3 New Open Source Secure Communication Projects

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Open source secure communication solutions.

It’s open source time! We’ve prowled the web to find a collection of new open source secure communication projects for you to download, integrate and explore. All of these projects make it possible for you to establish communication without worry about random third parties eavesdropping or intercepting what you’re discussing. Enjoy!


Try Goldbug for an open source secure communication solution.

Goldbug is a multi-encryption communications suite developed by Spot-on. It combines an instant messenger with email for modern communication encryption. Goldbug supports common transport protocols such as SCTP, TCP and UDP, plus zero-Plaintext for p2p transports & chat-servers via Echo protocols.


Try Scotty for an open source secure communication option.

A free, open source proxy software, Scotty allows users to bypass both filter and censorship systems imposed by governments or other private organizations. Scotty features secure RSA based encryption, firewall and web washer tunneling and it supports Google AppEngine. Using both the scotty gateway and scotty proxy you can be up and running on your local machine in no time.


Places is an open source secure communication tool.

Places’ source code is free and available to use, however it’s worth mentioning that the company plans on monetizing in the future. Until then, the Places platform can be used to share photos, files and even messages in a secure environment that with end-to-end encryption. The alpha is available for Windows, Mac and Linux OS.


SUM is an alternative open source secure communication platform.

Last, but certainly not least we have SUM. SUM is a secure desktop instant messenger the can be deployed on a local network. Full encryption, private key management and a free, open source platform make SUM an appealing choice for secure communication. Installation and configuration is provided on SUM’s site and set-up is straightforward.

We have no commercial relationships with any of the vendors discussed in this blog, and disclaim responsibility for them and their goods and services. Just make sure you aren’t sharing files you didn’t create, or where the copyright holder has not authorized sharing. Vuze reminds you to please Respect IP.

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