Wiper App Enables Free Encrypted Calling

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Make free encrypted calls with Wiper app.

On the Vuze blog we’ve written about many different types of private messaging apps available that work to protect your anonymity and preserve OTR communication. But, not all of them combine this service with encrypted phone calls until now. Wiper is a free app that offers secure, private calling to other Wiper app users. No Blackphone required.

Wiper places free encrypted voice calls through Wi-Fi and the developers claim that no call records or logs or stored. Get your friends, family or co-workers to download and install from Google Play and once they’re up and running you can dial-in without risking your privacy.

Apart from encrypted phone calls you can also use Wiper for encrypted filesharing. Additionally, Wiper provides screenshot protection so that others can’t forward your messages, photos or videos to anyone else. Keep in mind that this feature only works when connected to the web. If Airplane Mode is enabled other users can snap and share at will.

For a complete rundown on what Wiper can and can’t do check out the FAQs. Have you used Wiper or are you currently using it? What do you think so far? Tell us in the comments below.

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Photo Credit: Mark Fischer via CC

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