Vuze Plugins To Customize Your Vuze Desktop Client

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Use Vuze plugins to customize your desktop torrent client.

Long time Vuze Bittorrent Client users (and hopefully new users too) know that our torrent desktop software is open source. But, did you also know that there aret more than 100 unique plugins that you can install to customize your Vuze desktop client.

Vuze plugins span more than nine different categories, including: core, automation, remote access, networks, games and several others. Once you’ve found the Vuze plugin(s) that you want follow these installation tips.

Some of the Vuze featured plugins include:

Download Focus Plugin – pause torrent downloads and focus on and focus activity on a single torrent (then resume other downloads when complete)

Status Mailer – if you’re away from your desktop and need to keep tabs on your download this plugin will send you an email alert when it starts or completes

Torrent Maker – easily create multiple torrents from sub-directories of any parent folder in one fell swoop

Subtitle Downloader – automatically download video subtitles for movies once torrent download finishes

Instant Messaging Notifications – receive torrent status changes via IM to help better manage your torrents

If you’re an experienced programmer or savvy tech head you can build a plugin and share it with the Vuze community too. Read the Vuze Plugin Development Guide to learn more about getting started as a plugin contributor.

What are some of your favorite Vuze plugins? Are there any that you’d add to a plugin wish list? Share with us in the comments below.

We disclaim responsibility for plug-ins, among other things. Please read our terms of service.

Photo Credit: Jake Mates via CC

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