Use Email Privacy Tester To Check For Leaks

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Email Privacy Tester can check online accounts for leaks.

No matter what you do or where you go it’s pretty tough to avoid online tracking. Between cookies and tracking pixels nearly every aspect of your online activity is being logged and accounted for. But, did you know that tracking can happen through emails too? Many companies track the success of their email marketing campaigns to determine what’s working and what’s not. Unfortunately, this means that your privacy may be at stake.

Mike Cardwell runs email systems for a living. He’s also the developer behind a super handy tool known as Email Privacy Tester. Cardwell created Email Privacy Tester because he takes privacy seriously and wanted to be able to give folks a free and simple way to check their online email accounts for privacy leaks.

Email Privacy Tester looks for a variety of soft spots through a series of tests. You can click through the tests to see whether external or remote content is being blocked are made accessible. Cardwell’s privacy page provides a solid explanation and overview about how Email Privacy Tester works and how it utilizes what you share with the tool. He’s very transparent with how collected data is used so that you can use Email Privacy Tester with confidence.

You can review the full source code to learn more.

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