Bands Under The Radar’s Music Bundle Celebrates Holidays Every Day

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Get Bands Under The Radar's free holiday music bundle!

Even though we’ve just wrapped up holiday season it doesn’t mean that we can’t continue celebrating. The folks over at Bands Under The Radar (BUTR) put together a collection of indie tunes that will turn your music playlist into holiday-carry over. Their new collection Everyday Is Like A Holiday is just that and more. BUTR’s packed it with some old familiars and a few originals that will keep the holiday spirit going (and give you a jumpstart on music for this year too).

Featured indie artists in Everyday Is Like A Holiday music bundle include:

No longer an actively recording band, Remy Zero was an Alabama-based alternative rock band that several songs that were featured in TV shows and movies during the 1990s and early 2000s. Although the band has since disassembled you can get a taste of their fantastic sounds in their Someday At Christmas track.

No stranger to the music industry, Alexa Holland, better known by her stage name Lex Land, is an American-singer and songwriter with a jazzy, folk sound that’s addictingly sweet and sensual. Land is also the daughter of punk band The Offspring’s Dexter Holland.

The Stone Lonesome is an alternative-country band hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Bandmates Emily Long and Zach Jones connected and melded the their appreciation of artists like Elvis Costello, Lis Phair and Hank Williams with their own unique twist. The result is a blend of edgy folk music with a pop song twist.

Who’s inside the BUTR Everyday Is Like A Holiday free music bundle

Remy Zero – Someday At Christmas

The Greg Mayo Band – Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday

The Stone Lonesome – Holiday Road

Julie Roberts – Who Needs Mistletoe

The Kicks – Santa Clause Is Coming to the USA

Triggers – A Very Triggers Christmas

Lex Land – This Year’s Santa Baby

John Lindberg Trio – Santa’s Gettin’ Ready For December

Harper Blynn – Christmas Ain’t No Good Without You

Mary Sarah – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (feat. The Martin Family Circus)

Nathan Roberts & The New Birds – I Don’t Want To Be Alone This Christmas

Harmony Roads – O Come, Emmanuel

Click and enjoy! Download BUTR’s Every Day Is Like A Holiday free music bundle today!

Get BUTR's free music bundle today!

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