It’s Free Music Friday! Featuring Reggae Artist Desmond

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Free music from reggae artist Desmond.

For some reason the sound of reggae and ska always feels like summer is just around the corner. A little bit calypso, partly rock-n-roll and blended with the rocksteady sounds of ska it’s infectious and impossible not to smile when you hear it.

Brooklyn-based anti-reggae singer and songwriter Desmond exudes talent. He taps into the reggae rhythm and beats without practicing the reggae lifestyle (sans dreadlocks and ganga use) and his vocal skills are amazing, to say the least.

Desmond is sharing a free music download of his reggae EP Losers Never Win. Listeners can sample three songs and if you want more additional tracks can be purchased via iTunes.

Watch Desmond’s official Losers Never Win video

Desmond has a couple added bonuses to keep you connected to him. If you like his Facebook page and subscribe to his update he’ll send you a free song (awesome). Also, each Thursday on his blog he posts a new tune for you to listen to and enjoy. Pretty sweet.

Consider leaving a monetary tip for Desmond on Noisetrade to support him as an artist. Every penny counts and it helps him write and record new tracks too.

Please note that even though Desmond is making his music available for free it might not be ok for you to re-distribute that music. Any mention by us of any content is in support of the copyrights holders, and we discourage copyright infringement.

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