PawTab, An Open Source One-Handed Typing Tablet

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Open source project PawTab focuses on one-handed typing.

Since the first commercially successful typewriter made its debut in 1868 people have become accustomed to typing with two hands. However, a new device dubbed the PawTab aims to change all that by streamlining keystrokes into single-handed entry patterns.

The PawTab works through a system of chords, similar to chords played on a piano. Essentially, different chord combinations represent each letter of the alphabet along with other keyboard commands for the tablet, like SHIFT or SPACE/ENTER. Once you’ve mastered chord entry you can easily (and quickly) type with one-hand while keeping the other free. Super cool!

What’s even more exciting is that the PawTab has been placed in the public domain and its currently an open source project that developers can build upon. Creator and author Matt McMahon has copyrighted the chord combinations to maintain a universal standard as the PawTab evolves.

To learn more about PawTab and see it in action check out the video below or visit the website.

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Photo credit: The keyboard (#18/365) via (license)

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