Check Out Free Fiction Short Story The Deed Of The Monkeys

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Shayna Krishnasamy shares a free fiction short story with readers.

Based in Montreal, author Shayna Krishnasamy is sharing a free fictional story download of The Deed of the Monkeys with readers. Krishnasamy is a matter-of-fact writer who doesn’t shy away from sharing personal truths about herself. A quick glance at her bio reveals a summary of her likes and dislikes, which is a refreshing and revealing take on what other scribes tend to share about themselves.

Krishnasamy’s short story The Deed of the Monkeys is a quick read (clocking in at around 2,300 words) but don’t mistake its brevity for lacking in substance. Originally published in a 2005 issue of The Fiddlehead magazine, The Deed of the Monkeys is a creepy good read.

Synopsis of The Deed of the Monkeys

“At a quiet restaurant in an unnamed city a man and a woman sit across from each other. She is distraught. He is quickly drunk. Neither can stop thinking of what they’ve just seen – a deed so brutal, so terrible as to leave the woman in tears. Was it a moment of meaningless urban violence or was it something more?”

If dark writing is something you crave then give some of Krishnasamy’s other books a try. You can find and purchase on Amazon.

Happy reading!

Please note that even though Shayna Krishnasamy is making her downloadable book available for free it might not be ok for you to re-distribute that book. Any mention by us of any content is in support of the copyrights holders, and we discourage copyright infringement.

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