Boost Privacy On Your Android & Stop Wi-Fi Leaks

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In case you were unaware it’s been recently discovered that many Android devices have been leaking Wi-Fi connection history. If someone is within range of your device there’s a possibility that your data may have been passed along too. Unfortunately, this means that any Wi-Fi names in your history log may have compromised your location — ‘home’ or ‘winter street work’.

Protecting your SSID (Service Set Identifier) information can be done with a software update, but as a secondary precaution there are some settings that should be adjusted on you device.

Access your device’s Settings and then go to Wi-Fi in the Settings menu. Depending on the model of your phone you should be able to update additional privacy options too.

By default ‘scanning available’ is turned on. Switch to off to prevent Google from searching for networks. Even if Wi-Fi isn’t active this feature will still run.

Shut down ‘keep Wi-Fi on during sleep’ to stop leaking. Keep in mind that this works on some Android devices, but not all.

To simplify future Wi-Fi settings and improve privacy consider using an app like AVG Wi-Fi Assistant or Screen Off Wi-Fi Off.

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