Canopy Climbers Share A Free Music Download

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Listen to a free music download from Canopy Climbers. The weekend is just moments away and what better way to kick it off than with a dose of free music Friday featuring some original tracks from Canopy Climbers. Comprised of three friends based in different locations, Canopy Climbers assembles all of their music through a series of exchanges across the Internet. Pretty impressive considering the high-caliber heard in the finished product.

Watch Canopy Climbers’ video for their single Far

Canopy Climbers musician and band member, Cory Nelson shares, “We’re all at different places in life. We don’t really tour or play many shows. We just love creating music together, obviously at the same place and same time when we can, but as for now collaborating online is the best way to make it happen efficiently.”

The electronic alternative group has an easy going sound that sounds a bit like Phoenix or Mutemath — addicting and dreamy at the same time.

Canopy Climbers are making their EP Distances available as a free music download with the option to leave a monetary tip. Your generosity is a great way to support the band and it helps them to continue sharing free music too.

To learn more about Canopy Climbers like them on Facebook or head over to Amazon to purchase additional albums and tracks.

Happy listening!

Please note that even though Canopy Climbers is making downloadable music available for free it might not be ok for you to re-distribute that music if there are explicit or implied prohibitions. Any mention by us of any content is in support of the copyrights holders, and we discourage copyright infringement.

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