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New Vuze featured content includes the Country of Asylum novel.

After more than a decade’s long occupation of Iraq, US armed forces have slowly withdrawn to a minimal presence, however, the stress and strain of the war has impacted both ground forces and their families. Often times the effects of war go beyond the battlefield.

In the new T. Cole Andrews’ novel Country of Asylum the author examines an American soldier’s life in Iraq, his homecoming and journey of self-exploration. Chronicling his dangerous mission in Iraq and his turbulent return home a man discovers comes to recognize the true impact of war on himself and those closest to him.

Unlike other stories of war, Andrews focuses less on the regret of shots fired or unintended consequences and more on an element of humanism. Reflecting on how war changes those directly and indirectly involved gives a different meaning to the term ‘shattered lives’. Learning how to navigate war’s outcome and begin again can sometimes be more difficult than combat.

What’s inside the Country of Asylum book bundle

1. Country of Asylum by T. Cole Andrews (full edition, PDF)

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