Tor – Vuze Weekly Content Round-Up

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Tor (the onion router) are featured in this Vuze weekly content round-up.

There are a multitude of sites and data that aren’t indexed by search engines and collectively their often referred to as the Hidden Web or even the Dark Web. To access and explore them you need to download and install Tor (The Onion Router), which is a software that both enables anonymous browsing and helps connect you to a whole new world of information. Get familiar with what we’ve shared regarding Tor and then peep out this week’s Tor content round-up for more in depth happenings.

Tor Network vs. VPN – What works better?

By Staff for Morocco World News

Understanding how works and what it can and can’t do is covered to give more comprehensive coverage to new Tor users. Learning about coupling Tor with a VPN (virtual private network) can boost privacy and provide an added layer of security to protect from nefarious hackers and phishers.

Quote from the post

“More people are looking at Tor (The Onion Router) and VPN (Virtual Private Network)to surf the web anonymously. With more countries censoring internet and restricting freedom of speech, it is important for internet users to bypass restrictions while increasing security.”

Mozilla Puts Old Hardware To New Use Running Tor Relays

By Lucian Constantin for PCWorld

The folks over at Mozilla along with several other non-profit organizations have created the Polaris Privacy Initiative, a collaborative effort toenhance privacy on the Web. Setting up a network of high-capacity relays and working to make it easier for Tor developers to continue build-out are just some of the ways that they’re contributing to preserving Tor for users.

Quote from the post

“Tor is a great privacy tool and is very useful to users in countries that censor the Internet or where political and human rights activism can land people in jail.”

PCMag Goes Inside the Dark Web

By Max Eddy for PCMag

The Dark Web certainly gets its fair share of criticism. It’s a known place where criminals and illegal activities take place, but it’s also a place where you can connect to news and exchange ideas. It’s important to be an informed user and have a clear understanding about navigating the Dark Web with Tor. Max Eddy provides details in this revealing feature piece.

Quote from the post

“Like any technology out there, Tor is double-edged sword. It has its good parts and its worst parts. It’s up to us, security researchers, to try to clean it up, right? To make sure it’s only being used for good stuff.”

Decrypt This: Tor, What You Need To Know And How It Protects Your Privacy

By Chris Stobing Digital Trends

In this all-inclusive article Stobing covers everything from Tor to .onions and Tails to Firefox. The best part is he explains all of the Tor elements in a language that simple to understand. For a thorough overview that doesn’t require a degree in technology this post is a must read for anyone that would like an introduction into Tor.

Quote from the post

“Tor is an excellent option if you’re concerned about privacy, want a secure, discreet way to communicate with friends, and have a rudimentary knowledge of how the Internet works. ”

Tor-infused BOSS Could Be The Most Secure Smartphone Yet

By Desire Athow for TechRadar

Because Tor helps with anonymous web browsing the team of creators behind the new BOSS smartphone decided to integrate it into their new mobile device. Here’s a bit of background on the BOSS smartphone with Tor and also details on how you can get one for yourself.

Quote from the post

“What sets the phone apart is the fact that it comes with TOR (The Onion Router) which, in theory, allows the user to hide any data transmitted from any sort of traffic analysis or network surveillance.”

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photo credit: Yellow Onion via (license)

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