooks and wit fusing several genres together for pure pop perfection.

Hot Action Cop

Equipped with a sound that borrows from a blend of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, southern hip-hop and Bob Marley, Hot Action Cop is a completely one-of-a-kind group that has received worldwide, chart topping success with their recordings. Their new album drops this summer and is their first release since 2009. House of Pain is a featured single from the album.

Butterfly Boucher

Describing Butterfly Boucher as talented doesn’t do her justice. She’s more like brilliantly gifted musical prodigy from Australia who is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist to boot. Aside from releasing albums on major record labels, touring the U.S. and Europe, and opening for Sarah McLachlan and the Barenaked Ladies; Boucher has also recorded a duet with David Bowie, collaborated with several other rock groups, including Ten Out of Tenn and Elle Macho, plus had her music featured on several TV show soundtracks. Impressive resume! And her fabulously catchy, feel-good tunes will put a smile on your face.

Goodbye June

A band that formed as a result of tragedy when a family member passed away, three cousins came together to write and sing songs to comfort one another. Since then, Goodbye June has been honing their skills as songwriters, vocalists and musicians. Their track has shadows of black gospel, blues and old country hymns to create their own personal brand of indie rock.


A music duo comprised of veteran artist, Thom Donovan, and Nashville native, Kendall Morgan, Rossi is garnered the attention of several U.K. bloggers when they released their track Ossetia on social media networks. With vocals that ooze a haunting, ethereal quality and a classical guitar and experimental key backdrop, Rossi is a must-listen to band.

Seth Philpott

A country gentleman with a penchant for writing old soul, Philpott’s song Nashville evokes a timeless feeling of peace that only music can bring.

We’ve shared it once and we’ll share it again, all good things must come to an end sometime, so download the Vuze Bundle from Bands Under The Radar today. Get it while it’s hot!

Download the BUTR Nashville bundle from Vuze.

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