Download Dystopian Ebook The Lamp For A Fast-Paced Read

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Read dystopian ebook The Lamp by Jason Cunningham for free. Screenwriter and author Jason Cunningham has cooked up a dystopian thriller series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. To get acquainted Cunningham is making book one, The Lamp, available as a free download.

The novel tells the story of a famous boxer named Levi whose fall from grace leaves him near penniless. Trying to make ends meet he is befriended by a teenage grifter. Soon after, Levi receives an inheritance from a mysterious benefactor. He discovers that this gift has a unique power that he must protect while he attempts to uncover the identity of the bestower and avoid those who are hunting him to steal it away.

The Lamp melds fright with action and delivers a solid read in less than 300 pages. Visit Cunningham on Amazon to purchase other books in The Lamp series to see how this fictional dystopian thriller ends. While you’re there make sure to leave a review too.

Happy reading!

Please note that even though Jason Cunningham is making his downloadable book available for free it might not be ok for you to re-distribute that book. Any mention by us of any content or authors is in support of the copyrights holders, and we discourage copyright infringement.

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