3 Easy Ways To Back-up & Sync Android Data

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Use these tools to sync Android data and backup important files.

If you’ve ever lost all the data that you’ve ever stored on your computer’s hard drive you know the panic, terror and upset that comes along with it. Losing photos, files and more can be shattering. So, just as important it is to back-up your computer it’s equally important to backup and sync Android data.


The simplest and most convenient method is to use a service called Dropsync. Dropsync works as a connector on your Android device to backup and sync all your data into your Dropbox account. You can customize set-up so that data backs up at regular intervals, essentially allowing Dropsync to run silently in the background. The app is lightweight and it won’t slow down your device. BONUS – if Dropbox isn’t your preferred storage provider the Dropsync developer has other apps that work the same, but with Google Drive and Box.

FolderSync Lite

An alternative app to check out is FolderSync Lite. Whereas Dropsync works with a single service FolderSync Lite works with many. You can sync to Amazon Cloud Drive, SugarSync, Copy.net and plenty of others. Customization options include choosing whether to sync via WiFi only or not, interval time and method of saving such as mirror or FTP.

3 Easy Ways To Back-up & Sync Android Data

Another back-up and sync app for Android that’s worth checking out is SyncDroid. It allows you to back-up to your PC in addition to a cloud storage service. You can easily transfer photos, videos, contacts and even SMS for safe keeping and quick restore in case your Android ever breaks. SyncDroid is free and super easy to use too.

What are some of the back-up and sync apps that you’ve used with your Android? Do you have any likes or dislikes? Share with us below.

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