PhoneDrone Turns Your Smartphone Into A Personal Drone

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Use your smartphone as a personal drone with PhoneDrone.

Literally and figuratively, drones are everywhere these days. In fact, the drone craze has forced the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to implement drone rules to help regulate what they can and can’t do. But, once you’ve figured out the FAA’s guidelines you still need to decide what type of drone to use. If you’re in the drone market you might want to hold off on making a purchase until this Kickstarter project wraps up. Trust us, it’s awesome.

PhoneDrone is a project created by xCraft, a company that specializes in building unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The PhoneDrone concept is both simple and brilliant. It combines your smartphone with a drone skeleton so that you can use your smartphone in a whole new way.

For instance, PhoneDrone could be used to film you competing in an extreme sport or tracking you out on a run. Think of it like your having your own personal cameraman who documents your activity. Or, you can ditch the selfie-stick and have PhoneDrone take your photo instead. Better yet, use PhoneDrone as an added layer of home security and have it perform perimeter patrols. The possibilities are endless.

Become a PhoneDrone backer on Kickstarter or visit the website to learn more about this up and coming project.

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