Bolster Online Privacy With The iCloak USB

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The iCloak USB stick gives online privacy to protect from prying eyes.

Whether you’re using public WiFi or a friend’s computer chances are that you’ve questioned the security of your experience. Are hackers tracking your digital activity? Are you logging in through a legitimate portal? Well, finding a better way to protect your online privacy and anonymity just got easier thanks to an ingenious device known as the iCloak.

The iCloak is a USB that enables users to browse the Internet without being spied on through unsecured networks or WiFi. Simple to use—just plug it in and go. The iCloak will reboot using the it’s own OS in order to hide IP address and protect your from prying eyes.

The development team behind iCloak is committed to malware and virus protection, as well as an efficient, secure and anonymous experience. At the time this post was written the iCloak featured a retail price of $45.00 with a 10 percent discount for all pre-orders. It can be purchased directly through the website.

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