Super Cookies Supersede Your Privacy Settings To Track You

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Super cookies can track your online activity and invade your privacy.

In past Vuze blog posts we’ve talked about how web cookies work and the impact they can have on your privacy. We’ve even highlighted available tools that you can use to prevent online tracking cookies from logging your online activity.

However, web cookies have now evolved into a more powerful version being dubbed as super cookies and this has privacy-minded people concerned. Super cookies are a beefed-up versions of a traditional web cookie that have the ability to fingerprint users despite browser privacy-mode settings.

Super cookie tracking takes place by way of HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) and recently researchers have discovered that the security feature can be used to exploit a user’s privacy settings. Hence, super cookies.

So, what can you do? Well, it depends on the type of browser that you’re using. Media reports indicate that Mozilla has updated Firefox to prevent super cookies from occurring, but Google has elected not to reinforce Chrome. Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer aren’t as vulnerable to because of IE’s HTTPS security settings.

For now, be aware of super cookies existing and stay tuned for tips in a future post on you can protect yourself when browsing.

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Sarah Hartshorn is a marketing, public relations and social media professional with Vuze. She blogs about content, torrents, social media and a number of other tech topics. Sarah has been involved with traditional and digital marketing since 1998.