3 USB Outlets & Chargers That You Need Now

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Awesome ways to include USB outlets in your home.

We live in a high-tech world these days and as a result just about all the devices that we touch or engage with requires power. The tricky part is finding a convenient and efficient way to access power without sacrificing other appliances, computers or electrical objects in the process. Unplugging the TV and DVR to use the power outlet to run an extension cord to a power strip that’s hosting eight other power plugs can be dangerous and costly.

What most of us really need are smart outlets that incorporate non-traditional power plug portals so that modern devices can charge without the need to jerry rig. Thankfully, plenty of creative inventors agree and they’ve come us with some clever and efficient solutions to help with USB device charging alternatives.


Get the PowerCube with USB outlet to charge your devices.

Online retailer The Grommet offers several PowerCube products for device charging. The PowerCube adapter features a dual USB outlet system and it comes in a 5 foot or 10 foot cable extension. Unlike a traditional power strip that can run out of room quickly, the unique ‘cube’ design makes it easy to plugin larger power plugs next to each other. With a max amp capacity of 15a, the PowerCube is a great way to keep multiple devices charged and the USB ports are extremely accommodating too. The PowerCube retails from $20 to $30.


Check out SnapPower for a quick USB outlet set-up.

In simplest terms, the SnapPower outlet combines a traditional wall outlet with a USB portal. Even though this isn’t a new design concept the SnapPower outlet has made it beyond easy to install. Other USB outlets require users to mess around with electrical wires and unless you’re a confident handyperson chances are you might need to hire a professional to help you tackle installation. With SnapPower you don’t need to do anything fancy. Just screw on the cover plate and you’re done. You can fund SnapPower on Kickstarter or visit their website to learn more.

Infinite USB

Infinite USB is a clever design for USB outlet seekers.

Another absolutely brilliant USB charger solution is Infinite USB. The Infinite USB is a stackable USB charger plug that connects to your laptop’s or device’s USB portal. Sounds pretty typical, right? The innovation comes from the actual design. Let’s say you have a smartphone that also needs a USB outlet to charge. All you need to do is attach a second Infinite USB plug to the back of the first (snap them together, more or less) and you’re done. Infinite USB is currently being funded via Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of June 2015.

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