Download The Americana Hipster II Music Bundle For Free

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Download BUTR's new American Hipster free music bundle.

Bands Under The Radar (BUTR) has assembled an all new music bundle, Americana Hipster II complete with 15 awesome indie tracks guaranteed to satisfy your inner-hipster craving for raw, non-commercialized indie talent. We’ve pulled some background info together to familiarize with a few select artists featured in this month’s BUTR music sampler.

Some of the indie artists featured in Americana Hipster II include:

Born in South Dakota, Sam Outlaw is a country singer residing in Los Angeles. Listening to Outlaw feels like waxing nostalgic to country legends like Merle Haggard and George Jones.

Get your southern rock on with Radiolucent and their flare for honky tonk that’s earned them a dedicated following and loyal fan base near and far. Fire up their track American Son and wrap yourself up in the sounds of true southern rock and roll.

The best way to describe Gibson Bull is he’s a little bit bluesy with a touch of folk and whole lotta heart. He delivers an honest sound that’s rich, authentic and new despite having a subtle peppering of Mumford & Sons. An excellent artist that you won’t want to miss.

What’s inside the BUTR Americana Hipster II free music bundle

  1. Dirty Sweet – Delilah
  2. Elise Davis – Make the Kill
  3. Ty Stone – Turnin’ You On
  4. Gibson Bull – Matilda
  5. David Garnham and the Reasons to Live – Thought I Knew Him Well

Songs exclusively available on Vuze include:

  1. Fabrizio and the Fever – Bubbly
  2. Jeffrey Philip Nelson -To Rely On Yourself
  3. Dominique Pruitt – To Win Your Heart
  4. Jon and Roy – Vibrant Scene
  5. Radiolucent – American Son
  6. The Far West – Across the Bed
  7. Sam Outlaw – Ghost Town
  8. Willie Sugarcapps – Energy
  9. Sons Of Fathers – Roots & Vine
  10. Justin Kalk Orchestra – Angel’s Share of Whisky

Click and enjoy! Download BUTR’s Americana Hipster II free music bundle today!

How to download Vuze content bundles

If you’ve never used Vuze and want the content bundle, here’s a mini-walkthrough to help get you started. Happy torrenting!

  1. Download and install Vuze or Vuze Leap
  2. Click here to get the bundle
  3. Drag and drop the bundle file into Vuze
  4. You’re done!

Having trouble downloading the bundle or would like assistance with installation? Please visit and our online community and moderators will be happy to assist you.

All rightsholders in this bundle have authorized their work for distribution via Vuze.

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