3 Must-Have Badass Password Managers

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Password managers to help  keep your logins organized and safe.

In the past, we’ve shared tips and suggestions to help you with password security, including speculation on biometric password options that are currently in development. But until we’re all able to unlock smartphones and laptops with retina scans and body tattoos we’re forced to rely on alphanumeric passwords. With so many logins to manage it’s a good idea to partner up with a password manager to help you keep track of what you’re accessing.


AgileBits password manager 1Password has been around for years and it continues to be a popular choice among users. For starters, it’s multi-platform compatible (Mac, Windows, Android, etc.) so that you can sync and access across just about any device. 1Password can create unique, strong and secure passwords for you to use too. No more pet names with your zipcode. Finally! There’s also a web browser extension that makes it ridiculously easy to access all your frequently visited websites too.


When it comes to passwords, LastPass does all the heavy lifting for you. It focuses on keeping things simple. All passwords are centralized so logging in via the web is lickety-split fast. The browser extension auto-saves all login information and auto-enters for you when you revisit. It comes in both free and paid versions that offer additional features (multifactor authentication, sharing folders, tech support, etc.) depending on which version you choose.


Recently, Dashlane made it possible to mass update any login and password changes that users make across all their devices through their ‘password changer’ tool. Not only does it suggest super strong passwords, but you don’t have to update passwords on your smartphone and then your table and then your laptop. Just one simple change and Dashlane takes care of the rest on all of them. Encrypted with AES-256, Dashlane is available in free and premium versions.

Tell us what your favorite password manager is! Why do you like it? Dish it in the comments below.

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