Easily Encrypt Android Data With Secrecy App

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Encrypt Android data with Secrecy app.

For some of us it’s hard to remember a time when smartphones weren’t around. If you wanted to share photos you had to get them printed and snail mail them. If you had an appointment then you better make sure to write it down and double-check the calendar (hanging on the wall) to make sure you kept it. Times have seriously changed.

When you think about all of the data and information that you store on your mobile devices it’s easy to see and say how our phones are our lives — in fact, almost quite literally. Everything from personal emails, signing documents, family pictures and so much more is stored on our handsets. That’s great for convenience, but finding a simple and effective way to protect that information is important. The US Supreme Court has even recognized that so much personal information is now kept on “smart phone” and tablets that a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy and, therefore, a search warrant should typically be sought and received before the police can search the contents.

A free Android app called Secrecy is a viable candidate to consider for encrypting your data. It allows you to set-up password protected areas for your pictures, videos or other types of files. Instead of storing these files as raw data in a hidden location Secrecy will completely encrypt your files.

The way Secrecy works is it lets you create vaults along with passwords to them. You can have as many vaults as you want. For instance, you could set-up a vault for just your photos and another one for your documents. To access the files within each vault you have to know its password. Another feature in Secrecy is Stealth Mode (available for donating users only). Ticking this feature in Secrecy’s settings hides the app entirely, which will help prevent anyone from clicking around in your phone looking for photos and such if it was lost or stolen.

Secrecy is like a two-in-one app. It hides your files in the password vaults and encrypts them when you’re not using them. To learn more about Secrecy visit Google Play.

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