For Secure Messaging Give OneOne A Spin

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OneOne app brings secure messaging to those looking for encryption.

For privacy-minded folks who have a hankering for messaging friends, but without sacrificing their personal information and chat records you’ll want to check out new messaging app OneOne. Because there are so many messaging apps that focus on privacy and anonymity it’s worth noting how OneOne distinguishes itself from the pack.

First off, OneOne doesn’t require registration, which means there’s no login or account creation process. Same thing goes for connecting social media accounts to OneOne. You can’t and OneOne doesn’t want you to. Sounds pretty good so far, right?

In terms of technology, OneOne encrypts and decrypts communication directly on your device. There’s no middleman (server or other tech) that you handoff to for translation. It’s all right there in the palm of your hand.

The way that OneOne works is by giving you seven ‘channels’ that you can use to launch encrypted conversations with people. You simply tap a channel, give it a label/name and then initiate your communication by sending an invite via email or by copy-pasting a link within the channel. It’s important to mention that all messages are automatically deleted after 24 hours, and either party (sender or receiver) can remove a channel whenever they choose. If the later takes place it will purge all messages between both parties.

OneOne is free and available for Android via Google Play. Download and check it out for yourself.

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Photo Credit: garryknight via CC

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