3 Online Android Forums That You Should Join

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Best Android forums to join or visit for help.

Whether you’re a first time Android user or a diehard Droid loyalist there’s always something new to learn about this popular mobile platform. There are hidden tricks, tips and tons of tried and true practices that can elevate your Android experience and help streamline daily activity.

But where can you go to find out the latest and greatest on Android? Instead of just Googling random advice there’s a better way. Android forums. These online Android communities are filled with information from folks who are passionate about their Android devices and who actually know a thing or two about navigating them.

To make it easier to focus on the right Android forum for you we’ve put together a selection of the best Android communities to join or just visit.

Android Central

Android Central is a great Android forum.

Android Central is a comprehensive news site that covers just about anything related to Android. They feature a help and how to section, privacy and protection, podcasts, an apps area and even a shop that sells accessories for your device. If you can’t find what you want in the forums then you’ll most likely find it on the main Android Central site. The forums are extremely well organized. Search or post by Android device, operating system, rumors, accessories and more.

Phandroid Android Forums

The Android forum on Phandroid has tons of Droid tips.

Not only does Phandroid share breaking Android news, but it also covers what’s trending in the wearables department and the latest from mobile carriers like Verizon and Sprint. Phandroid’s Android Forums are extensive and packed with forum topics covering Android games, media (ringtones), themes (wallpaper), a developer area, security and an archived zone for devices or subjects that might be off the beaten path.

XDA Developers

XDA Developers is a comprehensive Android forum.

Don’t let the name intimidate you. Although this forum initially began as a developer based forum it has evolved to include Android users. Launched in 2003, XDA Developers is considered to be the mecca of all Android forums, as well as one of the most widely respected and referred to.

Depending on your needs or what you might consider to be an important forum feature there are many other Android forums you can register with. Explore and let us know what you like best of least when it comes to Android forums.

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