Using Vuze Torrent App With Chromecast Extender

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Use the Vuze Torrent app with Chromecast extender.

If you’re using the Vuze Torrent app for Android give yourself a pat on the back! Our app is easy to install from Google Play, but more importantly we added a super handy feature to it that enables torrent streaming directly to your TV via Chromecast. Pretty sweet.

Some of our users have been wondering about how to use the Chromecast HDMI extender and if it has any impact on how the Vuze Torrent app streams torrents. As far as the quality of torrent streaming goes the Chromecast extender doesn’t influence torrent streaming, but it can help you with your overall media set-up.

Instead of tossing the extender you might want to hang on to it. For starters, adding it to the Chromecast base helps move it away (or extend it) from the HDMI port on your television. By providing better exposure to your Chromecast you may experience a stronger Wi-Fi signal and that can augment your streaming speed.

Additionally, most of our home theater and media set-ups mean that we’ve got a ton-o-gadgets plugged into our TV ports. In short, it can get crowded quickly. The Chromecast extender makes it a bit easier to plug in, but also put it front and center for stronger signal reception. Not a bad thing when you’re trying to stream with the Vuze Torrent app.

Lastly, our electronics generate heat. If they get too hot they can malfunction or cease working completely. The Chromecast extender doesn’t make it ‘cooler’ per say, but it can raise it above other dongles and improve air circulation around it. That may keep things cooler.

Try using the Chromecast extender and don’t forget to download the Vuze Torrent app too!

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