Myris Eyelock Offers Better Password Protection

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Eyelock's Myris gives password protection by scanning your iris. With all of the recent online security breaches making headlines these days — Heartbleed and Shellshock — there’s good reason to be more concerned over better password protection options. The tricky thing with passwords is trying to create a unique alphanumeric string that’s both easy to remember but tough for someone else to crack. Thanks to Eyelock’s Myris it’s about to get easier.

Myris is a USB add-on for your device that is used to authenticate your identity using your eye, or the iris. Similar to fingerprints there are not two irises that are exactly alike. The Myris works like a camera and it takes an image scan of your eye. Additionally, it uses AES 256-bity encryption and is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Watch the Myris video

The device comes at a price so be prepared to shell out some cash. At the time this post was written the Myris was retailing for just under $280. To learn more about the DNA identifying technology behind Myris and how it works to secure and password protect your devices and logins check out the product info sheet.

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