We’ve Got A Vuze Bittorrent Client Update For You! 5.6.1 Is Here!

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Vuze Bittorrent Client update 5.6.1 has arrived!

We’re continuously working on adding new features and updating our Vuze Bittorrent Client to make it powerful and customizable for our users. Today, we’re sharing a few updates that will keep you smiling while you torrent. Read on to get the scoop on our latest enhancements.

What’s included in Vuze 5.6.1?

Decentralized websites

The ability to browse downloaded content via your web browser can be accessed either by double clicking while in ‘library’ view or by right-clicking on the download and choosing the ‘Open in browser’ menu item. Both pubic and anonymous browsers are supported with downloaded content displayed via a local address in the browser. Static and dynamic content are allowed.

For detailed information and examples please visit the Vuze Wiki entry on decentralized websites.

Archiving downloads

Although seeding (non-infringing files) is an important and integral part of torrenting there may be times where you want to stop seeding in an effort to conserve network resources. The archiving feature makes this easy!

By archiving a download you’re able to reactivate it at a later time. This is handy for torrents that might require re-seeding. Archiving lets you quickly locate downloads on disk when needed and reinstate them with a simple right-click.

To learn more about the feature check out archiving downloads on the Vuze Wiki.

Additional features and updates as shared on the Vuze Dev Blog include:

  • Support for opening.torrent files that have been gzipped
  • Added peer-set based per-peer max upload/download limits
  • Implemented deletion in archive view and reduced memory usage
  • Fixed sidebar tag ordering bug
  • Fixed sidebar config not being maintained from an empty state
  • Show default nick in chat view
  • Double-click another nick name to enter them in a message
  • Drag+drop archiving, right-click for ‘restore and…’ option for restoring and showing right-click menu
  • Persist ‘private torrent’ state across new-torrent wizard invocations
  • Add ‘current version’ to update dialog
  • Fix unlimited connection limited announce fallback bug
  • Added Help menu Advanced options to convert bencoded files to JSON and back – this is useful if you want to manually edit (for example) azureus.config as JSON can be relatively safely edited in a text editor.
  • Added option to delete the original torrent after adding to Vuze – Tools->Options->Files->Torrents
  • Pick up changes in network more dynamically

Click here to view a complete list of changes, bug fixes and other updates in Vuze 5.6.1.

Explore our other Vuze products and make the most of your torrent client! For an ad-free experience consider upgrading to Vuze Plus. And for a lightweight, easy-to-use interface give Vuze Leap a whirl. It’s free and fast!

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think about Vuze 5.6.1 and don’t forget to share ideas on features that you’d like to see in upcoming releases by visiting vote.vuze.com. Vuze reminds you to respect IP.

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Sarah Hartshorn is a marketing, public relations and social media professional with Vuze. She blogs about content, torrents, social media and a number of other tech topics. Sarah has been involved with traditional and digital marketing since 1998.
  • http://about.me/robcoenen Rob Coenen

    When will Leap get an update?

    • http://blog.vuze.com/ Vuze Blog

      Hi Rob, We’re planning a Vuze Leap update within the next two weeks. Stay tuned for details and thanks for asking. :)

      • Dan

        How can I see the files tab in the new UI please?

  • Erik Q. J.

    Using the classic interface, I suddenly find that the statistics view (activity, cache, etc.) is reset/wiped as soon as I leave it, starting from zero again when I go back to it. Is this intentional and/or optional? If it’s a bug, will a fix be prioritized, or is it a minor issue, possibly specific to some few users?nnAs I use the statistics view to monitor relative performance over time, it’s become useless for my purposes.nnAlso, the “All” and “Uncategorized” tabs in “My Torrents” view have become unstuck, and appears alphabetically sorted. Nothing I can’t get used to, but seems strange.nnOther than that, I’m all good, and looking forward to “playing” with the archiving function!

  • KarenK

    I finally broke down and ran the Update. Boy am I sorry. VUSE keeps shutting down and restarting the computer. If I am not around, then VUSE is not running and my downloads are stalled. Is this a problem. I was having no problems with the way VUSE worked before. Obviously you do not want to hear from me.

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  • Erik Larsen

    the new ui looks terrible i fucken hate how this damn thing looks please bring back the previous ui that was better