Online DOS Games Available For Play On Internet Archive

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Long before Oculus Rift and MMORPG games existed and way before high-quality graphic cards and roaring sound effects were around there was another type of game genre. DOS. And depending on your age (hello, early 1980s) you may have even played DOS games as a kid. Fortunately for those who like to wax nostalgic the Internet Archive has released nearly 2300 MS-DOS PC games that you can play directly from your browser. Hurray!

There are mountains of old favorites in the release. All DOS games are played through DosBox, which streams to your local computer. This makes it easy to search for a game and then click to play once it’s loaded.

There have been reports about DosBox not loading or causing some glitches (its uses a ton of CPU since it’s streaming). Make sure that you’ve enabled JavaScript and that you’re not using Microsoft Internet Explorer as a browser. Otherwise, you should be good to go.

All DOS games are emulated—command prompts and boot screens—and one important thing to keep in mind is that you can’t save gameplay. Because it’s running as a virtual machine (of sorts) once you close your browser tab/window the game is over and you’ll need to start from the beginning (boo).

Here are some of the classics that you can find in the DOS game collection:

The Oregon Trail


Play retro DOS games like The Oregon Trail online.

Make the trek from Independence, Missouri to the Willamette River Valley in Oregon in this adventure simulation game. You’ll need to stock up on provisions and make tough decision along the way in order to survive the rugged trip out west.

The Lost Vikings

DOS games like The Lost Vikings are now online.

When Olaf the Stout, Eric the Swift and Baleog the Fierce are kidnapped by the evil alien Tomator they must collaborate and use their unique skillsets to solve puzzles and defeat him.

Leisure Suit Larry – The Land of the Lounge Lizards

Leisure Suit Larry is part of the DOS games available on the

An aging, balding Larry must navigate a simulated town that includes a bar, casino and other establishments in an effort to lose his virginity before sunrise. The game is a text adventure from a 3rd-person perspective which requires players to input commands in order to progress.

There are tons of DOS games to sift through. The archive makes it easy to sort and filter by date, creator and game title. Enjoy reconnecting with some classics and taking a trip down memory lane!

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